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King's Bounty: Armored Princess Sequel to the critically acclaimed King’s Bounty: The Legend.

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Old 10-24-2008, 05:31 PM
BlackVegetable BlackVegetable is offline
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Default New Unit: Cleric

This is a concept unit called the Cleric. Like my other concept unit, please help me determine an appropriate leadership requirement and add any comments or adjustments. This unit would wield a medium-sized shield and a large flail in my mind. It is human and may be benefited from the (warrior) skill that lowers the leadership requirement of several high end human units.

Cleric -- Human
Level 3
Attack: 16 [Base Critical: Standard (10%)]
Defense: 20 [Physical Resist: 20%]
Initiative: 3
Speed: 3
Health: 80
Damage: 7-10

"Lay on Hands: Regeneration" (Must be cast on an adjacent friendly unit. Heals 120 hp at the beginning of the unit's turn. OR, is cast on an adjacent undead enemy for 120 damage at the start of each turn. In both cases, it lasts 5 turns but doesn't stack.) Recharge: 1 Turn
"Lay on Hands: Restoration" (Must be cast on an adjacent friendly unit. Heals 300 hp and removes curse, poison, and weakness. OR, is cast on an adjacent undead enemy for 300 damage and causes curse for 3 turns.) Recharge: 1 Turn

Note: Both spells are dealing damage/healing for an entire stack, not per unit.

Armor (20% Physical Resistance)
Holy (150% Damage against Undead)
Judgmental (Extra Morale loss if undead/demon are in army)

This unit is a cross between an all purpose melee unit and a priest. However, it lacks the priests (or inquisitors) ability to boost the damage of an allied unit and its healing abilities are limited to the units immediately next to it. On the other hand, it has the armor ability which lends a little survivability to its 80 hp, and can move at a decent pace. Not only does the Cleric have the Holy trait but also has two abilities capable of harming nearby undead without retaliation. It may be noticed the Cleric is a good companion to red or green dragons with its healing powers and ability to remove some debuffs from said dragons. Finally, the Tolerance ability will be a must for mitigating morale loss from undead/demons in the party as the Clerics lose 2, not 1 morale from their inclusion.

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