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Space Rangers The lavish mix of an intense space RPG with 3D real-time strategy.

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Old 09-29-2012, 05:19 PM
MeVII MeVII is offline
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Default Gameplay Suggestions for SRHD-WA


I heard that the SRHD team is in close touch with the SR2 community, so I thought Id drop in to mention something’s Ive always found lacking in SR2, in hopes they maybe added to HD.

First of all, don’t let the word “lacking” mislead you. SR2 is installed on my PC even now and it is the primary game I play. It’s a very interesting, and very well made game. Perhaps instead of saying Im pointing out things that are “lacking”, Ill switch it and say things that can be “enhanced”.

Really it all boils down to meaningful choices…

Ive always thought things would be much more interesting if your race and pilot type had a much more profound effect on the game you played. As SR2Reboot stands, it doesn’t effect things all that much. Your starting ship is a little different, but you can buy a new one after only a very short while, and the missions you receive aren’t any different at all. Merchants get assassination missions, and fighters are asked to deliver packages.

What if for examples…
…merchants were asked to
1- “sell 100 units of our luxuries to XXX”
2- “Go to X, pick up A, sell A at Y, and buy and bring B from Y back to us.”
3- “Were giving you as much of our A as your ship can hold, sell it making at least XXX much profit. We what to show that our items are the best in the solar system!”

Fighters should get more dominator focused missions from military stations…

Mercenaries should get more assassination and escort missions.

Corsairs should get missions were a planet asks them to smuggle in contraband from their planet to another, or perhaps, assassinating a rival pirate who is messing up the trade routes.

(high traffic trade routs would be a good idea also for that matter)

Pirates have obviously been quite taken care of in HD.
(P.S. Shouldn’t pirates be able to rob places? Especially business centers?)

I also think that each pilot type could have a “license” that allows them to buy only certain ship hulls. So that merchants cant buy fighter hulls, and a pirate cant buy merchant hulls. NORMALY…
… but to make things interesting there can be ways to buy items off the black market, but then if your caught with one with out the license there can be trouble.

… or there can be ways to get the licenses legitimately, such as, shoot down xxx to get a fighters license, or trade so much goods to get a merchant license, or perhaps a license type can be givin as a quest reward, (not all races accept all licenses types from all races? Perhaps licenses are race founded? So that if you have a human fighter license its accepted and you can buy fightere equipment on all planets except Pailings, who have something to prove, and insist they are better fighters that humans) or you can buy fake licenses at pirate bases, that again, you cant get caught with… etc…

Lastly are races.

Ive never seen much point in picking different races, other than slight relation changes, that can be fixed with cash.

Race choice should impact a lot of things, like, a race will only trust one of their own with certain missions, Malogs wont offer Fayans military missions because they think its absurd, while everyone treats a Malog merchant like their stupid.

I think it would be a neat thing if the player got a slight discount on items and such on locations that are the same race as their pilots race. This can also be affected by relations with that planet. (This would make things specifically interesting if not all races sold all races things. Malogs would not sell Faiyan weapons thinking they are inferior, and Fayians may push there own scanners for thier superiority, humans wouldn't care much one way or the next, but being superb merchants, have higher prices, in the sweet spot sota speak and etc...) This also could give much more weight to gaining “excellent” relations with a location. Perhaps Fayian or not, if you garner excellent status with a Malog location, they give you military missions because they treat you as one of there own.

I think my idea is clear by now… : - ) anything that adds choice meaning and diversity to the game.

What if there were some items and hulls only specific races could even use due to anatomy?

The Palings have 4 arms, Malogs are strong and huge, Fayians have Psi powers, humans have 10 dexterous fingers, Galains also have 4 arms… uhh, and and extra head in there belly. : -)

I could go on, but Im sure by now there are people hoping I wont.

Im a USA player. I think Space Rangers is one of the most inventive games ever made, and Im excited and looking forward to HD being sold to us gamers in the US so I can get a copy right away!

Thanks for looking over my input all!


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Old 10-14-2012, 04:24 AM
shibata33 shibata33 is offline
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Hi, I'm not sure if you guys are still receiving suggestions, but here's some of my recommendations with the game, mostly with the GUI.

Inventory management:
- Make it possible to expland the base's inventory view. The ship's inventory can be expanded to better sort through items, how come bases' inventory cannot ?
- Create a few Tabs on ship inventory screen (Standard equipment, Artifacts and Micromodules, Misc Items, etc) so it is easier to manage items.
- Make it possible to "Quick move" items from base to ship and vice versa. Like Shift + Lclick or something.
- Add more slot for ship configurations ("Furnishing" in the English version). This feature is extremely useful, but 3 slots is a little lacking. Maybe 5 (Flying, Trading, Space fight 1, Space fight 2, Black hole fight) ? (This one is not terribly important though)

Quest management
- Can you move the "Quest info", "Properties not on ship" and notes to the Log book? I feel the log book is very underused and it would be more logical to have a proper log book to keep things organized than a bunch of post-it notes at the bottom of the screen. A standard RPG Quest book is perfectly fitting here. You can have various tabs for Quest, Planet info, News tidbits and Properties not on ship. The original notes at the screen bottom will only display the most essential items, i.e quest deadline
- A tiny sidenote on quest, can you also add "Quest destination" to the quest detail?

I hope some of this suggestion can be considered and will improve what is already a great game.
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Old 10-14-2012, 05:59 PM
MeVII MeVII is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2012
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Default Journal Vrs Info-Bar

Originally Posted by shibata33 View Post
I feel the log book is very underused and it would be more logical to have a proper log book to keep things organized than a bunch of post-it notes at the bottom of the screen.
I wanted to add a counter input that while I agree there needs to be a real auto updated log book, the current system of information pins on the bottom, and the "note pad" styled manual input to the F1 log book should not be removed.

I personally like the info pins at the bottom of the screen. No need to click, enter and read a log book, for me, the quick pop up of information on a mouse-over is perfect. This includes all the items you can copy to the info bar by clicking the "i" in most text windows. (even then including your own F1 notes if desired!)

However, even I agree that quest info pins should not have the entire text to the mission, but only the basics of "who" wants you to do "what" "where" and by "when". This includes the handy time left day countdown at the top.

Bottom line: Do both. Add an official journal and use info pins. There should be a settings option allowing the selection of the default to either be to Auto post information in a journal, or the info bar, or "ask me every time."
Even better also, for thoes that find the info bar cluttery, an option to hide or disable it could be added as well.

Extra Note: That just made me think, a "Hide HUD" option would be good, since the backgrounds, ships, planets, stars and etc are so nice to look at...especially in the HD version!

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Old 10-26-2012, 12:02 PM
nklh4x0r nklh4x0r is offline
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Default Reputation system

I think there should be reputation earned troughout the game.
While being the #1 pirate and 73% rating in the pirate base, every time i tried robbing civilians they would refuse like they all had the maloq's will.
So there should be a blue reputation bar for being good like helping the military and civilians. And a red reputation bar for being the biggest psycho in the galaxy.
While having the good reputation people would give you gifts and treat you with more respect especially the pirates.
While having the bad reputation people would try to stay away from you, and they would not refuse to give you money\cargo.

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Old 10-26-2012, 03:32 PM
MeVII MeVII is offline
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Default Rep

Yeah, your right, no kidding!

You can be the biggest meanest fighters in all the galaxy and pirates will still talk like there all tuff.

Or you can be the most deadly Pirate and merchants just treat you like your no big deal.

Rep should have benefits and drawbacks, such as...
Best fighter rep? Bonus - Pirates with lower rep than you dont bug you.
Drawback - Some fighters want to take you down to improve thier rep, and Pirate bases put a hit out on you.

Pirates: Bonus- People you threaten say "Oh no! Not the dread pirate Roberts!" and give you what you want.
Drawback - Lots of mercenary rangers are getting paid to try and take you down.

Traders: Bonus - Lots of ships contact you wanting to trade, or asking to pay for trade info.
Drawback - Since you always have goods and wealth commin out your years every pirate wants a piece of you.
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Old 04-05-2013, 04:32 PM
Vaze Vaze is offline
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Default Bonus content


Could you put all the planet images in some kind of bonus content folder on the disc? I'd really like to have them as wallpapers. Especially if they are HD. Not a lot to ask, is it?
PS: Lifeless planets are the best.
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