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Old 01-23-2012, 04:37 AM
Kerosene Hatefile Kerosene Hatefile is offline
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Default Re: 10 days after purchase, realized XP 64-Bit unsupported

Hey there.

Look, I don't want to be either a hater on what sounds like a game I'd really have enjoyed playing nor the (apparently) lone voice in the crowd that's going to complain about this sort of thing, but it was hard enough finding a site other than the Flash-heavy demo site that had anything directly to do with customer support for Necrovision, so here I am.

Last Tuesday (January 18th) I was in my local Best Buy picking up a handful of games that looked decent, or had previously crossed my mind to pick up years ago (yeah, there really aren't a lot of stores that carry much backstock of that sort around here- got Quake Wars: Enemy Territory for $5, LOL.), and I came across Necrovision on said PC gaming shelf. A Doom 3 variety FPS set during a modified history WWI? Way cool! And being a couple of years out of the starting block (2009 for the original game- didn't realize there was a Lost Company until a couple of days afterwards; none in-store), it wasn't especially expensive; the retail box I believe was $15, and that sat well with me.

I'd glommed onto a handful of other games on the same trip, and I had a number of PC games from just before and during Xmas and my birthday (December 27th), so I had about 10 games to pick from for installation at this point. I finally cleared off a bit of room and decided to shove one onto my rig earlier this evening, and Necrovision was on top of that list. To be sure, my rig's hardware specs would've done wonders with it. But alas, looking slightly beyond the hardware reqs, my heart sunk: 'No XP 64-Bit Support'.

I can't say I hear a lot about x64 from the handful or two of PC gamers and rig freaks I know; I'm pretty much the only guy I know who stuck with it after Vista came out; it's madly stable on my rig and I've never had a software failure in terms of my OS; the only time I managed that was sourced out of a hard drive failure, and the replacement drive that's still in my rig today was and is the only time I had to reinstall my OS since buying the original hardware config for my rig in 2005.

So, basically, having no modern-day-applicable programming skills, and doubting if anything will be done about my particular issue at this point, I wanted to ask someone of authority amongst the developer or manufacturer if there was a particular reason why they (or you, if this makes it to you verbatim) chose to avoid supporting XP 64-Bit (and apparently Vista 64-Bit) when developing Necrovision. Without sounding overly unpleasant about it, having Necrovision be the only game you've produced that I've bought at this point, I have little or no intention of patronizing your company in the future. I would like, having been a paying customer, to know on what basis the aforementioned choice was made.


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Old 02-03-2012, 05:29 PM
Kerosene Hatefile Kerosene Hatefile is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2012
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Default Re: 64-bit Update

Update: Huh, I wasn't expecting this at all. Tried installing Necrovision earlier today, just to see if it cued up the Win32 'Wrong OS' business... well. it installed just fine, as far as I can tell. Took another chance and went into the game proper when it was done, and as it happens, I've played through the first 3 levels' worth of the game and have yet to experience a hard crash or 'whitescreen' desktop crash. Respectfully, it plays thoroughly well on my rig, very much like Borderlands or F.E.A.R..

Dumb luck is always good luck, regardless. Having a blast with this game!

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