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Star Wolves 3D space RPG with deep strategy and tactical elements

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Old 08-09-2008, 05:44 PM
calnon calnon is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2008
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Default Just bought starwolves 2 but am worried as I wait for digital download

Hiya all

I bought and liked space rangers 2, I love rpg games, strats not so much i.e c&c and all that I am not to keen on, I am looking for a game thats open ended and maybe has some replay value but open ended not as an excuse to peddle boredom.

I liked what I read about star wolves 2 and space rangers 2 after some patiance I loved the first time I played, so whats SW 2 like?

One game I hated btw was parkan II, thought it was very badly done , all repitition and no substance. Im kinda hoping this isnt like parkan 2 i.e lots of systems full of identical robots hehe

I like space combat, I also liked eve online to a point, loved freelancer, independance war 2 and eventually came to appreciate X3. The reason Im saying all this is just in the hope people can recognise if I will like the game

I have a pretty high spec PC but what worries me upon comming on these forums is that people are saying there are really bad bugs and as far as I can see the developers dont seem to be on top of it, is this an incorrect asssumption?

I also hope this isnt like some backwater publisher like the makers of some other games who dont release patches internationally and those of us who are english have to wait months or just never get a patch like parkan 2 and anno 1701 i.e the high def audio bluescreen patch owing to rubbish sound code
Anyway hi all!

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Old 08-09-2008, 07:05 PM
calnon calnon is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 9

Hi again, looks wise the game looks fine and Im willing to give it a chance, however how do I dock? right clicking doesnt work?

I have to say though the voice acting is pretty bad but I think I can overlook that as long as I dont get stopped playing the game because of bugs and thats what I fear the docking problem is? Hope not, please advise? Are there any english patches yet?

Ok thats me right at the station i.e watcher station and I definatly cant dock, thats just great Also the news says that start guy has another deal for me and when I reply he will let me know, now I pressed the tick, so how exactly do I reply or does reading that news start the mission?

I really want to play this game but if I cant Im going to go for a refund if a bug is making the game unfit for purpose. I only bought it less than 30 mins ago so its not like Im trying to see of the company. Will see if I can get past this though and see if anyones playing that can give me feedback at the end of tonight, Im away on jumpgate for a bit.

OMG , now I reloaded the game , clicked on the station, right clicked that is and now its stuck to the side and getting dmg, I had alot of respect for IC games after SR 2 but did you folks even have testers for this game? Please Please Please sort the english version, a few minutes into the game and I feel I should be gettin paid as a bug tester here.

Would be handy if someone who is anyone about that place could go and find out whether all this is going to get fixed at all? Sorry I just havent much faith in certain publishers, I have had this once before and assumed its a one of but apparently not. Would also appreciate if anyone could PM me the email of the IC Games publisher

Disgusted thus far this game isnt worth £5.00 in its current state in my view

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