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Old 07-28-2012, 09:16 PM
Gordontrek Gordontrek is offline
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Default Help with waypoints problem please?

Hey everyone

I am trying to create a battle in the GEM editor by making two squads move to a waypoint. I am doing all the steps correctly (create squad, waypoint, trigger, etc). However, if I make a squad of American soldiers they just stand there when I click start. A squad with soldiers of all other nationalities will move, but not if they are Americans. Can anyone help me with this please? Am I doing something wrong?
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Old 07-29-2012, 10:10 PM
KnightFandragon KnightFandragon is offline
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Have you set the waypoints? Might wanna triple check those...easy to mix em up. Also, did you assign the proper Tags to the soldiers?

I make my waypoint squads with

Setup the men(have never tried American soldiers...soo, cant help you with that issue)

Then Assign the tag that I will use later to tell the game which squad follows which waypoint....the Tag will be: AMS

Then hit F3 and go to the part where you create and move the men into a squad, put them into the squad and name it: USSq1

I then go to the waypoint spot, create a waypoint, name it USPat1, I then uncheck the link box...

Then you put down your waypoints, unlinked, when your done you go back to Waypoint 0, Select WP0, hold shift, click WP1. clear your selection and click WP1, hold shift and click WP2....repeat until all waypoints are selected. Make sure the waypoints are all facing the right direction...it is possible to misclick and have like waypoint 1 move backwards into Waypoint 0 and so the men wont move anywhere..or they go to WP1 and turn around to go to WP0. Waypoints can get annoying at times

Go to Triggers and make a "Delay" trigger, set it to like 5, this means 5 seconds after you hit start, the men should begin to move...this game likes delays before events like soldiers and waypoints, when updating an objective, the delay can be as short as 0.1, but there has to be a Delay.

THen you go to the Triggers section. In the bottom, below the delay trigger you made, make another trigger, call it USPat1, set it as a "Squad_to_waypoint", then in there you would put in under Tags, you would select the "AMS"(this tells the game you are wanting the squad tagged with AMS to follow said waypoint 0), under Waypoint: you put 0, maybe assign the team ot the waypoint thing...make them Player 1, set the Squad to waypoint to Player 1 in the little window. Then Press start and see what happens....I usually miss a step or 2 and ive not been in the editor in awhile, havent been setting these up lately so I quickly forget the laborious process required haha..
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