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Old 05-15-2011, 01:19 AM
rayres rayres is offline
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Default Questions from a newbie re: dragon training

I have been playing this for a little while now as a mage on the normal difficulty.

My question is: Why would I want to put my dragon's hunting skill to lvl. 3 as a mage? I can barely use the ability 2x during a combat. Do the ALTARS give better treasure than the chests? (Currently it says chests: 2 / altars: 0). Does the ability to generate rage somehow increase later in the game? My max rage is 18 right now. Is it worth it to go for "training" to get my dragon more exp., when I don't have much max. rage?

How am I supposed to get enough mind points to save for neatness, espec. neatness lvl. 2/3? I am currently lvl. 6 and have the "trophies" skill at lvl. 1.

I am going to take meditation next level, if I get enough magic runes. How many potential runes can I get in the course of the entire game?


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Old 05-17-2011, 06:41 PM
Svidler Svidler is offline
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With hunting I assume you mean treasuresearching.
The altars are not chests but damage-dealing objects. You may have seen some of them on various battlefields already. Cursed cross, hornets nest etc. There is also a mine and a volcano. Level 3 is well worth it though, no mather what class you play, since you will find alot of runes(!), gold, spells and magiccrystals. And most importantly, you ocassionally dig up wandererspells such as Call colossus or titans armor etc.

There will always be plenty gold in this game though but eventually you will find a place to buy runes, which is nice.

As for trainingskill I don't know really. It is definately a good skill but I tend to prioritize the magetree to the fullest as a mage. Meaning spending many warriorrunes at chaosmagic 1-2-3, destruction and some transmute. No idea if it's smart or not.

As for trophies you should always stay at level 1 in my opinion. Like I said you will have enough gold. Runes better spent elsewhere.

As for neatness.. Just keep leveling and collecting treasures and you will be able to upgrade it.

I can't remember how many runes you'll find. A number like 250-280 total pops up in my head..

Hope this helps a bit.
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Old 05-18-2011, 10:16 PM
Sir Whiskers Sir Whiskers is offline
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My experience has been that I have no trouble getting XP for my dragon (on Normal, it's usually several levels ahead of my hero), so I only get the first level of training, and then only because it's a prereq for Anger, which is much more useful.

Definitely max out the Treasure Searcher skill - every extra chest is a boost that makes the game easier. Only summon altars if you want to destroy them (for rage generation). Since the skill only summons damaging altars, I've rarely found them to be more boon than bane in a fight.
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Old 05-21-2011, 08:17 AM
Nevarie Nevarie is offline
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I just wanted to chime in that Treasure Searcher goes up to 3 Chests and 2 Alters, It's deffinetly worth taking it up to 3 chests playing as a mage just for the extra runes, getting powerful scrolls or the wander scrolls are a nice bonus also. I don't recomend taking it any higher if there are better choices available tho as all you can get are 1 extra alter and a decreased rage cost.

As for dragon training, its nice if your dragon consistantly falls behind by several levels, on the other hand, leveling the dragon too fast can be a problem as a mage. It's quite possible for some abilitys to end up costing more then your maximum rage early on.

If ever you really do need to boost your pet dragons levels spamming the hell out of holy rage and mana accelerator in any battle you can prolong indefinetly will do the trick, although it is rather boring and time consuming to do.
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