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Units, artifacts, spells and Pet Dragon Discussion, questions and solutions about units, artifacts, spells and Pet Dragon.

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Old 02-24-2013, 09:27 PM
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Default Pasive bonus to rage skills !!??

Hello ppl

Got this idea reading impy`s naked challenge, and seeing that 100+ intellect run is possible.
So got idea to change rage skills depending on hero class. As it is now, every class have same choice of rage skills, only thing different in each play through is a bit of luck for things you get to choose on pet dragon lvlup. But all in all, max dmg is same on end game for every class : lightning ball cant go over certain percent % of stack health, or lava pillars can do max dmg of X units ...
Any way pls read post #82 and #84 here http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthr...t=22725&page=6, and code i post here to see what i think to implement to add a bit of variety in game for classes.

 	local rageb=Logic.hero_lu_item("rage","count")
        rageb = rage/10

         if rageb > 0 then
            for a=1, Attack.act_count()-1 do
                if Attack.act_ally(a) then
		    Attack.act_attach_modificator(a, "sp_pet_attack", "scr", rageb, 0, 0, -100, false, 0, true)
Idea is to give pet dragon rage skills +X% potency for every 10 rage hero have (numbers may wary, it`s just idea so far). So expl warrior with lots of rage will have a bit different rage skills then high int/mana mage hero. I`m not thinking of making rage skill for warrior equal to 80int mage death star spell, but just different between classes.

Now my questions :
1) how to implement bonus to mystic egg, mana accelerator and pet wall here ??? I`m not simply to increase dmg for rage skills, but all rage effects similar to new items from red sands extreme mod - chilli pepper to give X% for burn with lava pillars skill , or rest of those new items.

2) what you ppl think bonuses should be for this ? Would 1% for every 10 rage be enough difference for classes, but still not to strong to make rage skills overpowered

3) how to implement bonus like intellect have , for every 1int hero get X% dmg for spells, but for every 7int, you get additional Y% bonus to spells ??? I wanted to make rage bonus a bit more interesting like this, so players would think should they use some item for +Rage, and get bonus from this, or pick some other item for other bonuses and stay on weaker rage skills.

Hope i got something interesting here, and help from more experienced moders
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