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Old 04-06-2012, 03:36 AM
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Does the manual state what the prop setting should be during manoeuvering?
The maximum propeller setting is 3000 rpm with a "momentary" allowance of 3600 rpm in a dive. The lower the rpm, the higher the manifold pressure will be to produce the same power. That means it is easier to reach the limits of the green arc on the manifold pressure gauge.

Most of the WWII vets I have talked too rarely used any boost system. They just did not have time for most combats as it was over too quickly and they were too busy during it to worry about a boost system. The most common engine setting these aircraft used in combat is the maximum continuous rating. For the Spitfire I, that is listed as 4 1/2lbs manifold pressure at 2600 rpm. That is the maximum power the engine is designed to produce without damage. That is one very unrealistic aspect of games. It is like turning. In a game, players go around and round making small circles. In real life, the accelerations after a few turns will leave a pilot exhausted and vulnerable.

It is not that hard to adjust your rpm to full fine (maximum rpm). Just remember to correct sequence:

Reducing power - Manifold pressure first then reduce propeller rpm

Increasing power - Propeller rpm first then increase manifold pressure.

Maneuvering - adjust manifold pressure to keep it within acceptable limits.
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Old 05-12-2012, 08:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Robo. View Post
Very interesting movie, thanks for that. As it seems, the devs seemed to stick to the actual manual which states 5500ft. It is not unusual to see different sources stating different values, it is hard to make a decision then. In this case, the movie happens to be the only source refering to 8000ft. Both US and British manuals state 5500ft.

As long as you can fly the a/c as per book (and you certainly can as I described above), I don't see any problem.
Specific Engine flight chart Airplane Models F4U-1, FG-1, F3A-1 R-2800-8

Normal Rated (MAX. CONT.) 2550 RPM / 44" MAP / 7000' Critical Altitude WITH RAM / 5,500' Critical Altitude NO RAM / N Blower

Normal Rated (MAX. CONT.) 2550 RPM / 49.5" MAP / 19000' Critical Altitude WITH RAM / 16500' Critical Altitude NO RAM / L Blower

NOrmal Rated (MAX. CONT.) 2550 RPM / 49.5" MAP / 24000' Critical Altitude WITH RAM / 22000 Critical Altitude NO RAM / H Blower

Am I wrong thinking that WITH RAM is what the pre IL2 1946 4.11 engine performance was set to while IL2 1946 4.11 is using NO RAM engine performance. This applies to 4.12m as well?
Could you please explain to me what the difference between WITH RAM and NO RAM? How are each of these conditions acheived? Is WITH RAM the condition when the carburator inlet door is open creating a ram air effect and NO RAM the condition of the carburator inlet door being shut? In the game is it true that when we open/close the radiator this operates the cowl, coolant, oil cooler and carburator air intake flaps/doors simultaneously instead of individually like the real aircraft did?
Thanks in advance for the explanation whoever explains it.

Additional question. Takeoff Power Setting is 5 minutes maximum duration, Military Power Setting is 5 minutes maximum duration, War Emergency Power Settings is 5 minutes maximum duration. In the game we get an engine overheat warning when exceeding normal operating performance at various altitudes. Does the warning in the game come at the 5 minute max duration mark or does the warning come earlier than the 5 minute mark so you had better noted the time you went to military power or war emergency power?

Last edited by -)-MAILMAN-; 09-26-2015 at 06:46 PM. Reason: Never got an answer to ram/no ram question and which is used in the games flight model
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