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Old 01-17-2014, 01:57 PM
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Default Team Fusion v4.01 video highlights of forthcoming patch - almost ready ;)

Team Fusion update January 17th 2014 - v401 is in sight!

Okay, I can hear a collective groan around the thread as you turn up to read about the lack of release for v4.01. The story so-far.....

Actually, have a bit of video to see why we are a little delayed in the 'quick patch' release. Hopefully this will explain why the 'small' fix is taking a little longer than expected?


So as you can see we haven't just tweaked a couple of features, there are many tweaks and some new features included that were originally likely not to arrive until v5.00

At this moment in time our team of Beta testers is going through testing of the aircraft to hopefully make sure all figures, effects, performance, etc, etc is as close as we can get to perfect (of-course someone will quote Eric Brown!) so that the performance will be as solid as possible until v5.00

The Release Candidate has already gone through it's third revision and most likely there will be one more as some features that nearly made RC v4.00c (beta) arrived too late to add one of which is the Dynamic Campaign generator.

Now regarding v4.01 and the AI.

Buzzsaw posted the following regarding v4.01 and the Ai setings:

"TF 4.0 had AI elevators modeled with the modified high speed changes which were developed for more realism with player controlled aircraft. Because of the fact the AI were not able to cope with those changes and lawndarting became completely overdone, we have therefore reverted the TF 4.01 AI elevator control back to vanilla. This will see the Ai less likely to Lawndart.

If you select 'Default' values for your AI aircraft, (rookie, average, veteran or Ace) then save the mission and then close the game and open the mission file, you can edit in the following values and they will give your AI much better surviveability:

Rookie: 1 0.47 0.21 0.053 0.053 0.21 0.053 0.053
Average: 1 1 0.74 0.21 0.11 0.74 0.11 0.32
Veteran: 1 1 0.74 0.21 0.21 0.74 0.32 0.32
Ace: 1 1 1 1 1 1 0.89 1


The above leads me on to current work in progress for v5.00

This is, as we have said is going to be a big step forward. Not only will be be moving into a new Theatre (as-well as still working on the BoB) but we are now able, thanks to our 3D and coding gurus, to export and import models into CloD including aircraft. Currently the Team are looking at various models and cockpits to include in the new theatre. In previous updates and also on various forums we have asked if there are any members of the community who have skill and talent they think we would be able to use. With the ability now to import and export Meshes/Models we'd like to extend that offer to anyone interested in joining the team with a good knowledge of 3D Max and model making. Currently we do not intend to release the tools for this process out to the general community as we have plans for the future direction of our Patches and this isn't currently something we want to deviate from. However, if you have the above mentioned skills and would like to offer your services to the Team, then please get in touch

With that in mind we have requested anyone with coding/hacking skills (machine code required (no need for Java or C++ C#)) to send us a PM and possibly come on board. Things are as you can appreciate now set to move at a much more sustained pace with the utilisation of these tools

Moving on, another feature we are very keen to revise in v5.00 is the Ai. Currently it is not that good in comparison to the old IL2:1946 (after many revisions and TD/HSFX awesome work).

This is a tough feature to get working properly but we are actively looking at extracting the Ai commands and routines so that they can be completely re-written (and radio commands!) so they all actually work We have a couple of new Team Fusion members who hopefully (if we can extract that data) will be perfect for reworking the Ai. Currently that process is not expected to be ready (if at-all) until at-least v5.00....but it is something the offliners have yearned for and it will be great if we really can get into that area of the code and bring the Ai out of it's coma and make battles as entertaining as they should be offline.

Personally as an offliner, I am very keen to see this too! I'm crossing my fingers for that bad boy to happen!

Finally I did say that the video would be released close to v4.01 going live. I personally made the decision to get the video out so you can see what we are working on and what to expect. There are many more features not touched in the video and these will be listed in the readme not long from now. I can hear a collective sigh of "he hasn't mentioned a time again". The thing is, we really are (hopefully ) in the final release candidate testing phase. This will most likely take another week. After that we will have the final compile, a final mass online test (to make sure there are no code/netcode bugs that sneaked through) and then the readme will be released. This will be online in the same week we intend to launch v4.01, so if you see it...it's not too-far away from launch.

Looking at the last paragraph, realistically we may be looking at 2-4 weeks. Hopefully, that should help to give you a timeline to release:

So, there you go chaps....another Friday update done. Keep reading the forums...not long now

Cheers, MP/TF
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Old 01-18-2014, 06:37 AM
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Looks awesome and thanks for all the work you guys put into this piece of ART that is so overlooked. All the countless hours that were spent by the dev. team will not go wasted.
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Old 01-18-2014, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Hunden View Post
Looks awesome and thanks for all the work you guys put into this piece of ART that is so overlooked. All the countless hours that were spent by the dev. team will not go wasted.
Ditto. This game has so much potential left in it.
Thanks for the excellent taster...what a a great video!

I am mostly looking foreward to the new plane shine. It looks amazing in the video. It will make a huge difference to any of us doing skinning.

Thanks for summing up all the proposed improvements. One video says more than a thousand words.

All CoD screenshots here:


Flying online as Setback.
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