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King's Bounty: Crossworlds The expansion to the award-winning King’s Bounty: Armored Princess.

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Old 10-03-2010, 04:31 PM
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Default Official wish list for King's Bounty 2

Hi everyone. In order to keep order in the forum and not use other threads to say what we want to see in a proper sequel (KB2 for convenience), I'm making this thread so everyone can post here.
Be respectful of other people opinions and let's have some fun until the game arrives (which is obvious to me even if they don't say anything)

Let the wish posting commence!

First what I WANT

More customization: Change the appearance of the hero and different models for each class; both male and female.

A new class, because the skill tree looks very saturated or maybe expand it with a 4th column.

More classes of "helpers", not just from the other sex (like the guild heroes from the arena, so you can "buy" them) and give them a more complex role in battle, as in controlling some units of his own or do some special attacks (in the Arena there where ones that did it).

Some "special" battles: Like 10 turn limit or the enemy get new units every x rounds, no magic/rage, etc.. to add a little variety (as in defender of the crown).
More 2 vs x battles.

More funny situations (as in TL) but also some more serious things (as in AP/CW).
More engaging second characters (is there even 1 engaging second character in the 3 games? Even the hero is not charismatic). Make some characters return (in the same game not in expansions) to add a feeling of progress. They feel very static and droid-like.

A better exploration system that takes the ships from AP (fast movement) with the big settings and continuity from TL. Some new lands never seen before (jungle, desert, etc.) because since TL the settings have been almost the same (demons, mountain with ice, underground, forest, lakes, etc.)

Some unique designs with navigation puzzles (a lo Golden Sun where some of your magics also have effects on the map?)

Better description for the items and don't make such mistakes with the abilities and skills (paladin prayer, army drum, etc.). Please correct them with a patch (it's not that difficult)

More original units (most of them are a bit generic both in terms of design and gameplay). The more originals are the droids, the gobots and the devil fish XD since they are very unique to the game (not generic to other games) and have some unique gameplay style (well not the devilfish)

Try to not use creatures that have been used so much (bye bye dragons....okay those can stay XD) but look more into traditional folklore form other cultures. Just in my country (Chile) there are like 100 total different creatures from the myths of different cultures that can be used in a game. Imagine in Russia (500-1000 maybe?)

Make units more complementary to each others (unit that boost units not used so much (snake, spiders, dragons). Also some classes lack level 1 units (demons, dwarves) and some are way more developed than others (elves have too many units next to demons).

Also describe better what is a "humanoid warrior" or what count as a "projectile" (just say what units are affected like you did with the new classes unique skills )

More bosses with unique style arenas (the driller is a good example)

More female units!!

Great music (the games have always had great music but listening to "Glory Ride" while writing this makes me ask for more of it)

Time to become an active member!!

King's Bounty for the LOLZ!!

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Old 10-03-2010, 06:18 PM
Jaedar Jaedar is offline
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Completely reworked skill trees please. Also less filler combat, not necesarily Champion of the arena level, but far less than TL or AP. Character customization would be nice, but I would much prefer more units/spells/etc.

Oh and more music tracks please.
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Old 10-03-2010, 06:52 PM
bladeking77 bladeking77 is offline
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One of my wishes that stand above all is next:
No more pet dragon! The Legend had awesome Rage Spirits, which makes me wonder how could the screw that up with a Pet Dragon. Return the Rage Spirits or invent something even better.
Also, not that there is anything specifically disbalanced with any of KB's, they could all use a little more Polishing.
Other than that, I doubt that Katauri will leave us disappointed.
Let us all just trust in them.
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Old 10-03-2010, 07:27 PM
marcinl0 marcinl0 is offline
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- New hero classes with unique expanded & more complicated multipage skill trees with unique abilities for each class - like in Fallout 2 (skills & traits & perks) or Might & Magic VII (more skills & levels: expert, master, grandmaster possible only for dedicated classes & races).

- No hero exp level cap, basically possible 100 lvls or even more.

- Individual army units experience & levels & new abilities during lvl up - like in pcbun KBAP mod:

- More morale bonuses & morale lvls - for all army units in one alignement, special morale bonuses and more,

- Upgradable towns and also upgradable multi-level units in dedicated towns, like in Heroes of Might & Magic III.
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Old 10-03-2010, 08:50 PM
DGDobrev DGDobrev is offline
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So far the news are that KB may become a MMORPG or another type of online game, so be careful what you wish for
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Old 10-03-2010, 11:57 PM
jake21 jake21 is offline
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I'd prefer a single player campaign that is more rpg'ish (like the first game). Do not have strong feelings beyond that - oh I'd like it to be fun also wouldn't mind a few (many) text based puzzles (like space ranger 2 )
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Old 10-04-2010, 03:12 AM
Puce Moose Puce Moose is offline
Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 45

I agree with jake21 - I'd love to see more text puzzles (like the awesome one to acquire the submarine in the grand canal.)

First and foremost, though, is the intense desire to see it remain
  • single-player
  • true turn-based combat (e.g., no ATB, timer bars, etc.)
  • not scaled to player level, scaled to region
  • no respawn

There's literally no other current game that I can think of that ticks off those delicious, delicious checkboxes that King's Bounty does.

Beyond that, I'd love to see an expansion on the ambient life; some of my favorite moments involved zooming the camera all of the way in and just watching the hummingbirds/fish/frogs/owls/squirrels dart this way and that. Seeing crabs skittering about on the shoreline, tadpoles lazily swimming near some aquatic vegetation in pools, birds rustling in the underbrush; so many games ignore these attempts to give the environment resonance and non-hostile life, and I love the fact that King's Bounty doesn't neglect this important facet. Expand it!

Along those lines, I'd really like to see more ambient animation in battles; harmless beasties strolling around the edges of the battlefield, flowers swaying int he breeze, etc.

I'd also enjoy seeing more quests with non-violent resolutions; the 'get the bear to follow you back to the ranch' quest from the first King's Bounty was one of my favorite quests of the game.

Expansion of trap abilities. Placing traps was one of my favorite things to do, and I'd love to see charm traps, explosive traps, freezing traps, etc. I'd also love a trapper unit that could place traps as a charged/reload skill.

In terms of units, I'd love to see an exploration of the more unique units. For example, the thorns, the devilfish, etc. I've had enough elves, dwarves, demons, and undead to last me a lifetime amongst hundreds of games, books, and movies; how about some new races?

Thorn race (with various mushrooms, toadstools, aquatic vegetation monsters (how about a killer water hyacinth?)
Owl race (burrow owls who could burrow under and attack an enemy like gobots, screech owls to stun, great grey horned owls to cause fear, etc.)
Fish race (devilfish, mudskippers, flying fish, swordfish, sawfish, piranha.. lots of great possibilities)

I *really* like what they did with the lizardmen; fantastic models, creative enemies (love the gobot/choska) - I hope they break away from the traditional high fantasy mold and run with some new race ideas.
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Old 10-04-2010, 02:22 PM
Heroe Heroe is offline
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My wishlist:

Top priority - Removing the most annoying and irritating sound in gaming history(demonologist summoning whistle sound!)
Remove the readme from screen like i saw in crossworlds
Remove the tips/hints from loading screens.
These things above are the most annoying and easy to fix, yet no devs care about these...

Different cities - A bigger cities where character can improve or fight to death

Better item realisation(there was none game in kings bounty where i managed to find full set.Also Items repeats itself in different shops
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Old 10-05-2010, 07:41 AM
Jah Jah is offline
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Originally Posted by Heroe View Post
My wishlist:
Remove the tips/hints from loading screens.
What's so annoying about that? Loading times in KB are pretty short anyway - it's not like you'll be spending hours staring at that screen.
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Old 10-05-2010, 09:31 AM
KarlosCV KarlosCV is offline
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For me KB games are almost perfect as they are so I'm more concerned the devs decide to "go mainstream" and produce another forgettable realtime halfass crap which the market is overflowing with.

But I suppose some things can be done even better:

1. The story can certainly be presented in a more immersive way, I mean text boxes with still head pictures (beautiful as they are) are usable but nothing to be too excited about. I'd also gladly do without some of the more eye-rolling fantasy clichés like divine chosen one trying to save the world and generally encourage the devs to give us a story we can finally care about a bit.

2. The quests can be more variable, not just the traditional find/fetch/kill scenario.

3. As was already mentioned, definitely improve the unit description - what counts as archers, beasts, humanoids, what influences who and how and so on.
I also found useful minor things like a detailed breakdown of Morale composition, would be nice to extend it to the other attributes as well (why my Attack, Defense, Resistances, Initiative or Damage is what it is and what influences it).

4. Item management - can subscribe to that. It's frustrating to have several half-completed sets and never find the rest of the items.

I left two most important things for the end:

A) The later stages of the game are always far too easy and only some heroes and bosses present a reasonable challenge. The first half is wonderful because it forces the players to try different strategies and finessess and really use all those special abilities and spells. Later stage battles are basically decided in the first two rounds, then another two or three for cleaning and ress...a bit boring.

B) MAKE OTHER RACES/UNITS MORE USABLE - IMO some units and whole races are too underpowered/underused, mainly because it's very difficult/frustrating/impossible to ressurect them. The whole point of the KB games is to lose as few units as possible, so you don't have to trudge up and down (a bit less frustraging in AP, with the ship and reserve improvements) to replenish the stock. The demons are notoriously fragile in this respect, also the undead can be ress only with the eviln spell which is slow and frustrating and and the "heal" ability of vampires and ghosts is usable maybe in the first 1/10 of the game, then it's totally worthless (I lose 20 of 21 vampires after one whack from an enemy and the last unit replenishes its health - big bloody deal).
Also some of the abilities are annoying on the AI side and worthless in your army (like some units after heavy losses avoid attacks or the troll changes into stone after death and so on).
After 5 replays (TL and AP) I found out I always drifted to using similar units and strategies (with the same hero classes of course) - always paladins, mostly dragons and bowmen, because they're the most convenient in most situations.
It would be nice if the game encouraged you to use demons, undead, dwarves, orcs, goblins or lizards in certain environments or situations (seriously, has anyone EVER used Dwarves, Foremen or Miners?) and/or discouraged you from using the traditional fixtures like paladins or dragons more often (it's better to drop dragons for battles against demons for example but I'd like to see much more of that).

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