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Old 09-09-2015, 01:50 AM
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Default Issues with Desastersoft Galland campaign

Howdy guys I have been searching around about this, here is a problem I am having: First off I am flying Team fusion patch (Latest) and it works great and runs smooth like glass on my pc) My issue concerns the Desastersoft JG26 campaign in the Galland addon. Per the instructions I have to use the Autopilot to take off, Ultimately when I switch off autopilot my engine will eventually crap out. (It becomes fuel starved or soot collects on my window then the engine seizes. I have checked magnetos, fuel cock, pitch control etc and anything else I can think off. This doesn't happen with the regular TF Campaign, where you can switch on an off autopliot with no problem. I am also perfectly fine flying the 109 regularly. I have tried doing with missions without autopilot but then there is no takeoff clearance. (I have tried requesting conditions first before requesting clearance, no luck.) Does anyone have any guidance? The various threads I have checked into do not state this exact problem. Thanks in advance...

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Old 09-10-2015, 02:58 PM
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The issue with COMM "take-off" clearance seems a broken script for the answer - when you seem something with underline (_) on screen mean a broken radio script, e.g. _takeoff_denied, _landing_denied, _attack_my_target...

Are around 30 "broken" COMM speech scripts - all files with less than 10kb. (1)

To see the tower clearance is need press autopilot for less than a second, so press the Autopilot key twice, fast.

But is need to leave autopilot ON until take-off is for AI recognize the player as flight leader, for this "AI blindness" Desastersoft find this alternative:


Case use the above Desastersof tip with success for better immersion you can do this, go to

....Cliffs of Dover\parts\bob\speech\gb (or de)\Actor1

Rename the file Takeoff_denied.ogg (broken, dont sound nothing) for _Takeoff_denied.ogg

Copy the file:

Stay_on_the_runway.ogg and rename for Takeoff_denied.ogg

Now you hear the positive answer from tower, but still see the _takeoff_denied on screen. This is not showed for sound files that are correct, but a propper fix can be done only in the game code, maybe someday...

(1) All speech files with less than 10 kb dont sound nothing - I think they are not the speech answer file but a index for a complex answer, composed by 2 or more speech files.
For the above case the tower answer should be like:

"Negative, stay on runway" - which is composed of two different existing speech files, and thus broken.

You can do the same with _landing_denied, for hear the correct answer for the negative:

"This is the tower, stay on the pattern and let me... clear"

Are a sound file for this answer, but I dont remember the name... if find rename for Landing_denied.ogg

Now at least you hear the tower negative answer.

Make the same modifications for Actor2.
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