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Tips and Hints Different solutions, tips and hints.

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Old 01-09-2012, 12:47 AM
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@WhiteMage About your `exploits`:
1) no need for AP, in tL it`s doable with gift spell and since marauders are 2nd lvl unit, for only 10 mana you refresh their looter ability and good to go. I played warrior last game on Homm3 babies mod and by 14th lvl got about 2million gold with only 1 marauder. And before illusion spell didnt leave corpses in field which is normal since you `created` those units it`s normal they dissepear after 3 turns. And how do you control enemy marauder (cast slow and keep on 2 squares form them i guess), and second much more important question how much enemy marauders you weave alive so they can kill your illusions ? Again time and nerves consuming for no reason at all. If this game lacks something it`s no gold. Every playthrough i did finished with more gold then i need (4,5 million was smallest amount)with only option to spend was buying runes.
2) Seems you dont get exp gain facts - as battle last longer your pet exp/mana/rage inflow is less. So casting illusion on inquisitors by 20 turn will give you 3-9 rage for all 3 charges, not worth of wasting time. Pet exp depends on enemy/your army ratio, as you kill enemy unit less exp you get for pet just look at firs turn exp info before you use some rage skill, and compare it to exp you get for same skill in 4-5 battle turn. It should be at least 4 times less exp.
So i`ll say it again there is NO way to get `infinite`pet exp. Only possible scenario is against full range army and you using only pet skills that doesnt cause dmg and keep enemy army at full until some 100+ turns + keep your rage inflow at max because you dont attack so no rage from killing enemy + keep your army alive since they dont retaliate to enemy attacking them + by then mana will be on 0 so no resurrecting for you . . . Is this really worth it? Only gain from your exploit is maybe a bit boost to rage medal (i got it to 4th lvl even with mage hero with no prob, so it`s not that big deal). Also with normal playing every playthrough i got pet to 60 before my hero was 50th lvl (45-48 usually).
3) Again rage inflow drops during battle, so it`s not worth it. It`s changed since tL, in original game killing wall didnt give rage, since you spend rage to create it in first place it was logical. In AP/CW wall 12lvl for 40 rage gives only 52 exp, comparing this to dive that gives around 400+ exp, wall is useless for lvling up pet. It useful for protecting units/stopping enemy advancement not so much for exp gain.
Most medals are boring to earn and time consuming and motivates player to drag out already won battles.
You complain about spending turns in already won battle (only 10 turn max since after that spells casted doesnt count) to gain medal lvls (which are useful during all game), and on other side spend 100+ turns to lvlup pet dragon by meagre exp amount with rune mage illusion+inquisitors combo. You contradict yourself my friend.
And it not most medals, only 4 out of 10 medals are dependant on spells/rage so in not MOST is only 40%. Trapper 3lvl doable in 15 battles (4x1 inquisitor + EGD), guardian angel with mage 3lvl in 13 battles (5x1 archmage). Fire mage/blind rage i admit it takes time but that`s 2/10 medals not even by a long shot MOST medals are time consumable. Even if you depend on blind rage for crit% in late game, you did something very wrong in your build.
5) Again were back to mana/rage inflow. Ok in AP/CW we have rage for mana spell, but even that wont work much after 30-40 turns so it`s not infinite,and mana doesnt effect any medals directly (if you didnt use mana in first 10 turns to build medals, after that it doesnt count, so why waste time to recharge mana that you have no need to spend in later turns? Only way to exploit mana recharge is trapper medal since killed units by trap doesnt limit to first 10 turns. But that`s only way.
In tL we had chargers, in AP/CW mana recharger - similar, rage predator/mana well item in both games. Changes in later game are calm rage spell, transmutate skill. But why do you need so much mana ? If you only depend on mana to play game something is wrong. This is tactical game, you should use more approaches to it not only 1 way of playing.
When they release some kind of multiplayer for this game (i hope at least HotSeat) many of this exploits will be useful as peasant with 3lvl berserker spell.
All of what you said was found out long time ago, but if you wanted to give some contribution to new players at least explain it in a bit more detail : 1)how to keep your units alive with marauder combo, 2)how to keep enemy inquisitors from killing your weak units/target spell on rune mages, 3)why would you use wall if other pet skill bring 10x more exp then it, 4)think about medals before you say something completely untrue, 5)`infinite` mana when/how to use it since warrior doesnt need it, support mage also no use, only pure spell nuker mage have good use of it.
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