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IL-2 Sturmovik The famous combat flight simulator.

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Old 03-18-2010, 02:29 AM
Avimimus Avimimus is offline
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Originally Posted by Tree_UK View Post
I enjoyed playing it, but its not as good has Il2, but nevertheless Oleg Maddox games did a great job of it.
Maddox Games didn't develop this - they just lent some code and the brand name. I agree though: It looks like they (Gaijin) did a fairly good job - especially given that it's a consol title.

Who knows? maybe Oleg wouldn't have done as good a job? He makes amazing sims - but getting them to work with a gamepad is an entirely different challenge. Who knows? I certainly don't. How anyone can use a gamepad is a mystery to me
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Old 03-18-2010, 11:25 AM
BadAim BadAim is offline
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I went to give the Demo another try, and it didn't save my joystick settings! Oh,well. It seems to be all the rage.....poorly designed demos. Not very convincing. 4.10 is on the way though, that'll keep me busy for a while.
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Old 03-19-2010, 08:05 AM
Desode Desode is offline
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Originally Posted by zakkandrachoff View Post
I love the terrain of wings of prey. But is not a complete simulator. Is very simple
And I cant believe that the Bf 109G6 whit wings cannons is one of the best planes on the game. And P47 and P51 are very unstable planes. 190 too. Very sad. Not competition for SOW. Very arcade compared with IL2. And very incomplete. They only want easy money.
Storm of War will be the Queen of Air combat simulators.
The Bf109g6 is no where near the best plane in WOP, I can take the P47 or the p51 and rip it out of the sky.

The flight models are almost the exact same as Il2 on Full sim,and they have been tweaked and changed since release to be better.
Its been tested and if you search around there is side by side video running
Il2 1946 and WOP showing stalls and spins in aircraft at the exact same time, in side by side comparison.

Now WOP falls short of Il2 in lots of aspects, but the DEV's commitment to the game is nothing short of Amazing.
We have had over 3 gigs of patches to fix things according to the sim communitys wishes and that has been in just under 2 months !!! I have never seen a game that supported.
Plus a FMB is being created right now and more fixes come out just about every few weeks.

That alone kind of Kills your " They only want easy money." comment.
If you knew the whole story you wouldn't feel that way at all.

In the overall package department, nothing is going to top Il2 1946 for a long time.

I will still be playing Il2 1946 after SOW comes out. Its going to be 5 to 10 years before SOW has the Scope and depth of Theatre that Il2 1946 has.

As for WOP it is still a baby. Thanks to all of us long time sim fans that give our support to this genre in any way we can,, I have no doubt that Wop will grow and change to the communitys needs and wants.

3+ gigs of fixes and changes in under two months clearly shows that the Dev's are commited to giving us what we want.
From a FMB to improved FM and DM and dedicated servers,, to full Coop, they are working thier tails off making WOP a game for the Combat Sim Community.

Sadly the Demo sucks, it doesn't safe your controls and you can't fly in Full sim mode, and WOP has changed so much since release that the demo is at this point a Horrible representation of what WOP is and how it is growing and changing.
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