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Old 07-29-2018, 06:08 PM
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Default FMB Triggers for 4.15.x Request

In a cursory look, the last post I saw was from 2014, so I'm bringing it up again.

I'd love to see about getting a trigger-system implemented in 4.15x. And if there's a way to "grease the skids" on making this happen. Kickstarter? A flat-fee type thing? I'd consider it, to be honest.
Disclaimer: This post is not intended to steal the ideas and work of the people (or person) who HAVE created triggers for the FMB in HSFX. Yes. I know they are there. I'm coming at this with the notion that triggers in combat flight simulators generally all do the same thing with the same features and options... so it's not like I'm stealing intellectual property. That being said, kudos to the chap who did make triggers for the FMB as the syntax is very well done, easily editable in the FMB or in a text editor, etc.... (I edit almost 50% of my missions in notepad++)

As a result, for the original implementation, I thank and recognize LAL_Catsy for the work and LAL_Anatoli (and C6_Armand) for the documentation. I wish not to "reinvent the wheel" on this, and I have no idea if TD and these guys could "talk" and make this happen. The documenation is mirrored on my site here: Triggers_Eng_v1.0.pdf
Most options are included for each trigger type.
  • Army
  • Timeout (hours in the first box, minutes in the second) when the trigger is "asleep" and won't activate.
  • Radius (valid: 2m to 49.5km)
  • Whether the radius is "entering INTO" or "LEAVING FROM" (aka Activate on Exiting). This is a check box; otherwise the Trigger is activated on ENTERING the radius.
  • Probability (1% to 100% probability that the trigger will activate).
  • Attach (Set Target)
    This one confused me for a while until I "got it":
    That "ATTACH" (set target) is important to note that if this is implemented, that means the trigger itself (and its radius) FOLLOW the moving chief or aircraft throughout its flight. "The trigger will move in the same way than the object / plane and will not be active if the object / aircraft is destroyed." (source unknown, sorry).

CENTER-PRINT Message (Trigger Message)
I'd like to also see the "message" trigger (I don't know who did this one).
This is a Center-print message with a duration the mission builder specifies (in seconds). I don't think it can be segregated by army, but if it can, breat.

Triggers can only be used once, then they are removed from the mission (they are instantiated at runtime).
I'm not sure, but triggers SHOULD be EITHER "AI Only" or Not. If NOT then EITHER Humans OR AI can activate.

Additional IDEAS:
In addition to the triggers mentioned above (which I think are great)...

A new folder would be created under samples called "trigger" or "audio" (whatever). This plays an audio file (encoded like the current requirements of custom radio audio). All players would need to have the mp3-encoded (RIFF Header) audio file and place it in the folder (see above); else, the client would not hear the audio being played. To combat this, the mission designer could use a "subtitle" field to display txt instead. If user is playing a radio, then this trigger's audio would take priority (or simply play along with it?). For encoding instructions and RADIO usage: Please see my site.
  • Filename (WITH or WITHOUT extension)
  • I thought about including or suggesting a LOOP option, with a whole-number (1 to 'n') but I think that might not be a good idea.
  • ARMY (red, blue, etc.)
  • radius
  • timeout
  • subtitle
  • other "typical" params you'll find in these triggers
NESTED Trigger with a Nested Target parameter

(or a new trigger called... Trigger Group)

New TAB for "Child Trigger(s)" Where one trigger can actiate multiple "child" triggers.
Triggers can be nested; meaning that a trigger could activate another trigger. This might be hard to do.

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