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Fantasy Wars Turn-based strategy. Gather an army, upgrade units, study magic spells, participate in castle sieges and assaults to destroy the great Orc Ugraum’s horde.

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Old 03-25-2008, 04:36 PM
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Default Tournament results

I just wanted to thank 1c for this great game and the tournament.

The case arrived today and it is breathtaking (my wife hates it "too BIG!" "what's that fantasy crap painted on the sides!" ). I was gonna take some photos but the ones 1c already uploaded do the job.

I've boxed it back up and into storage it goes until I can afford to buy stuff to go inside it. Hopefully soon...

Anyway, the video didn't really show my strategy too clearly, so here is how I did it in 4 turns:

Turn 1
Take over Merhoste Village and kill all the defenders.
Special Actions on this turn

- Move Rangers to stand next to the watermill that is on the river
- Start your attack by moving the Eagle Rider to the hex just North of Merhoste Village on top of the archer. This will make all the enemies visible. Bomb the archers.
- Use Knights of Marcus to kill the peasents that are standing on the plains
- Use the rest of your units, including a Lightning Bolt from Mage to kill all the enemy units around the village.
- Make sure that you move Derrick into the village
- Make sure you do not move any units to within 2 hexes of the swamp castle or the troll will come out and attack you!
- Use the $$ you made to hire a Ranger unit
- Place the Ranger unit under the Eagle Rider.
- Now move the new Ranger unit across the river and towards BlakenFas Castle. Make sure you avoid the enemy Ranger unit hidden in the forest.

Turn 2
Position your troops for the gambit
Special Actions on this turn

- Move the Eagle Riders on top of where the enemy Rangers are hiding in the forest and bomb them.
- Move your original Rangers into the watermill to receive the Sphere of Cold
- With the Sphere, you can move one hex east along the river.
- Move your other Ranger north along the road to BlakenFas Castle until the road forks.
- Take one step along the road to the NorthWest
- Use the Mage to summon a Spectral Warrior 3 hexes Northwest of the Ranger
- Move the ranger back to the fork in the road to complete his movement.
- Move Derrick across the bridge onto the hills on the way to Cyrion Castle
- Move Feudal Knights right behind, followed by Crossbowmen on the bridge
- Use the other crossbowmen to move in range of the knights guarding Cyrion Castle. Shoot the knights with the crossbowmen and the Ballista to force them to retreat
- Spend 25g to give the Sphere of Colde to the Halberdiers and move them onto the river hex just southeast of the river fork so that next turn they can
attack the castle.
- Move the other Halberdiers on the plains behind the first Halberdiers.
- Finally, move the Knights of Marcus on the plains just SouthWest of the Halberdiers in the water. They should have a clear river hex to their east on the way to the Castle.

Turn 3
Put out the bait & soften up the Cyrion Castle Defenders
Special Actions on this turn

- Move your original Rangers North onto the Hills that are 3 hexes southeast of Fort Mox...just beside the forest
- Move your purchased Rangers onto the Hills southwest of BlakenFas Castle, right beside the archers! You have to be beside the archers so they can see through your Invisibility. You *want* to be seen now. Make
sure you get on the Hills for the defense bonus. You will need it!
- Use the Eagle Riders to bomb the enemy Rangers again (they should still be in the same spot)
- Now move the Eagle Riders until they are exactly one hex north of the fork in the road to BlakenFas Castle. ie basically range-2 due west of the castle.
- Use the crossbowmen that are on the bridge north and attack the enemy Rangers again. You want them nice and weak so they do not interfere next turn.
- Move the Halberdiers on the river to the hex just SouthWest of Cyrion Castle. Don't attack yet
- Move the other Halberdiers into the river hex just vacated.
- Move your crossbowmen onto the river beside the Halberdiers and shoot at the soldiers inside the castle.
- Move the Ballista right behind the crossbowmen and shoot the soldiers in the castle.
- Knights of Marcus do nothing
- Now move the Feudal Knights along the road, over the bridge and onto the hex just NorthWest of the castle. They will either attack the castle soldiers or the knights just north of the castle. Hopefully they attack the soldiers in the castle but it doesn't matter too much either way
- Now attack the castle with your halberdiers
- Move Derrick along the road, over the bridge, and to the one empty plains hex between the rivers east of the castle so he is in attack range on turn 4.
- Move your Spectral Warriors one hex NorthWest so they are within the enemy cavalry's sight guarding Fort Mox
- Use the Mage to summon more Spectral Warriors in the forest 2 hexes NorthWest of the first Spectral Warriors. They also should be within visual range of the enemy cavalry.

On the Enemies Turn
At Fort Mox
- The ballista will shoot your eastern-most Spectral Warriors
- The archers will come out and shoot them too. Your Warriors will retreat now.
- The cavalry will charge and attack them again, killing them or making them retreat more
- The other cavalry will charge your 2nd warriors
- Now the soldiers will leave the Fort to attack your 2nd warriors leaving the Fort empty!

At BlakenFas Castle
- 2 of the archer units will shoot at the eagle riders and kill them
- Last archer unit will shoot at your Rangers
- Finally, the soldiers will leave the castle to put the hurt on your Rangers, leaving the Castle Empty!
Your Rangers will be Broken and retreat, but should be alive if you put them on the hill like I told you

At Cyrion Castle
- Some fighting goes on here. Most likely your Feudal Knights will die and Derrick will get hurt real bad.

Turn 4
Special Actions on this turn

- Move your original Rangers into Fort Mox. Attack the ballista there. It will retreat towards your surviving Spectral Warriors.
- Move your Rangers one more hex to take Fort Mox village
- Move your Spectral Warriors and kill the ballista for added insult.
- Move your 2nd Rangers into BlakenFas Castle. If you had not placed your Eagle where I said, then the enemy units would be arranged in a way that blocked your path to the Castle.
- Use your Mage Lightning Bolt on the soldiers in Cyrion Castle
- Use the archers on the river to shoot the soldiers some more
- Use the ballista to shoot the soldiers some more
- Use the archers on the hill to move towards the castle and shoot the cavalry north of the castle that are blocking a hex near the castle. They should retreat
- Now move your halbardiers on the river to the empty hex and attack the castle.
- Take the castle with the other halbardiers!
- If for some reason they can't move into the castle, you can always give the Sphere of Cold to your Knights of Marcus, then use them to move into the castle.

Game over
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Old 03-26-2008, 06:06 AM
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The case was supposed to be Big, that is the Fantasy Case!
1C Company
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Old 03-26-2008, 06:22 AM
Anatoly Anatoly is offline
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Congratulations once again! That was an impressive result. We're happy you enjoyed the case as well. Please feel free to post the photos. We would also like to see this one in the arms of the happy winner
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Old 08-20-2008, 04:47 AM
wryun wryun is offline
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Just got the game, and couldn't resist seeing how you did it in the video. Amazing! Then I went looking for this thread, and didn't even find one non-admin congratulating you.

So, congrats!
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