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Old 10-11-2016, 04:40 PM
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Originally Posted by MattCaspermeyer View Post
Does it? Dang, I forgot about this! I'll need to check it out and see what it says...
Yep. It textually says "the higher the rage, the higher the chance of a critical".

Originally Posted by MattCaspermeyer View Post
I could see no end to the cursing from people here if this were implemented, fortunately, it seems pretty hard to implement, plus the AI never gives up technically and I can see people would just change their strategy to account for it and still do what they need to do to exploit it.

There could always be a turn limit, though, I guess where you either lose the battle or start sustaining lots of damage.

Note that I took the other tact where I make your troops tired, and you can't regenerate mana / rage any more, etc. so I think this makes up for it pretty well...
Heheh. Yeah, perhaps some of them would swear. However eventually, everybody who install your mod is looking for new challenges and emotions, so it should pay off.

The turn limit is an interesting concept. Moreover, probably complementary with your current penalties approach. First time I saw the penalties in action I really like the concept and how it was implemented, by the way. It makes sense the troops get fatigued over time.

Originally Posted by MattCaspermeyer View Post
I would love to see your comments as I can always use them to improve it if I ever get back into it. I also mean to check @SlickDragon's comments just to ensure that he hasn't found anything there, but I think he was using the wrong KB.EXE that you suggested and that's why he had so many issues.

I'm playing (or at least I was) Ice & Fire right now since I never played it all the way through. Unfortunately, I haven't played it in about a month since I have so many other things that are soaking up my time right now...

To name a few:

Minor bugs:

- Polar bears critical percent chance bonus derived from Barbarian presence is apparently not applied. The morale bonus shows up/is displayed, and as a consequence attack and defence are improved, but the critical percent remains the same.

- Rockfall can frighten instead of stun. It feels ok, though. Watch meteors falling from the sky must be quite scary.

A typo:

- All bleeding creatures show up as attacked by a werewolf. I mean, when you place the cursor over their claw icon, the description always point to the lupines, regardless the source of the damage.
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