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King`s Bounty: Warriors of the North Next game in the award-winning King’s Bounty series

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Old 04-29-2019, 09:45 AM
jorko80 jorko80 is offline
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Default EXPENSIVE v1.2 - New challenging mod for WoTN-Ice and Fire

Mod "Expensive" - version 1.2.

For Warriors of the north: Ice and Fire build 6263 v.1.3.1 GoG version(it should work on Steam version too).

The mod is made with the idea of making the game harder. It is inspired by a mod called Grossmaster, made by Antiboss for KB-The legend and Crossworlds(regrettably only in russian).
For all the changes to take effect, it is needed to start a new game.

The installation of the mod is a bit tricky, but this way it reduces the size of the content to 300MB, otherwise it's over 4GB
For mod installation :
1. Copy your Ice_and_Fire folder, which by default is in your "game folder"\sessions\ and store it in a place to keep it safe. Then delete it from the game folder.
2. Copy the loc_ses.kfs and ses.kfs, which by default are in your "game folder"\sessions\addon store them in a place to keep them safe. Then delete them from the game folder.
3. Extract the Ice_and_Fire folder from expensive.zip to your "game folder"\sessions\.
4. Extract the loc_ses.kfs and ses.kfs from expensive.zip to your "game folder"\sessions\addon.

To uninstall the mod :
1. Delete the folder Ice and Fire from your "game folder"\sessions\.
2 Delete the loc_ses.kfs and ses.kfs from your "game folder"\sessions\addon
3. Use the original "ice_and_fire" folder and loc_ses.kfs and ses.kfs, which you earlier copied in a safe location and put them in their respective folders.

Some of the main changes in the mod :
-Raised difficulty(not only with the bigger enemy numbers ,but also through balance changes)
-6 new creatures (5 for all , 1 just for the enemy-it may appear randomly in some places,but it's ultra expensive, still it can be bought) - Fire Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, Celestial Snake, Maelstrom, Sinister(for the enemy).
***Originally these 5 creatures are designed by Nemesis, mod - "Legendary warriors". I think the mod is no longer available. I have balanced and changed many skills and abilities .
-Blue Dragon - neutral, level 5.
***Original design by MattCaspermaeyer, mod - "Heroes of might and magic 3 babies". I have changed the skills,abilities and some animations of the creature.
-Gold plays a big role in the game now. It is not easy to acquire it.
-Islands of freedom are removed from play(the game is pretty long anyway, there are plenty of old places to revisit from The Legend and the Islands of freedom brake the balance in the mid game).
-Getting to the elf island - Merlassar is not easy.
-Changed many skills, medals,spells,artifacts,locations,some enemy heroes,creatures and bosses.
-Some of the creatures get new skills and are made more usable.
-Only the mage hero can restore up to 8 mana per round.
-Creatures level 5 are considered special and they are really expensive.
-Reduced the number of fights throughout the game by around 25(not counting those in the Islands of freedom).

The game was tested 4 times only on impossible with all 3 types of heroes, it is quite hard at some points, definitely not for newbies.
I've made the mod originally in russian and now there maybe some things left not translated, if you encounter such bugs, please write in this thread.

Download link:

Full list of changes:

1. Difficulty levels:
* Easy: enemy strength 100%, power/health bosses 100%/100%, gold income 100%, valkyries experience 200%, Rage income in battle 200%, Mana income/Rage decreasing on the map 200%, compensation for losses in battle 20%.
* Normal: enemy strength 160%, power/health bosses 130%/150%, gold income 50%, valkyries experience 100%, Rage income in battle 100%, Mana income/Rage decreasing on the map 100%, compensation for losses in battle 10%.
* Hard: enemy strength 240%, power/health bosses 180%/220%, gold income 25%, valkyries experience 85%, Rage income in battle 85%, Mana income/Rage decreasing on the map 80%, compensation for losses in battle - none.
* Impossible: enemy strength 330%, power/health bosses 250%/300%, gold income 10%, valkyries experience 70%, Rage income in battle 70%, Mana income/Rage decreasing on the map 50%, compensation for losses in battle - none.

2. Game mechanics
*Changed the description of the power of the enemy armies:
Compared power <0,8 - very weak.
Compared power 0,8 - 1,2 - weak.
Compared power 1,2 - 1,5 - weaker.
Compared power 1,5 - 2,0 - equal.
Compared power 2,0 - 2,5 - stronger.
Compared power 2,5 - 3,0 - strong.
Compared power 3,0 - 4,0 - very strong.
Compared power 4,0 - 5,5 - deadly.
Compared power >5,5 - invincible.
*When doing damage, the limit of maximum 60 difference between attack and defense is removed.
*The maximum difference between the creature ranks of the player and the enemy is up to 9 (was 1)
*When ranking up, the creatures don't reload their abilities.
*Archers can receive a speed increase when leveling up.
*Reduced damage from burning,poisoning and freezing.
*Valkyries acquire experience 2 times slower.
*Increased experience needed for creatures to get ranks 6 to 10.
*The speed increase can start at creature rank 8.
*Maximal rank of enemy creatures in hard mode is 9.
*Some creatures have slightly reduced rank, depending on the location.
*The paladin hero can use up to 2 artifacts (was 1)
*The mage hero can use up to 2 regalia (was 1)
*Speed up of some valkyrie animations

3. Skills:

-Magic skills

* Creation - duration of the spells and effects +0/0/1 (was 0/1/2)
* Concentration restores +2/3/4 mana per round (was 2/4/8 ), reduced price.
* Soothsayer gives +1/3/5 intellect (was 2/4/6 ) , mana +4/8/12 (was 7/14/21), magic resistance +3/5/8% (was 4/7/10)
* Meditation +2/4/6 mana (was 4/8/12)
* Wisdom +4/8/12 mana (was 6/12/18 )
* Hi magic allows the hero to use 2 spells per round 1/2/3 times per fight (was 2/4/6 ).
* Alchemy reduces the crystals needed to learn spells to 10/20/40% (was 15/30/50%). Restores 1/2/4 mana per round. Increased price.
* Transmutation gives 2/3/4 mana (was 4/7/10). For killed allies : 3/5/7 mana (was 8/14/20). For summoned (enemies and allies) 1/1/2 mana.
* Artefactor works just on artifacts level 1/2/3 (was 3/4/5), artifacts level 4-5 cannot be destroyed precisely. Gives +1/2/3 mana(was 2/4/6 ).

-Spirit skills

* Favorite of the gods - probability to return 10/15/20% from the received damage to the enemy is 5/10/15% (was 10/10/10 , 10/15/20).
* Diplomacy - join up to 3/6/9% creatures (was 3/6/10). Joining an enemy army is only possible if there are enough creatures, luck factor is removed.
* Diversion - 4/8/12%(was 10/20/30).
* Sense Weakness - increases probability of critical hit to 2/3/5% (was 3/5/7%). Evade critical hit is 4/8/12% (was 3/5/7%).
* Warriors of Valhalla brings back 25/35/50% dead creatures (was 50/70/90%).

-Power skills

* Runic power - damage from rage skills for every unused rune +10/20/30%(was 20/40/60), probability to use rage skill 2nd time for the round +0.5/0.5/0.5% for every unused rune(was 1/2/3), maximum 3/6/9%(was 20/40/60).
* Absolute rage - probability to receive a bonus attack 10/20/30%(was 10/25/50), critical hit damage +10/20/30(was 10/25/50)
* Blood lust - gives rage +2/4/8(was 5/10/15)
* Arctic rage - probability for critical hit with rage skills 3/6/10%(was 3/5/7).
* Rage shield - Probability to remove a negative effect 5/10/15%(was 10/20/30).
* Berserk - prob. for double damage 3/4/6%(was 5/10/15).
* Anger - gives +10/25/45% rage income in fights(was 20/40/60), for every hit +1/1/2(was 1/2/3). Increased price.
* Steadfast norse - damage from spells -3/6/10% (was -10/10/20).
* Onslaught gives +2/4/6 rage(was 5/8/10), distributes 10/15/20 adrenaline between orcs.
* Rage control gives +4/9/14 rage(was 8/16/24), adrenaline +10/15/20(was 10/20/30).
* Frenzy gives +1/2/4 Attack (was +2/4/6).
* Endurance gives +1/2/5 Defense (was 1/3/5).
* Heroism gives +1/2/5 Attack (was 1/3/6).
* Quick Draw - gives archers +3/5/7 attack and 0/1/2 initiative.

4. Medals:
* Treasure hunter + 1/2/3/5/7% exp. (was 2/4/6/8/10%).
* Dragon killer : +2/5/9/14/20% attack vs dragons (was 5/10/15/20/30%).
* Blind rage: critical hit +1/2/3/4/6 (was 1/2/4/7/10) .
* Trap medal: needed kills 10/30/60/120/200 (was 10/50/100/200/350), traps always appear 2 hexes away from the enemy (was 2-4).
* Head hunter : +3/5/7/10/15 rage vs enemy hero (was 3/6/10/15/20).
* Iron knight gives 2/5/8/11/15 rage (was 3/6/10/15/20), needs 20/70/120/200/300 (was 20/70/150/250/400).
* Guardian angel gives +2/3/5/7/10% resistance to all damage (was 2/4/6/9/12), needs 30/100/250/400/600 (was 30/80/150/300/500).
* Vampire hunter gives +1/2/3/4/5 attack (was 1/2/3/5/8 ).
* Undead hunter gives +1/2/3/4/5 defense (was 1/2/3/5/8 ).
* Fat Cat +10/20/30/40/50% gold for a fight (was 2/5/7/10/15), needs 50000/120000/200000/350000/550000 (was 100000,500000,1000000,2500000,5000000).

5. Locations:
* Kreiston mines - all dwarven armies are neutral.
* New Kordar - Removed the respawning of some undead armies after main quest is accomplished.
* Grontland - Reduced the fights by 5.
* Merlasar cannot be accessed from Isterring.
* Islands of freedom removed.
* Enemy armies in the cave of Vestlig are a bit stronger.
* Merlassar - enemy armies are a bit stronger. Dragon cave - some dragons removed from appearing. Drinren army slightly stronger.
* Map for Ice Gardens can not be acquired without a fight.
* Cave of secrets - reduced number of fights by 5,gold income from fights reduced, some bonuses removed.
* Island cave - reduced number of fights by 4, some bonuses removed.
* Arlania 2 - gold income from fights reduced.
* Hades - gold income from fights reduced, some bonuses removed, reduced number of fights by 5.
* Morshan swamps - gold income from fights reduced.
* Verlon wasteland - dragon cave - increased strength of guarding army.
* Ice gardens - gold income from fights reduced. Dragon cave - added one more type of dragon to appear.
* Demonis - gold income from fights reduced.

5. Artifacts and objects

- Silver Chain Mail - does not give mana.
- Eggs of level5 creatures are just for selling. Price is reduced.
- Celestial boots give 2 mana and rage (was 10).
- Iron will necklace can give 1 scroll hypnotize.
- Rage and Mana potions - price 3000.
- Mage Belt gives +1 mana per round(was 2).
- Bracers of power gives +2 Intellect instead of +1 mana per round.
- Dragonslayer shield reduces dragon's damage by 10%.
- Dragonslayer sword gives +10% damage vs dragons.
- Rekross Shield - reduces dragon's attack by 15%.
- Dragon eye - reduces dragon's attack by 20%.
- Odin's banner - gives +15% attack (was +20%).
- Raven Rind - does not give any rage or mana.
- Banner of true faith - gives additionally +4 defense
- Metamorphic axel - price 300 000(was 200 000) , Attack and Defense +7 (was 4), intellect +5(was 4), rage and mana +16 (was 20)

6. Magic.

* Turn back time - increased mana (was 30/30/30, now it is 60/80/100) and increased crystals (was 10/20/30, now it is 20/40/60). The spell can be cast on all allied creatures including dragons.
* Invisibility - increased mana (was 10/20/30, now it is 30/45/60) and crystals (was 3/6/9, now it is 5/10/15); reduced durability (was 2/3/4, now it is 1/2/3).
* Phantom - Some abilities of phantom creatures are disabled. Price 30000. Skill creation works with just 50% power.
* Stone skin - physical resistance 10/20/30% (was +20/30/40%). durability 3/4/5 (was 3/4/4).
* Gods armor - reduced power to 10/15/20 (was 20/25/30).
* Call Phoenix - reduced intellect bonus, reduced crit chance. Price 30000 (was 7000).
* Magic shackles: Spell levels 2 and 3 have leadership - x2 .
* Call of nature: reduced mana 10/20/30(was 20/30/40).
* Sacrifice - cannot increase level 5 creatures.
* Song of the wind - Sun fairy and Ice fairy added. Price 18000.
* Call Giant - becomes Call Beast. Price 18000.
* Life Light - price 25000(was 50000).
* Fear - durability 1/2/3, intellect does not affect it (was 2/3/4).
* Trap - poisons on level 2, poisons and bleeds on level 3.
* Permafrost - calls better creatures, which can be fully controlled. Mana 15/20/25(was 15/25/35).
* Pygmy - skill Creation affects just by 50%.
* Geyser - can't be cast on creatures with magic immunity.

7. Creatures
* new creatures :
-Fire skeleton - undead , level 2.
-Skeleton warrior - undead , level 2
-Sinister - undead, level 5 just for the enemy(it may appear randomly at some places but it's ultra expensive).
-Celestial snake - neutral, level 4.
-Maelstrom - viking , level 5.
***Originally these 5 creatures are designed by Nemesis, mod - "Legendary warriors". I have balanced and changed many skills and abilities .
-Blue Dragon - neutral, level 5.
***Original design by MattCaspermaeyer, mod - "Heroes of might and magic 3 babies". I have changed the skills,abilities and some animations of the creature.

* Price of level 5 creatures is 4 times bigger with some exceptions.
* Some creatures give less gold after killing.
* Cyclops: Has ability Monster - melee damage is 90-105 (было 60-70). Gets a new skill in rank 9.
* Elf avenger: skill tranquilizer reloads every 8 turns and puts to sleep enemies level 1-2 for 2 rounds, level 3-4 for 1 round.
* Inkvisitor: resurrects allies level 1-4.
* Paladin: Praying resurrects only paladins.
* Ancient ent - skill "run" is removed , no retaliation added, physical resistance 20%(was 10), leadership 1400(was 1200), base price 5000 (was 3600).
* Dread eye - is now neutral, some abilities changed.
* Warrior maiden - skill "call of valhalla" has just 1 charge and 2 warrior maidens can resurrect 1 creature(was 1 resurrect 2)
* Sorcerer is now level 3 and can resurrect just elves and snow elves.
* Scout is now level 4, skill Ice arrow is changed to Stun Arrow, base attack can freeze target, ice damage protection 20%(was 10).
* Ice werewolf is now level 4, skill invisibility is changed to "revenge of the winter gods", ice damage protection 20%(was 10).
* White wolf can teleport up to 2 hexes(was 3).
* Giant-Restores minimum 100 health.
* Ice ball - has greater initiative.
* Assassin - backstab 2 charges and reload 3 turns. Slightly increased damage and health.
* Imperial griffin gets a new ability in rank 5.
* Ice Dragon - Increased damage
* Fire mage - faster fireball reload, fireshield gives 35% fire resistance(was 20), increased damage of base attack and fireball.

8. Enemy heroes.

* Dark master - Increased stats
* Uladar - Decreased stats
* Ahriman - Decreased stats
* Dragon Veritorii - Increased stats
* Constantine - Decreased stats
* Ksaltotun - Increased stats
* Jalassar - slightly decreased stats
* Heroes guarding the last boss have increased stats
* Spider boss - slightly decreased stats, increased gold for killing.
* Last boss - Increased stats

9. Valkyries

* Gudrida - Special skill cooldown increased to 10.
* Christa - Increased gold bonus for gold chests.

10. Dialogs and quests.
* Kinen does not give map for Merlassar
* Simon does not give map for Merlassar
* Price for antidot by Irwin is increased.
* Gold for Christa's quest is decreased.
* Tlak's quest removed.
* Price for the ticket to fight the demon boss is decreased.

11. Fixed Bugs in original game
*Christa's gift - Skill was not working on creatures above level 2.
*Added missing description in skill Learning- units also gain bonus experience
*Fixed some wrong descriptions
*Fixed Ice Dragon not getting experience for summoning

12. Known bugs in the mod
* Cave(Iceland) - One of the neutral armies is attacking the hero.
* Runes does not work on Blue Dragon.
* Quest of Christa says it wants 1 000 000 gold but 100 000 is enough.

Compatibility with other mods was not tested.
There may be some things left , which are not translated correctly from the russian version of my mod.

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Old 04-29-2019, 04:04 PM
King's Hunty King's Hunty is offline
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Looks good. It's a delight to find a modder who appreciates challenge. I might give WotN another go with this.

I especially like the removal of Freedom Islands and reduced gold income. Only thing I'm against is the trap power increase (both spell and medal). I already find it the most useful spell/thing in non-modded game which discourages me to use other spells.

Last edited by King's Hunty; 04-29-2019 at 04:19 PM.
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Old 04-29-2019, 05:46 PM
jorko80 jorko80 is offline
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Well about the spell - in late game I don't use it at all or very rarely and the level 3 costing 15 mana should have some additional spice in it for incentive. Level 2 poisons but for less then 3 turns and the bleeding was 1 turn I think. About the medal , it still requires 120 trap kills to have 3 traps , which is not an easy job and the increased enemy number in the game compensates for that.
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Old 04-29-2019, 06:29 PM
MattCaspermeyer MattCaspermeyer is offline
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Hey, wow - cool!

Nice to see my work inspiring others and congrats on the mod!


Originally Posted by jorko80 View Post
-Blue Dragon - neutral, level 5.
***Original design by MattCaspermaeyer, mod - "Heroes of might and magic 3 babies". I have changed the skills,abilities and some animations of the creature.
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Old 04-30-2019, 07:04 AM
jorko80 jorko80 is offline
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Thanks Matt! Loved your creature. I love WoTN also for the story and waited so long for someone to make it challenging and in the end I did it
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Old 04-30-2019, 05:08 PM
Sirlancelot's Avatar
Sirlancelot Sirlancelot is offline
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Thanks for the translation! I will begin a new game soon
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Old 04-30-2019, 05:42 PM
raknefne raknefne is offline
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Impossible really sounds like a challenge. I think I start with Hard. Interesting with the 'Fat Cat' Medal, have to save gold, a good reward now! Overall it sounds very cool.
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Old 05-05-2019, 07:55 AM
jorko80 jorko80 is offline
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One of the two biggest problems with WoTN was that the money is like unlimited,there is so much and it's completely boring. Now with the mod , the medal is very important ,because fights give very small amounts. I left some ways to make extra income , but I will not spoil this. I don't recommend starting on impossible on the first run, because you need to get a feel how the game progresses and plan in advance.
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Old 05-05-2019, 07:38 PM
raknefne raknefne is offline
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I never played WotN that long so cant say about money.

I have some comments (from reading your notes, havent played yet):
- I noticed that all 3 heroes have some high level skills reduced. I understand Warrior and Mage, but Paladin's Resurrection is only 50% of troop lose..? Is that to prevent too much gold savings? It doesnt seem that interesting now to develop that skill.
- Stone skin: Durability 3/4/5 (was 3/4/4): It is opposite, it was duration 3-4-5 in vanilla, or at least in Crossworld, cant remember in WotN.
- Why is Invisibility nerfed so much, and Divine Armor? (=Gods Armor). I'm curious, haven't used those spells much.
- With 330% on Impossible level, isnt is hard for Paladin to develop his song skill? And isn't it too hard to get "no-loss" (not saying a game should be that easy), I'm meaning the player will have to spend a lot of gold for restocking...? I know the mod has been played on impossible with all 3 heroes, so it IS possible. It's just my first impressions.
- With Christa Valkyrie: Much more interesting to have her as main for the gold.
- The extra gold from chest in game, is it worth developing now? It wasnt in vanilla.
- Sounds like level 4 creatures are the "uber" creature now, since level 5 is much more expensive... ??? Wonder if it is too expensive when gold is low????
- The 10% gold income on Impossible, I guess it is toughest at first with gold, but means less late game ??
- When using your download link, a lot of web pages appear about Winzip etc... I see expensive1.2.zip, loc_ses.kfs, ses.kfs or so... looked complicated to get downloaded...

I'm just curious, not critizing, just wondering of these things, since I havent played yet.

Last edited by raknefne; 05-05-2019 at 07:58 PM.
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Old 05-06-2019, 08:10 AM
jorko80 jorko80 is offline
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1. Paladin is maybe the easiest hero to play with anyway and with 90% Resurrection you can just put a whole stack between the enemies and don't care for it at all, it is still a good skill now with 50%.
2. Stone skin duration I've changed long time ago, I guess it was weird 3/4/4 in WoTN.
3. Mage hero can play a sick tactic with invisibility and just one stack, Divine armor gave too much protection, especially combined with stone skin.
4. Have in mind , that I managed to get over 300 no-loss battles on impossible and complete the medal. Still there are fights ,where you lose troops, in some you loose a lot. If you loose too much , you have to figure out how to restock and continue or just restart. That's what the easier levels are for.
What does the song skill have to do with 330% number of enemies ?
5.The extra gold from chests helps a bit, it's not much ,but have in mind that the special skill of the valkyrie is also developed.
6. Level 5 is expensive, you have to work hard to get them, if you loose them - you don't deserve them . You'll have to think much how to spend the precious gold, still every game I have level 5 creatures and not just one stack.
7. Gold income is pretty well balanced throughout the whole game.
8. Google drive presents what is in the archive. You just need to look on the upper right part of the screen, there is an arrow pointing down. If you hover the mouse cursor over it , it says download , click and you'll have the zip file.

Have in mind, that many of the changes I've made are specifically for WoTN, if it was TL , it would've been different and with less nerfing. In vanilla WoTN , you just get too much of everything too easy and too fast.
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