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Units, artifacts, spells and Pet Dragon Discussion, questions and solutions about units, artifacts, spells and Pet Dragon.

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Old 10-03-2011, 04:05 PM
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Default Advice about item set`s

Hello ppl
I had idea for changing how set items work. If any1 played diablo 2 there was interesting settings for partial item set`s, lets say all set have 5 items, but you didnt need to have all 5 for set bonus. For 2 items you get something, for 3 items a bit higher bonus and completing all set you get full bonus.
So any1 have idea how to make this into sets in this game? I only thought making new sets from some items of already existing sets : expl warrior set for -lds% for human melee units, it`s 5 item set. My idea is to in items.txt add new set warrior_set_part1 (or something like that) for 2 items form that set and warrior_set_part2 for other 2 items, and leave all 5 item set as it is. This is no problem making, but i wonder how to make this work when i have 2 set items and find 3rd, how to add automatically new bonus for this (3 item), and turn off incomplete bonus (2 item)?
Green text when set completed is making me problems here. For partial set i wanted to make yellow text, but i need this changed when new items equipped but not whole set.

So far i managed to make new items (upgrading old 1,2 llv items to be useful later in game), then i got idea about sets and cant figure how to make it work. So any suggestion is welcome
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Old 10-03-2011, 08:42 PM
Madstrike Madstrike is offline
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oh, that would be a rly cool thing to have, like for example, scale set, if u have any 2 of the three items equipped u get 10% Phys res, and with 3 u get the full 20%. Thats a neat feature, sometimes the set bonuses are nice, but u rly have to use some subpar items to get the bonus...
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