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XIII Century: Blood of Europe Sequel to XIII Century: Death or Glory

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Old 07-22-2009, 07:25 PM
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Default Italian infantry in XIII century

Some information about the italian infantry in XIII century that can be useful for future addons:

the classical italian communal infantry (that of Legnano battle for be clear) is a normal spear/medium shield infantryman. During the XIII century new weapons specialities start to appears with a differentiation in battle tactics between north italy and central italy cities:

the mannaie (cleaver) cremonesi start to be used from infantry: they are axe head over a long handle (2 meters), very powerful against the armours. Normally used by elite infantry of city.

the lancia lunga (long spear, 5-6 meters) comes in use in the second half of XIII century. She are used for stop the cavalry charge, giving to sword/axe infantry the possibility to attack in close combat the cavalrymen. Differently from late pikemen, the lancia lunga soldiers have also a shield (probably bring with a shoulder strap and used when the lance has to be abandoned for use the sword).

The balestrieri (crossbowmen) are much diffused; many of them come from Genova, Pisa and other maritime city, but also local crossbowmen are used by the cities. They can be used in combination with long spear users or Pavesari, in static modality, or in more rapid style in combination with cavalry.

The Pavesari, are infantry armed with a Pavese (a big, shoulder high, shield) and short spear. Their employ is static, they must protect from enemy missiles and cavalry charges, cavalry and crossbowmen, leaving to these last the offensive role.

Pavesari are not used in north Italy during the XIII century, at the same time the Mannaie is more used in North Italy just to Romagna. Balestrieri and Lancia lunga users appears both in north and central Italy.

Two fighting style are in use: the ghibellini style (north Italy) are more mobile, the use heavy and light cavalry (also with crossbow) to attack and sword,lancia and balestrieri infantry on the flank as mobile support. The guelfi style (centrla Italya, Tuscany in particular) is more static, the Pavesari used as moving wall to protect the destructive action of crossbowmen, before the cavalry can attack.

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