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IL-2 Sturmovik The famous combat flight simulator.

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Old 03-03-2018, 05:11 PM
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Default North Africa Dogfight Day ---- 03/10/18

Talking to a fellow flier on TS earlier and came up with this idea to do a longer style dogfight mission. Everyone is welcome to join.

Date: Next Saturday, 03/10/18
Time: From 0500 U.S. Eastern time to 1700 U.S. Eastern Time
Game Version 4.13.4
Settings: Full real

Background: German and Italian forces have pushed the British armies out of Libya, and back to the border with Egypt. However a group of Australians have stayed behind in Tobruk, in order to deny the use of the port to the Axis.
Blue: Luftwaffe/Regia Aeronautica will attack the Tobruk forces
Red: Royal Air Force will defend

There will be longer flight times, and very limited AI. So combat will not always be guaranteed. But watch your 6 cause you never know! Also, plenty of ground targets for you bomber types.

Available planes:
Based at Derna
156, 358 CT Squadriglia ----- G. 50 *
236 BaT Squadriglia ----- Ju-87B *

III./StG 1 ------Ju-87 *
8./ ZG 26 ------ Bf-110D/E

Based at Gazala
I./JG 27 ------Bf-109E

Based at Tobruk
No. 6 Squadron ----- Hurricane
No. 73 Squadron ----- Hurricane

* Plane is a substitute. G. 50 in place of G.50 Bis. Ju-87B in place of Ju-87R

Everyone come out and have fun. Squads are desired but not required. Let me know if interested! And include the following:
What side you interested in:
(For Blue Only)
Either Regia Aeronautica or Luftwaffe
Bomber or Fighter

Hope to hear from you all!!

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