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Old 01-19-2011, 05:07 PM
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You probably can send an email or PM to them. Look in the other similarly named topic, you could find something there.
Old 01-19-2011, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Azimech View Post
My guess is that wading through 182 pages in the other topic is quite enough. Let's start fresh.

I have a few ideas:

*Possibility for creating a personalized trim setting, for the few who feel their favourite plane has the wrong setting. I would keep it simple: a small pointer at a folder with files for the appropriate a/c which can be edited by hand. No file or folder? Standard 4.10 setting. This way people will just shut up, and do it themselves.

*Probably recycled lots of times but maybe there could be an option for people wanting to install their own sounds, but with the disclaimer that there will be no support from TD for any modification by any user, and not a single sound will be provided. This way it's the user's own responsibility if he fracks up his game and the whole 10 year old discussion will finally end, and no-one will have to pay for anything. Again, a pointer at a folder with subfolders/files, no modification of the original sound engine of any kind. No folders or files found? Then Original sound. A bit like custom skins.
"Slow frame rate? Strange antenna growing out of your head(s)? Your cannons sounding like Star Trek phasers? Try the Original sounds. Problem solved? Tough luck partner, you're on your own."

*I'd like a japanese and american generic carrier especially for online play, where the deck doesn't get damaged due to torpedo strikes. Right now landing or taking off is impossible with those holes, but the whole thing still floats and is useless. Probably the deletion of a few lines of data?
+1 All the way...


Old 01-19-2011, 05:23 PM
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1) 6DOF
2) 4 engine heavies
3) Canon's map
4) A way of annotating the ingame map, both in the briefing room and the knee board. Maybe a couple of movable stock icons and the ability to draw a route between them?
5) The ability to browse the full file system from the FMB's file browser and a "favourites" list
6) "AI only" as a switch on individual planes, not just whole flights
7) FMB object viewer and file browser to remember their last size and position.
alphabetical plane listings
9) change the "edit description" dialogue box in FMB to "Both"; "Red" and "Blue"
10) Update the dynamic mission generator to include the new planes or make a proper plug in for DCG
11) A better way of seeing what's been deployed on an FMB map. Maybe a drop down list under the "View" menu. Trying to find the one remaining waypoint you forgot to delete which stops you from assigning flight 1, sdn 2 can be.....time consuming.
12) Brighter lights
13) Free kittens.
14) in 1920 resolution, at least, the "tab" dialogue list in flight overlays the text buffer, making the upper two options illegible.
15) Update the video card list in IL-2 setup.
16) Seperate keys for gear up/gear down
17) Leave the rear view mirror graphic in place regardless of wether the lens is active or not.
1 Documentation on RCU file commands would be great!
19) A "Start" or "runways closed/open" switch for hosts.
1 More countries online. Unused countries can act as radar/ATC
19) smaller font icons
20) More options for exterior view (wheels down, or in chute only?)
21) same icon settings online and offline
22) Record a track on each flight by default, make a "save track?" dialogue box at flight exit, delete if not saved. Or an option to do this.
23) More icon types. Just a dot would be nice, size (font?) and colour configurable.
24) audio event for full open/closed radiators; or a more configurable HUD
25) A sign post "Runway This Way" for Spits v 109's mission builders.

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Old 01-19-2011, 07:52 PM
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Some requests (some reasonable, some pie in the sky )

1) More pacific theater content
2) 3d and/or cockpit improvements for some aircraft (Mig 3 {this is particularly horrid looking}, Yaks, Il2, P-47, P-40 come to mind) and a fix for the spitfire vc cockpit, dunno why but this bugs me
3) AI improvements (this is a topic unto itself)
4) It would be nice to incorporate some more new maps, if they are available by, er... lets say "third party" members. The Salomons map is gorgeous, and finally has realistic looking jungles and airstrips, and usable mission distances (i.e possible to fly longish bomber missions), I'm kicking myself because I started making a Guadalcanal campaign just prior to 4.10 release on the old map. I don't know if the restrictions still apply for "Channel maps" and accurate "MTO" maps, but we have so many new Italian and British fighters now it would be nice.
5) British heavy bombers, just AI is fine for me because I know what an undertaking making a flyable bomber is. But because I think we can now say that Il2 is not just a Eastern Front or Pacific sim, there is a huge gap here.
6) okay this is a small thing, but flames shooting from guns during the daytime has always been so cartoony in Il2, I know DT modified the effects for 4.10 but Its not enough, when shooting a heavy gun in daylight you would see a tongue of gunsmoke and not much else, The Hs 129 has nice gunsmoke, but too much flame. Night of course is different.
7) More work on night fighters/electronic warfare, not sure if the G-4 is still an ongoing project, but with real Airborne Intercept radar, the Mosquito and others would only need to be modified (albeit more than a bit), this is a whole other aspect to Il2 that could be explored.
An object in the FMB that is a preset group of runway lights ready for use, it is very time consuming after each new map to make a new set of runway lights. Once the first is done you can copy and paste, but it would be nice to have a predefined set.
9)TRIGGERS, this is essential for mission building IMHO, if DCG ever becomes and official part of Il2, or if MDS keeps growing, having triggers will add to the immersion.
10)....which brings me to my final point... can we ditch DGEN and use DCG? DGEN is such a dead program.

One more thing, I was wondering if any of the "restrictions" on IL2 could be reconsidered, because they are really holding back certain parts of it. The map restrictions I would like to see gone (honestly, I don't think CoD sales will suffer with an Il2 channel map, its just too different). The NG restrictions are another, is the pacific theater stillborn here, or is there a plan for the future? Is there a restriction on Chinese aircraft/maps? I think some of these have to be reconsidered because Il2 is 10 years old, has a smallish user base, has just been superceded by CoD, and TD is working on a not-for profit basis.

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Old 01-19-2011, 08:25 PM
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Originally Posted by csThor View Post
That already works in 4.10. You need to have a button mapped to the command "Jettison Stores" (or something like this).
What are all the things that drop off your plane when you hit that button?
Old 01-19-2011, 08:26 PM
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Do Patch 4.11 development started already?
I only have "material" things to ask.Perharps some better and easier way to change the video quality insted of having to edit a .txt.
Old 01-19-2011, 09:24 PM
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Originally Posted by bf-110 View Post
Do Patch 4.11 development started already?
I only have "material" things to ask.Perharps some better and easier way to change the video quality insted of having to edit a .txt.
I guess, the IL2setup.exe and the ingame hardware setup options is enough for most players. Editing TXT files is for cracks anyway, kicking the last bits out of it.

For bugreports, help and support contact:

For modelers - The IL-2 standard modeling specifications:
IL-Modeling Bible
Old 01-19-2011, 10:43 PM
_RAAF_Firestorm _RAAF_Firestorm is offline
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A wishlist:

1. Beaufighter Radio Navigator's position, as discussed elsewhere on these forums
2. The Default skin on the P40E corrected - you get a desert Camo on the older pacific maps and a green camo on the older desert maps (excluding the new MTO)
3. FMB ability to select different objects and use the menus while in 3D mode. Currently you have to switch back and forth between 3D and plan mode continuously which doesnt facilitate quick modelling.
Old 01-20-2011, 02:10 AM
AlleyViper AlleyViper is offline
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Originally Posted by EJGr.Ost_Caspar View Post
I guess, the IL2setup.exe and the ingame hardware setup options is enough for most players. Editing TXT files is for cracks anyway, kicking the last bits out of it.
I guess today more than ever, people have to resort to text editing at least due to wide screen monitors. This could be fixed by allowing more options, or detecting possible resolutions on windows as some games do, due to the vast mix of 16:10 and 16:9 resolutions nowadays. The same could be done to add newer generations of GPUs and APUs on the list to make it easier for newcomers.
Old 01-20-2011, 05:36 AM
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Default Updates i'd like to see

1. campaign and single mission folders with medals etc for the Italians, lots of new Italian planes, no folders. But they are out there on m4t

2. some type of hud display with TAS in all aplicable settings, and a open /close bomb bay doors switch.

3. some type of fuel selector switch for drop tanks/main tanks etc

4. ordnance updates on most of the allied planes, b-25 and hurricanes especially. and the performance data fm of the hellcat looked at for possible updating.

5. zero length rockets for all that apply

6. Mosquito with rockets and molins gun

7. tweak/review the 2 sec fusing and torpedo fail in water a bit

8. enable jettison for vap 250 cannisters.

9. tweak/review the neg g cut outs, it seems a bit overdone on more modern planes such as hurricane and spitfire, what year etc.

10. more Japanese planes and ordnance loadouts tweaked on existing

11. pe-2 and pe-3 to have rearwards defense rs -82, update existing ordnance loadouts

12. hurricane updates and add in the 40mm tank busters

13. map upgrades if possible

all in all im happy with 410!!
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