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Space Rangers The lavish mix of an intense space RPG with 3D real-time strategy.

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Old 06-09-2012, 07:27 AM
Pheace Pheace is offline
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All I'd ask is a menu toggle for any features that change the game a lot from what SR2 is right now. So we can turn it off if it's not quite our thing.
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Old 06-10-2012, 01:43 AM
omegaweapon omegaweapon is offline
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well one thing that i realy annoyed and at the same time i abuse is generating of high tech npc's when there is no temporal engine they have temporal engine with weight 20 :S and other things too

i dont like it because i was the one who did the work clear dominators explore planets

and i abuse it by killing them and take their good equipment it realy make the game unbalance

another thing is maybe u can make dominator smarter? they are so stupid they dont have any tactic they just follow u everywhere (and eat your missile ) maybe if they try to surround u or try to retreat and catch u in the middle of their trap when u recklessly follow them

another problem is that the game become too easy after some years seems like dominator dont grow in tech that much specially their engine LOL, when u have top equipment u are invincible no one really can even do anything to u imagine killer uniqe ship with strongster = 32 armor (and its killer not the military one with panzer = 52 amor) good droid with mm can have about 100 repair, good shield with mm can have about 60 protection, any damage to u do 1 or 2 damage so even if u are in middle of 30 dominator ur health does not drop

what i want to see is that npc do different thing in different situation for example in situation above i would try to worn out my enemy equipment so its shield and droid dont work and i can kill it easily

to do it u can easily add another skill: saboteur or u can add tactic to how u are doing damage
1: u do maximum damage and u dont put much attention in maneuver because u try to aim your weapon to the enemy weak point
2: u do minimum damage and u dont care about maneuver but u damage enemy equipment much faster because u try to do critical hit to enemy equipment
3: u do normal damage and have normal maneuver
4: u do minimum damage but have great maneuver

what do u think folks?
i am sorry for my bad english i hope u forgive me

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Old 06-23-2012, 05:58 AM
Vertix Vertix is offline
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First of all, English is not my native language, so please do ask for more explanation if you do not understand. I will try to explain more carefully.

* One thing, that frustrated me a lot, was that the game ended. And even if you still choose to keep on playing after killing the last dominator boss, you started losing points.
I wish this game to be infinite, live as long as you want and still evolve. Currently it's like in some Simcity game - hit year 2050 and game looses all meaning.
Some ideas from Galactic Civ could be used to achieve this. But I still made a good choice, when I picked SR2 insead of GC from store.

* I loved the RTS mini-games, but I wish there was more to it.
Build a base, upgrade stuff, better defenses, some Intelligence/hack stuff to screw with opponent and their factories. Add some mysterious technology to help you win - alien structures, where you have to "guess what each button with weird symbols do" to start producing super machines. Just like in some other modern RTS game, AoE, Generals ZH, SC2.
And after you win a RTS game, leave the base there to defend the planet or something like that and in future you could reuse it.
So much potential was put in designing the landscape, beautiful art, but sadly not much to do there except to get your butt kicked.

* I didn't like the logic of space ship hull size - bigger hull = bigger size on screen - made no sense at all - and all of a sudden you found yourself in a ship built for giants, where steering wheel was 10 meters and each button 1 meter wide.
With each new hull size, the ship should have a new look, that's still logical.

* One thing that also didn't make any sense to me, was, why am I allowed to buy any ship, while other rangers just keep buying ranger ships built by their race? Why am I so special? Why aren't others allowed to get themselves the best ship instead of restricting themselves?
Anybody should be able to buy anything, but still do the job, just in a bit more "special way".

* If game would be infinite and always evolving... continuing with ships by expanding the idea of bigger hull = new look idea:
How about allowing to buy super expensive gigantic space ships just as big as that? "Space carriers" or something like that, and many variants of them. Always limited speed to 300, some exceptions may apply, but more room for weapons and for other equipment. Probably need to forbid using of artifacts on that one due to huge ship size or just cut their effect to quarter or even more slots for them.

* I wish I was able to be inside a dominator ship. For e.g. buy a dominator ship from some "Pirate-Scientists Union" base. The ship should be without any limits, the extra equipment could be bought separately and just like originally should never deteriorate until breaking, but it can loose effectiveness and of course, unlimited ammo for missile launcher type weapons. And since it resembles a real dominator, you shall be treated as a dominator wherever you go, except of course, by those, who know that you definitely aren't one.
Since you had an idea to make a separate Pirate life, this could be exclusively just in that plot.

* Talking about missile launchers, why do dominators have infinite missiles?
Add a special device to dominators: "This device collects space trash and forges them into missiles" or something more scientific or complicated. Make that device also purchasable, at later part of the game, for yourself, at a high price of course. Or maybe even multiple parts need to be gathered for this on-board missile factory?

* The mysterious unexplained black holes/jump points...
Add some guest about revealing, what are those mysterious spaceships in there. Also a possibility to obtain one for yourself. Why are they so strong even if they only have ancient trash on board? Maybe a ship specialty? Should definitely be a ship specialty.
One idea is to give regular weapon appearance in that hyperspace for non-black hole spaceships and only that "black hole ship" specialty would turn those weapons into something else and much stronger, as they are currently and that effect should also work outside the black hole.
While doing the Pirate life, you could also add the possibility to "join" the black hole gang to ambush others who might visit it.

* Which brings me to another question.. Why am I again the only one able to do that? Make at least rangers brave enough to go harvesting for stuff from black holes.

* Also, why only I buy satellites to explore uninhabited planets for abandoned stuff?

* I wish that Blazer also had it's own system, like Terron, where it lives, and had a bigger, factory, space station, immovable, that produces current Blazer ship and reproduces a new one, if current gets destroyed. Blazer ship should be 2x weaker to be fair.
And, to kill that station, you can land on it and do a FPS like mini-game instead, similar to Dead Space game. Unveiling what went wrong, what infected the systems and then fight the cool looking Blazer itself..
Well, if FPS seems impossible, then at least make a RTS, big map, where Blazer appears as a regular, "hero" robot, limited to defend the base and killing it will end the Blazer factory.

* The text based missions should not be mandatory, like in SR1 and should have more visuals, like in a proper Visual Novel. For e.g. don't use letters and other symbols to draw a map, make a real map instead with proper markings!
I also wish, that somebody, outside of the text mission, could give me hints on, how to complete a specific text mission. I really hated the random effects that occurred on some choices. Sometimes you got these parameters when you started and sometimes you got other parameters, but most of the time, they were against you.

* Radar and logic.
I sometimes get "chased off the map screen"... Why is my, even my multibillion cr radar limited to only show the current solar system? Is the sun some kind of an amplifier? Is that game about another parallel universe, where (space?) radars went wrong, really wrong and always require a sun to be near to work properly?
Here's an idea, split radars to 3 tiers:
Tier 1 - current radar programming, tier 2 - radars that start centering on you if you get too far from the solar system, but will still cease working at some distance. And finally, tier 3 radars, which will center on you and never stop working.

* Hyperjump spots, minimap and logic ...and engines.
Okay, I can bend my mind to think that maybe it is the sun, that requires me to be in the boundaries of the minimap to take a jump (actually you should explain that in game, e.g. engine related topic). But why a square? And the same for all systems? How about we turn the minimap to a circle instead and turning the solar system's hyper jump spots from square formation into a circle?
Yet another equipment requiring for a sun: engine - let's divide them into tiers too:
tier 1 - needs to be close to the sun, tier 2 - the minimap is the limit, tier 3 - no limit.

* Weapons space time logic.
It takes me 1 day to shoot from all of my 5 guns? Yet another parallel universe "went wrong in evolution" thing, where all weapons always take 1 day to shoot and hit its target (except missiles ofc, which may take weeks to get somewhere)?
Well, plausible for alternate reality, but it's not realistic to have a "low tier" weapon, that shoots a beam a whole day! How many movies do you know, where space battles take several weeks or months, just because everybody has to wait until their "always big and heavy, but low cost weapons" shoot? I really don't like to bend my mind to think, that that one beam was actually 100 shots and even though the ship visually stood still and could fly at 1200mph, it actually did a lot of maneuverings to evade some shots defined by the pilot's skill.
To fix this, add more HP to ships and divide the gun's shooting ratio. For e.g. one gun will shoot several times at once. With some better tier weapons you could pick several targets for one gun ("- better targeting mechanism").

* Space stations. So big, so weak. They could have something more. And less.
First, let's at least give more guns to that Military base! And a bit more to Pirate base.
Military base has visually some kind of a weapon moving on it, what is it? Well, whatever it is, let's make it special! Something really heavy, strong, irreplaceable, but repairable and with better durability. Doesn't have to appear in weapons section, but is always there and will shoot and do a lot of damage, even if heavily damaged, but will not break.

SR2 - Reboot Add-on allowed to buy access to modify space station's equipment.
But I don't understand, does a space station even have any use of a scanner? A top notch engine, a fuel tank or a radar? Why do we even have access to edit those equipment slots?

* Grippers. Mine's more expensive, so I should win the mini-battle of gripping!
No seriously - higher tier gripper = higher success % of snatching space junk from sb else. You could even turn this to a third attribute of gripper.
In Pirate bases they should sell a special micromodule, that will speed up the gripping process and also increase that %.

* Space objects, without that disease.
There's a disease in SR2 that makes you hallucinate that there are some cool looking space objects in space. Why can't we have those by default? Space is so boring without that "disease".

* Weapons idea..
What's the most destructive thing in whole SR? A high velocity space rock of course! And a mine.
At later parts of the game, those rocks get bigger and meaner. Sometimes, even a 1-hit-KO may occur with you. I like it.
The "Pirate-Scientists Union" base could develop a weapon just like that (for a special "suicide" mission, but if you survive, you can keep the weapon)! It will require minerals as ammo and it will require 3 weapon slots for itself. But it will throw "anonymous" meteors at target. The rock throw ratio in a day, rock size and rock's flight speed will increase if you upgrade the thrower. Bigger thrower will also require a ship with bigger hull size.
There's also another thing you could buy from a Pirate base or "Pirate-Scientists Union" base: a prototype of a mine laying ship and then the real deal for 4x more money! The prototype will have everything disabled on it, except the engine and fuel tank and the ability to lay about 20 mines or so. And then the real ship will have it all enabled, but only 2 weapon slots, since 3 are taken by the mine layer and mine containers. It will be a big ship. The mine laying "gun" can be reloaded, just like a missile thrower, for cheap in any pirate related station, and can hold about 60 mines, but mines will be 3-4x weaker at first. After series of upgrading, the mines will have magnetic sensory and possibly even a camouflage, but definitely remote detonation. Magnetic - if a ship passes by, the mine will start to follow it and go boom and the faster the ship the bigger the "drag" towards the ship. Mines should be able to be upgraded to have an advanced anti-missile defense that will redirect the rocket/torpedo away or to another target or even back to attacker. If redirecting at another target, the mine could be programmed to change the source identity to anonymous or to the real owner, so if the target gets hit, then it will think that the attacker of the mine attacked it. The mine should be able to be upgraded to have higher endurance to any attack, so others could not be able to get rid of it too fast and it should also have a "safe" self-destruct, if unwanted at that location. Those special mines should not be allowed to be picked up by anyone and only by destroying or "safe" self-destruct. If under camo, it would be a nice idea to allow it to be disabled temporary or permanently until next time you actually need it at that place. Removing or forging mine's owner identity should also be an option.

* About the advanced anti-missile defense - that should be sold (or given as a special prize) as a micromodule for force shield generator in both Scientific and Pirate bases. Or a separate device or an upgrade option for either hull or force shield gen. But only the Pirate base will give you the one with identity forging.

* Races should be more different from each other, rather than just color and equipment durability. They should have some new specialties. They probably have something already, but those are so minor, I don't even notice them. For e.g. give Maloqs special, seriously big guns or smthn or weapon dmg bonus.. Give Faeyans something about intelligence, like repair equipment to 20% and artifacts to 10%, without needing to land on a repair capable place.

* Show hull, equipment damage indicators on screen, without me having to open up ship menu to check things out myself.

* Sun's burn ratio should be increased. The more you stay in fire, the more it will start burning you. Start selling a special hull cooling technology at later part of the game, that will decrease the heat or better versions of it even to nullify Sun's burn and even decrease dmg taken from heat based weapons.

* Probably impossible to achieve currently: Space sim, like in FreeSpace or as shown in SR2's intro video, but without the technicality to shoot specific targets of the ship to disable it etc. It would be really fun to fly around just like that. Either hunt transports or run from pirates and hide in meteor clouds.

* Something I just remembered seeing in that intro video: what the hell did that Peleng throw at that Ranger to evade that powerful attack? That should be visually shown too. The higher the defense skill, the more capsules will be thrown or whatever self-defense there might be. The dead Peleng also held a timed bomb. Why don't we have that? That could be exclusive to pirates.

* System requirements, bugs, forced destructive RTM...
Since Reboot Add-on came out, the new RTS maps crashed a lot. I have a pretty decent machine, so they are your bugs. If you want a wider market, bigger audience, more income, please do not make the game to be such a ***** about end-user's PC.
And I still remember what your favourite RTM StarForce did with my 3 PCs. Most of StarForce protected games never got popular, and even I got SR2 with only 9$. When I thought I just got lucky, the real financial damage came after I installed that SF virus, which I could never remove, even with official SF remover. Compare yourself with GalCiv game and their success. Rattle your brains, thinking hard, how did they succeed. And of course, if SF kills my computer, I will hate you, I already hate SF and I won't have a working PC to play any of your other games, meaning I will hate you even more = no more money income for you. Sb may even sue you to get money for a new PC and since SR3 will be resource demanding, it will require a very expensive PC = even bigger jackpots in court.
I really hope you learned from your mistakes.

Well, those are just few thoughts of mine. You may or may not like them, but remember, that you are making the game for other people, not for yourself. We bring in the money, if you even want any.
If you like my ideas or "my way", let me know and I can write few billion more or explain current ones in more detail.

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Old 07-01-2012, 09:24 AM
Noctilucus Noctilucus is offline
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I would agree with some of the previous posts:
1) Limit the time you spend on the RTS section of the game, this is a cherry on the cake and not the game's main attraction; tweaking it might help to make it more popular but there will be limits to what you can achieve...

2) Some improvement to the trading part would be great:
- larger quantities of goods available on planets (for me it doesn't make sense that a single ranger ship can load the entire output of a planet in one go), just keep the price mechanism in place to avoid that this becomes a too profitable loop
- incentivize players more to come to the rescue of planets who urgently need a certain good: often I would be too late or the reward would be rather small
- I would love the idea of having access to bigger trade ships. They would be slow and therefore not suitable for "hunting" but you could easily transport a few thousand items and make significant profits.

3) Give the player a bit more access to advanced hulls / weapons / equipment when he has large amounts of cash (or as time evolves). I often had more than half a million in cash, yet would not find any decent piece of equipment or a better hull to spend it on.

4) I also concur with the idea of letting the player buy more defense mechanisms (e.g. platforms or weapons) for military or trade centers so they stand a better chance of surviving an attack. It gives you something to do with excess cash and it gives you more reason to "donate in support of the galaxy"
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Old 07-07-2012, 04:44 PM
omegaweapon omegaweapon is offline
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noctilucus u know that u can actually beef up space stations right? u can give them weapon better shield anything like a normal ship but with very big hull (and since it cant move they dont need better engine except if the engine is a mioplasmatic)
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Old 07-13-2012, 02:27 PM
Noctilucus Noctilucus is offline
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Originally Posted by omegaweapon View Post
noctilucus u know that u can actually beef up space stations right? u can give them weapon better shield anything like a normal ship but with very big hull (and since it cant move they dont need better engine except if the engine is a mioplasmatic)
Thanks, I'd actually forgotten that

I really need to reinforce my point 3, recently I was flying around with 1.9 million cash trying to find a better hull or a unique ship but no such luck. Any time the search would show one, it disappeared by the time I got there (1-2 jumps)
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Old 07-15-2012, 05:06 PM
omegaweapon omegaweapon is offline
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then dont search get the closest good one or forget about it and go for unique ships specially the killer its a cheat LOL
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Old 07-25-2012, 11:48 PM
cairn cairn is offline
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Default I can't believe I didn't think about this until just now STRAFING, CUSTOM CONTROLS!!

That's what this game is sorely missing in the RTS planetary battle element in the FPS control of a robot.

I cannot believe that there is no strafing and mouse-look options. We're still controlling these robots like a 90's FPS with vehicles. Mouse-look and A D strafing is pretty much standard by now.

C&C Renegade did vehicle control right. Admittedly, the default control of a vehicle must be changed to mouse controlling the turret, but when you do this, The mouse controls where you look, i.e. where the weapon points, and the keyboard controls where the wheels turn. This way you can attack enemies around you no matter which direction you're moving in and you can change direction in the middle of a fire fight without losing sight of you're target, you know, like the robots are always able to do when the player is not controlling them.

The C&C Renegade vehicle control is one way of doing it, then A and D would be turning keys like they are now, but the mouse would be able to rotate the body fully 360 degrees, and be able to look up fully vertical or whatever limitation you prefer.

Or the human FPS way would be to make the mouse turn the entire robot, not just the upper body, and have A and D as the strafe keys. Either way works for me, but there needs to be more mobility on controlling those robot bodies. If you don't want to do it the C&C Renegade vehicular control way, then at least allow for A and D to be the strafe keys for at least the hovering and legged robots.

Personally, I think that you should implement customization of controls for planetary battles, and let anyone decide whatever method of control they want for the robots in FPS view. I usually play it in First Person. In fact, I only recently even realized that if I zoom out a little in to third person it allows me to see my peripherals a lot easier so that I can attack those to my sharp right or left as I'm scurrying backwards. But what really frustrates me is how they can fire up and down, and I can't very well because the view doesn't really allow it unless things are positioned just right in third person view.

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Old 07-26-2012, 12:18 AM
cairn cairn is offline
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Originally Posted by Noctilucus View Post
I would agree with some of the previous posts:
1) Limit the time you spend on the RTS section of the game, this is a cherry on the cake and not the game's main attraction; tweaking it might help to make it more popular but there will be limits to what you can achieve...
Heck no!!! The RTS element is one of my favorites in the whole game. I wouldn't want any time limit on that. I mean unless it was meant for creativity and increasing the fun of the quest. I like to play those, and I wouldn't want them to create RTS quests that were meant to be finished within a certain time frame. I have no qualms with taking time to figure out how to beat the quest.

As they are now, they're actually pretty quick. You want to learn how to beat them quicker? Install the Revolutions expansion, and beat several of those RTS maps. They teach you how to really beat the RTS element in a timely manner because they actually test your limitations. You learn well how much damage 2 quad level robots can do and take with 3 missile launchers and a electromagnetic gun with a couple repair-bots behind them. If you can get like 3 of them and a couple of repair bots, you can set up an effective blockade the enemy won't easily take down.

It really helps to prepare you for the regular reboot quests that I am now finding to be far easier after beating a few of those Revolutions RTS quests.
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Old 08-08-2012, 06:11 AM
omegaweapon omegaweapon is offline
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well if they add strafing, u can win a game with a single robot. since the AI is sucks .
and how a robot can strafe did u see their leg (i know anti grav dose not have this but still u know, better to dumb the control so the game remain challenging LOL)

Limit the time you spend on the RTS section of the game
i am with cairn in this. why? any one can ignore RTS mission if they don't like it. and Noctilucus remember space ranger dose not have a main attraction. the main attraction for me was that its 4 game in one.

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