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Old 10-02-2012, 07:21 AM
djhz2001 djhz2001 is offline
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Default Adding new nationalities to MOW


I have created new breeds (Aspyr/Men of War/Mods/My_mod/resource/set/breed/), and I would like to make them speak in a language other than the ones already in the game. I have the sound files placed where they should go and everything, and I even modified the talk file (Aspyr/Men of War/Mods/My_mod/resource/set/talk.set) so that it includes the new language I am trying my new breeds to speak in the game. When I open the Editor, I am able to place them, etc where I want, they speak the new language I added as normal, and I can move them on the F1 mode as in gameplay, but when I try to select them on mode F3, the Editor crashes.

I wanted to know whether I did something wrong, so I ran multiple tests modifying many things in order to find the source of the problem. Among those things, I tried changing the nationality of my new breeds to usa to make sure the problem was related to the new nationality I added, and when I did that, the Editor no longer crashed, and I was able to select my breed on the F3 mode as normal. Therefore, the problem was not the skins I used, or how I made the added breed, but the new nationality itself I added.

I concluded that there must be a file or files that I have not modified yet in order to make my new breed work with the new nationality (so that it can speak the new language), but I have been unable to figure out what I am missing. I know this can be done, but I don't know how. Therefore, I would really thank anyone that could help me out, or even give me a hint. Thank you all for your help and time.

P.d: I have seen another mod where they add a new language (Somalian conflict), but in that mod they do not add a new nationality, but actually just modify the German sound files so that they sound Somalian, and I would not like to modify any of the existing languages in the game (the more languages, the cooler the missions you can make!).
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Old 07-20-2014, 11:16 AM
AlexThe MoW player AlexThe MoW player is offline
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Default Help for you ...

I know you need have some localization files but not sure what.I had the same problem when i tried to make polish units but beacouse GSM mod have polish units and I copiedthe localization files from that mod and it works
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