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Old 09-26-2014, 03:15 PM
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Default Team Fusion Update - September 26th 2014 - A life on the ocean wave


Cheers, MP
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Old 09-26-2014, 05:59 PM
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Jolly Good stuff MP.

the full post, for those who do not want to hop around the internet;


So, Team Fusion exist only as volunteers, no pay, no financial benefit, no reward........except the feedback we get from the community when we do something right So please keep spreading the word, please keep enthusiastic (as we are) and please don't be concerned about the apparent lack of news/updates. We are working from all continents of the world, communicating across all timezones and between us, we are building a much brighter future for this simulation.
(Of-course if we had the Source Code.....Cliffs would have no competitors....maybe one-day 1C will send us a parcel )

So, let's get on with today's news.

Firstly, a small piece of news on the Wellington. This is still under development and as always, we are on the lookout for 3D modellers to join the team, if you think you have the skillset and want to be part of our community based team, please check out this thread for more details:


Okay, so back to the Wellington. So you are are sat in the cockpit and looking around you need to find out details about how the aircraft is performing, therefore essential to your piloting are the dials. We have been very lucky to have images supplied to us of the dials from which our texture artists have been working.

Rather than show you the current work we have, I'd rather just show you the quality of the images we have been sent to work from.

AS320 copy.jpg BOOST-8LB negretti copy.jpg T@S-EARLY copy.jpg auto copy.jpg

Now these are important for us as these give us the basis of being completely accurate and getting details to scale. Team Fusion really are paying attention to detail in bringing a new bomber to the Simulation for Pilots to use. I hope this makes the bomber boys happy seeing this level of accuracy?

Okay, here's another bit of news for the FMB users. What can Mission Builders expect to see when they delve into the interface?

This is still work in progress but check out this image:


Just some of the features being worked on include:

* Moved buildings out of the statics category & into buildings category.
* Moved statics out of the buildings category & into statics category.
* Recategorised & reordered statics & buildings categories. Now much easier to navigate.
* Introduced 'new' objects. ie soldiers (humans), tree objects etc.

So hopefully the WiP makes thing easier to use as we carry on fixing it

Now, today's main update. A life on the ocean wave.

The 3D modellers in Team Fusion have been busy (and still are) not only working on aircraft but also new shipping for Mission Builders to utilise in making their environments much richer and diverse for Pilots to attack and defend. Current thinking inside Team Fusion is the possibility of making these controllable (in a basic fashion) along the lines of how players can use Tanks and AA guns at the moment....but that is still in discussion and maybe another patch down the line.

There is more shipping already created than is shown in this short clip but it should give you a taste of just what is going on behind the scenes and the level of detail involved. Please note, this footage contains 'work in progress' models, from which we have already identified and started work on small fixes as and when we see them (so don't panic if you see a glitch...it is WIP!!!! ))

Okay then here's today's video clip (make sure you stay to the end ) :


As always we like to add news on the Bugtracker so thanks to TF member Artist for putting this together for me

From the Team Fusion Bugtracker

The bugtracker (http://tfbt.nuvturais.de/projects/il2clodtf) keeps accumulating data: Since the last published update on August, 28th, 10 new users brought the total up to 770 registered users of which 45 have been active since then. We currently have 115 open issues (86 bugs and 29 feature requests). 2 have already been resolved with patch 4.312 and 11 are currently in progress to be fixed or implemented.

4 new issues have been raised since the last update, among them are (no judgement implied):
Feature Request #634: "The death of the player on a place of the gunner shouldn't be the final." (New)
Reported Bug #633: "Ju 88: Fuel Cocks 1 & 2 not working correctly (in SP)" (Confirmed)
Reported Bug #630: "Ju 88: brakes have to be stronger" (New)

The issues with the highest (summary) vote currently are:
28: #581: "RAF fighter engines incorrectly start cold in Multiplayer" (New)
23: #602: "Defensive AI Gunner Skill Levels Set Too High" (New)
19: #610: "Navigational Illumination Functionality: Smudge pots, NAV markers, and landing headlamps." (Feedback)
19: #614: "Large cloud formations do not appear in replay of track (.TRK) files" (New)
15: #598: "Damage to Gear and/or Flaps when safe speeds exceeded" (New)
15: #589: "Hawker Hurricane start up" (New)

We invite all pilots to participate in the bugtracker either by reporting bugs, requesting features, and/or vote on issues. But before you do anything, please read the guidelines and FAQ here: http://tfbt.nuvturais.de/projects/il2clodtf/boards/4

Once again thankyou for your interest and support, we're here for the long run....keeping the dream alive
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