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Mods King's Bounty: Crossworlds Mods

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Old 07-24-2018, 11:10 AM
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Default THE TRENT WAR --- A new campaign, released!

The Trent War - a whole new experience awaits!!

Download newest version 1.6: ... http://www.mediafire.com/file/y39z6n...nt1.6.zip/file

Delete old TRENT folder before installing. Unpack the downloaded file to the same directory as Crossworld\sessions next to Defender, Orcs, Addon etc. (read the Readme files if in doubt).
When you start a new game, you can see 'The Trent War' next to 'Orcs on the March' and the other games.
If you have finished Trent before, you might want to keep your high score recordings. To do so, extract 'records.txt' from your old TRENT\Trent.kfs and overwrite in new installed TRENT\Trent.kfs

The Trent Kingdom is under attack, the pirates are invading. Amelie must help King Mark again.

- A completely new campaign with new maps, dungeons, quests and fun story.
- 5 bosses.
- 35 heroes including "Heroic Challenges" which is a hero fight with NO rage skills / no retreat / in special boss-alike-arenas. There're 6 of these challenges in all.
- Many new arenas (only a few from the original game are reused). Some have different structure from normal with different tactics.
- Funny creature sounds made by Terroin, recorded in his studio.
- Difficulty is harder: It means if you normally play HARD then NORMAL is about equivalent in this mod - some say it is even lower - you will be challenged more.
- The game is 55% in length of the original Crossworld, you will end up around hero level 33-36 depending on your choices.
- Item Upgrades are 30% easier.
- Easier to find full sets: Most sets are with only 2 items. Many new sets and items!!
- If you think you will be fighting dozens of pirates, you won't, don't worry, it is not like WotN's undead armies, but versatile.
- Walkthrough/help file included.
- Some creatures and most spells have been balanced. For instance Stone Skin last 1 turn shorter. Avenging angel or Life Light are stronger, Ice Snake same price and damage as Fireball etc. Read post#2 for changes.
- Read post#3 or Readme file for help. The game has been tested an adjusted a lot for balance!

The game has been played on Normal, Hard and Impossible. Have fun!!!

Here are some pictures from The Trent War:

The starting island, Jerneland:

1jerneland smaller.bmp

One of the first bosses, the Turtle from the Legend, but stronger now. From the map, Sprudne Islands:

4screen turtle smaller.bmp

An arena-battle from the biggest dungeon in the campaign, Trent Dungeon:

3trentdungy smaller.bmp

The king's residence, Upper Trent:

2upperTrent smaller.bmp

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