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Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades A new chapter in the Real Warfare realistic real-time strategy games series.

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Old 11-03-2010, 02:07 PM
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Post GameWay Interview with Unicorn

I just found this interview and want to share it here, it is in Russian, but I used Google Translator, some new information about the game can be found here.



"History Wars 2: The Teutonic Order" - an interview with the developers of the game

author: Kiburga | Today, 02:39 | Previews PC Games |

Kiev Studio Unicorn Games is familiar to readers GameWay on such games in the genre of tactical strategy as "The History Wars: Alexander Nevsky", "13 Age: Rusich.

This fall is scheduled to release a new game called "History Wars 2: The Teutonic Order, which will make the publisher 1C.

"Teutonic Order" - this is the first to Unicorn Games game with the global strategic map, the implementation of which looked forward to the many fans of previous games in the studio.

More information about the new project in an exclusive and first in the CIS interview GameWay told the head of Unicorn Games Nikolai Matiichuk.

GameWay: What represents the project "History of Wars 2: The Teutonic Order" - a sequel to "13 century" or a completely different game?

Nicholas Matiichuk: "The Teutonic Order" - is a completely different game when compared with previous our projects.

In previous games we have worked only on one game - a game of tactics. "The Teutonic Order" - is now three games in one.

GW: Tactics, a strategy RPG?

NM: 1) Playing on the global map - is the operational and strategic gameplay layer. 2) The game of attack and defense of fortresses and the use of technology. 3) Tactics.

RPG elements we use to play on the global map, and partly proektsiruem on tactical gameplay. In fact, the global map - it's a sandbox game, with a linear storyline quest.

Play space strategy map is a large unbreakable world, consisting of castles, towns, villages and units inhabiting a world in which there is a simulation of life in real time.

This world gives the player a sense of freedom and unlimited in its actions. This is an absolutely unique mode of play, which is quite different from Total War, Civilization and Europe Universalis. The closest example - Mount & Blade.

The approach of several warring units on the strategic map is close - run a tactical battle. For it is generated map of the battle, taking into account time of day and year, climatic zone, type of terrain.

Then the player gets on a unique tactical map with the existing troops, and played a tactical battle, and is implemented on the improved game mechanics of our previous games in the series "13 century".

GW: What exactly is waiting for a player on the strategic map of the game "History Wars 2: The Teutonic Order"?

NM: Wait, as I mentioned castles, towns, villages, camps mercenaries. On the strategic map, together and independently of the player, there are civilians who travel between settlements. This is the easiest prey for robbery.

Will also meet militias, which are small groups of soldiers who prey on pirates and military detachments of the enemy, avoiding the larger armies themselves.

Of course, have to deal with armies of various factions - a cluster of the most powerful forces of the country gathered to defend their lands, or for an attack on enemy territory.

Also, the player will meet traders - the most tasty morsel for a robber, but traders may have a fairly strong protection. No cost and without the strategic map of the robbers. They are looking for weaker prey themselves, and avoid the more powerful opponents.

Well, where do without the Knights of the heroes in the Middle Ages? In the game, this will be the characters with their history and personal army. They are somewhat similar to the player, only managed AI. Battle with them promise to be the most interesting and challenging.

By the way, the behavior of all playable characters each time can be folded completely differently. Let's say a group of Lords can unite and go as a team to siege enemy fortresses. And can not go.

GW: Tell us more about the plot of the game "History Wars 2: The Teutonic Order."

HM: The story takes us to the key events in the history of the Teutonic Order in the XIII century - namely, the conquest of the pagan Prussia. All the battles are collected into a single storyline campaign. The player will play the role of komtur Teutonic Order, and to repeat the feats of arms the Crusaders, despite the paucity of medals, and fierce resistance to the Gentiles.

The storyline will be supplied to the player quest tasks. In this case, all the story battles are logically interrelated. Each previous battle will influenced to some extent on the future, and every following is a logical continuation of the previous one.

The troops move from battlefield to fight, so that the players will be important to protect our troops, and eventually will be rewarded with a skillful commander regiments of veterans who have been with him through fire and water. Game episodes occur at different times of the year on various types of terrain, for a total make every battle unique to the player.

GW: What other countries will be in the game except the Teutonic Knights and Prussian?

NM: In the storyline the player will face the Prussians, Lithuanians, Rusichi, Mongols, Poles, and even of European chivalry. On the side of the player will serve the troops of the Teutonic Order, and the allied European armies.

The game also will be attended by teams of knights squads "guests" of the Order, which will act under their own family coat of arms.

The most interesting thing is that at the end of the main story line quests, players will complete freedom of action. That is a complete game in a sandbox on the global map. The player can try to build an army and their skills enough to capture all the remaining territory: the fortress, the city and surrounding settlements.

GW: Hints of a castle siege appeared your previous project, "History Wars: Alexander Nevsky." Tell us more about the sieges in the Teutonic Order. " I understand that they will meet the historical realities of the 13 th century, what the arsenal of techniques and technology will be available to players?

NM: Will the heavy and light throwing machines, both stationary and mobile, with varying rate of fire, accuracy, and damage. Also there will be battering rams to destroy the castle gates and siege towers and ladders to overcome the wall without destroying it.

Sami storming castles multi-stage, that is, taking a piece of the wall, you do not grab the strengthening of the whole, are still ahead of gates and other fortifications. In general - all as a true story.

Besides, all the acceleration techniques, and it Trebuchet, bibl, catapult mangonel - can be used in field battles. This will bring a host of new options for tactical ideas, experienced online players have certainly been waiting for something new from us, because they have learned over the years the game more than we know about it yourself

GW: Would it be possible, as in the same Mount & Blade, pump the soldiers from his unit with the militias to knight?

HM: Yes, the game can be develop from the militias - a knight, but it needs to be a lot of fight, and remember that the contents of the troops enjoy cheap.

With the development squad will need to spend experience and money, in some cases will be required and also a resource, such as hiking forces "upgrade" a horse without a resource like a horse - will not work. Of these same horses you can get as a trophy on the battlefield or buy from merchants.

GW: Is the battlefields in the Teutonic Order "can converge to 5 thousand soldiers from each side of which you have stated?

HM: As far as the number of units on the tactical map, I would say that we are also without fanaticism continued to optimize our rendering engine. That is, the number of units on the map you will see more than before, but the computer requirements at the same time will be less.

5000 to 5000 - is more online games or have a deep development of the army after passing through the main storyline, and even when deep in the game friplee, because the first campaign, the player generally only 4-D unit.

This is done to ensure a "soft" entry of a player unfamiliar with the complex tactical mechanics of our games. We gently guide them to him on the plot map quest, where in addition to entertainment - we'll teach him various tricks of the medieval military tactics.

We also increased the size of tactical maps for large cities and castles. Field dimensions battles tactical maps will be the same as in our previous projects.

GW: Will we see in the "History Wars 2: The Teutonic Order" support for multicore and Direct X 10-11?

HM: The engine of our game is based on OpenGL, that is DX version does not limit us. Major improvements in graphics from my point of view - is the quality of light and post processing of images coming out.

Also improved coverage of landscape plants and use complex generated landscapes for epic battles - the most important thing

To calculate the AI and the ways on the global map, we use multi-threading, for the world "Teutonic" Real-taymovy and sufficient scale. Regarding the use of multithreading on the tactical map, we still can not effectively and properly use it, because on such technical details as we all do not have enough resources.

GW: And the last traditional question that you want readers GameWay?

NM: Have a clean heart, clear and cool head, and boldly go to goal
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Old 11-03-2010, 07:19 PM
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nice shot Rody
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