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Tips and Hints Different solutions, tips and hints.

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Old 01-15-2010, 11:59 AM
Starranger Starranger is offline
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Originally Posted by jake21 View Post
Yea i just went back and checked; no knights in verona or debir. I had enough for one stack this game and I used them in eron on gremlion.Kind of sad. In fact this game there were very few trolls and ogre also (not one complete stack of either @ level 55); i.,e 27. No demonologist loaded this game either. Hum. Maybe I was a bit unlucky.
That is why I always try to buy every upgradable artefact. If I need a special kind of troops later in game, but could not find enough to got a full stack, then i buy some of the units and use the old Sacrifice/Resurrect trick during the upgrade of the artefacts to fill the needed slot. It is very easy to surround one enemy troop with stone wall or kill everything except a friendly gremlin, kill every summoned creature for rage, convert it by the dragon (not the spell) to mana and sacrifice every time the same troop for the needed troop. If you are PALADIN; you do not need to resurrect (will be done by your Resurrect skill). If you play Worrier or Mage, resurrect them by mana.

I also use this with low level enemys on the map to generate Dragons (in mid game) and to save as much money as possible to buy artefacts (for destroying) and runes.
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Old 01-15-2010, 04:34 PM
MaroonMaurader MaroonMaurader is offline
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So I've been playing an impossible mage as well. Fortunately I think every unit spawned at least one in my game, so I could get whatever army I want. Unfortunately my game didn't spawn any items that give +magic resistance except (of course) the anti-magic diploma, and the leather vest for a whole +5% (hurrah!). That made Gremlion somewhat difficult.
I was, of course, using the anti-magic diploma and the leather vest. After multiple miserably failed attempts, I sat down to plan things out more carefully and it was eventually practically easy.
Two words: Inquisitor's Blade. The more paladins you have, the more they heal. That's the real sticking point in this whole fight, so it basically lets you get away with 20% lower leadership for this fight. I ultimately went with Paladins, Knights, Archmages, Royal Griffins, and Demonologists. Make sure to use the archmage's shield on the demonologists, NOT the knights. In case you haven't run into it yet, you get the Blade by defeating Thomas Torkve the enemy hero.
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Old 01-16-2010, 01:22 AM
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So today i returned to KB: AP to finish this two bosses.
After a brainstorm (my head!) and few tries i went to this conclusions.

First fight was Gremlion:
In the end i used Paladins and both types unicorns with items they had over 60% magic resistance so Gremlion aoe strike didn't hurt them so much. Parked them near where tower was pop up to kill it every time. Phantomed Paladins from time to time.

For attacking boss i used Red Dragons, with item -20% to leadership cost i could recruit 14 of them. With spells iron skin and divine armor boss couldn't hurt them in any way.
It was looong but steady fight. I thing you can replace Dragons with Royal Griffins and it should work fine.
No losses in the end.

Them i moved to Lizardman, i knew i need physical resistance but without items i could only stick to naturals, my medal bonus and one shirt +5% to all.

So i leave unicorns and dragon in elves land and went back to debris, fill up Paladins stock and recruited Knights, i was wondering about horsemans but then i remember that there was large stock of Black Knights somewhere, i got there bought and start thinking if it will be enough. So i started rearranging my items once again and then i found that i have helm -20 to Black Knights leadership cost and staff -15% to all undeads i put them on and checked BK cost they dropped from 150 to 98, i was shocked i could get them 250! While i had only 149 Knights and 111 Paladins.
I went to fight with hope that this will be enough and again was shocked after few exchanging hits with boss troops (my BK got few +6 from fury and damage increased from their abilities) i pointed my mouse over boss and got that they can hit him for 20k, omg! Battle went so fast, it was satisfying seeing boss health bar dropping so fast.
It ended with no losses and my Paladins and Knights looks so sad .
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Old 01-11-2011, 06:58 AM
Hayte Hayte is offline
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I found nearly all of the boss fights difficult as a Mage until I went from a 5 stack army to a 1 stack army. Because of infinite retaliations and area damage, you can lose a tonne of units that you won't be able to replenish.

With a 1 stack army, you only need to worry about mitigating damage and replenishing 1 stack. I no lossed all the bosses recently on Hard using either 1x stack of Red Dragons and in a few instances 1x stack of Black Knights.

First things first:

1) Stoneskin is king. You can make almost any unit stack take peanuts in damage with Stoneskin III + Divine Armor III but the latter is expensive so it makes more sense to use Paladins or Black Knights + Stoneskin III only since they have good physical resistance. To get more physical resistance you want to get items like Twinkling Boots and Scale Set if they are available. It just makes things easier if you have them but I wouldn't say they are necessary unless you play on Impossible or something.
2) Right click your units on the battlefield to see how many turns of Stoneskin you have left as well as other buffs. When it gets to '1' you need to recast Stoneskin or the next turn you are going to take mega damage.
3) Exploit Calm Rage and Magic Spring. You can get pretty substantial mana gains long after you stop regenerating mana each turn. Cast these whenever you see the opportunity but Stoneskin always comes first.
4) If using Black Knights you can resurrect them using Evlin. If using Paladins you have Resurrection Spell, Phoenix and Phantom Paladins.
5) You will need high maximum mana and intellect. The more the better. I found 110+ mana and 50+ intellect to be ideal. You can use a Wanderer Scroll for +30 mana and +10 intellect over maximum if necessary.
6) The reason why you need loads of mana is that you are going to use screen clearing spells to nuke summoned creatures from friendly gremlin towers and k'tahu. This also creates corpses for Evlin. The best spell to use is Black Hole which you can get from doing one of Dark Mistikus's quests - the Grimoire one I think. It is not listed as a reward, so you will just see 2 scrolls appear in your spell book. Black Hole will also do fairly significant damage to the boss.


This is doable with no losses using a 5 stack army but only if you have high magic resistance (Diploma in Anti-Magic, Cape of Wizardry, Crown of Chaos etc) and at least 1x stack of Paladins or Black Knights. You set the Knights on Gremlion, cast Stoneskin every 4 turns, resurrect to replenish losses over time which should be low because of high physical and magical resistance. Every other unit stack can be aranged in a circle to knock down towers when Gremlion spawns one.

If you 1 stack this with Paladins or Black Knights, use the same types of items but ignore the Gremlin towers. Use Haste on turn 1 to quickly get to Gremlion and start wailing on him. When you get surrounded by units you will occasionally want to wail on them, but not kill them. They form a wall between you and the other enemy stacks so you can use them as protection. If you use Black Knights you will eventually want to replenish their numbers so you will want to cast Black Hole and create a tonne of corpses and free space to use Evlin.

For Paladins, its probably better to just let all the summoned baddies build up and weaken the adjacent enemy stacks but not try to kill them. Eventually you will kill them through retaliation but the idea is to buffer yourself.


It may take 40+ turns but you will eventually kill the boss with no losses. K'Tahu is harder than Gremlion but I found him pretty easy using 1x stack of Black Knights. I always attacked on his non shielded arm side since his retaliation does no damage. I tried his shielded arm side but I still took a fair bit of damage and spread over 30ish turns, it eventually lowered my Black Knight count despite using Evlin where available. It became more difficult to maintain high damage with less and less units and at some point it reached a critical point where it was doomed to failure.

If you attack his non shielded arm, he will switch sides alot so you need to occasionally squeeze a Haste in between Stoneskins, Black Hole to clear the screen, and bullrush the other side. So you need to calm rage/mana spring whenever you can. If you miss an opportunity things will go badly for you.

I no lossed K'Tahu in something like 40 to 60 turns with 139 Black Knights. I was level 46 or 48 (I forget which), had about 130 mana, 60 intellect and 15 attack (!) after Wanderer Scrolls. I only had 1 item that gave physical resistance (Twinkling Boots, no Scale Shield on this run I'm afraid). I had Crown of Chaos, Cape of Wizardry and the Anti Magic Diploma so I had huge magic resistance when I needed it.

Black Knights were doing something like 10,000 to 16,000 damage per hit, once they build up Rising Fury. I believe a Warrior can get much much higher damage by virtue of having much higher attack and loads more leadership and then -x% undead leadership items like Black Helmet and Staff of the Acolyte. I've heard 60,000+ damage hits on Gremlion which ends the fight in less than 5 rounds? Either way, if you have the right items and you have more levels and leadership than I did, then you can do it much much faster and will find it easier on Impossible.

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