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Old 06-14-2013, 07:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Bearcat View Post
I think that is in IL2 Stab.. or maybe the other one.. but one of them already has this .. so it shouldn't be too hard... TD's biggest problem is finding the time to do all this and still eat and keep a roof over their heads.. ... LOL
A GUI for the config.ini seems like a good third-party project, especially for a relatively inexperienced programmer.

I know that the option to change at least part of the config.ini using a GUI is available in IL-2 Manager PF, but it's getting very old and doesn't allow you to change all options. Another stand-alone product which alters config.ini using a GUI is IL2set, which is part of the IL2 game.

It would be cool if TD could actually integrate complete control of config.ini as a GUI interface within IL2 itself, but they've done so much to improve the GUI for 4.13 that it's possible that they've already done what we're wishing for.

My programming experience is incredibly old and BASIC (in more ways that one), but it's not that hard to allow editing of a text file database via a simple computer program. Likewise, it's also not that hard to get a computer program to report some piece of info as a text message or turn off messaging. Programming stuff to move realistically, or adding new functions to a program is the hard stuff. And bug-stomping is just an exercise in alternating frustration and tedium.
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Old 06-14-2013, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by MicroWave View Post
Don't worry about it. At least we have units of time in common.
Well, until someone decides that 24 hours per day makes no sense and we should introduce new hour unit which will be 10 new hours per day, 100 new minutes per new hour and 100 new seconds per new minute.

Of course, working hours will still be 8 new hours per day. So people can more easily adjust to new time measuring units.
Lol, be careful what you wish for! If you do all of that to change how clock time is scaled, then you'll have to change how maps and charts are scaled, too. The tick marks on the face of a watch and the tick marks on the grid of a chart go hand-in-hand, and fundamentally represent the same thing.

Then you'd have to completely reprogram GPS so that ships bringing iPhones from China don't get lost, so that teenagers don't become (more) psychotic. Argh!
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