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Old 07-25-2014, 02:34 PM
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Default Team Fusion Update - July 25th 2014 - Tiger Moth

Hello as always on a Friday when most people are out enjoying the sun....and a member of Team Fusion sits in his cupboard under the stairs (without Harry Potter to help!) typing away, without air conditioning to bring news to the Cliffs of Dover fans about some of our latest work in progress

First things first, yes work continues as it always has, but this is the Summer and members of team Fusion will be taking time away for much needed holiday (apologies America...vacations ) so projects and other work have slowed down a little, but they do still continue.

So behind the scenes various work projects continue including new aircraft variants and new aircraft. This is all that is being done on the model front as new ground vehicles are being worked on and others considered for the new theatre that is being prepared. This is very time consuming and as I mention every time and will do for the foreseeable updates Team Fusion really needs 3D modellers to join us to help build the future of the updates. There is a large area to fill with new vehicles, features, buildings, aircraft, cockpits....etc, etc, so if you have the skills to work with 3D modelling software please read the following thread and get in touch:

This is a community based project and your help could make the difference in our future progress

It's been really impressive watching what some of our guys are doing behind the scenes and the following video shows maybe 1% of the work that is underway and being worked on. Each person has their own special field but we work together to increase the Team knowledge and this then produces the WiP you see in the following video. Hope it gives you a small insight into just how detailed the effort is behind the scenes...and there is so much more that I can't share with you yet...but that's what the updates are for

I'd also like to add that work continues on an Auto-Updater so there will no longer be confusion about update installs and reverting to previous patches. The intention is the updater will see the version you have and update only the files needed for the next version to work. This isn't easy by a long way and it is in the hands of a couple of our team, but the intention is (though no pormises) it will be ready in time for the next big update

One final point. There have been questions about when this is due. Seriously, how long is a piece of string! This isn't fast work, it isn't easy and it is all done by a group of guys in their spare time. We all have 'real' jobs and unlike a team who get paid to sit in a studio/office and work solely on one game, we just don't have that luxury. It will happen when it happens and be sure you will read about it when the time is near.

So, the following shows current work in progress on the Tiger Moth, one of many features to be added as work progresses. Cheers, MP/TF


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