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Tips and hints for Single player campaign May contain SPOILERs

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Old 10-27-2009, 02:43 PM
robi120 robi120 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2009
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Default The flying dutchman

I m playing this misson on normal.I have to get the agent list from the submarine.Before that I should call the HQ for reinforcments and destroy a flak gun.
However,there are too many germans.I cant go near the gun and they spot me.This is frustrating.

Any tips for this mission?

Also,is there any walktrough for the whole Men of War?
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Old 10-27-2009, 09:46 PM
Korsakov829 Korsakov829 is offline
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Well I honestly dont know how I did it but I did. After awhile stealth will no longer matter.

What you could do:
Use the flak gun
Steal a flak tank
Call for reinforcements (Very hard to do without)
Use Pak-40
Aleksy Kuznetsov providing sniper cover fire (should give rifle to someone else)
Steal MG
Use the cannon and MG on sub (highly recommended)

Basicly your stuck with infantry vs infantry/light vehicles/tanks. What do you do? Use the enemies own weapons against him. First you should take out the flak gun, which is useful if you dont destroy it as there are alot of enemies near the coast you can kill with it. Then, snipe your way to the communications center and call for reinforcements (before you do that have any MGs and cannons in posistion)

Once your reinforcements come in, quickly man the flak gun and start shooting some germans off the coast. Now allow your troops to open fire and charge down the hill slowly destroying everything in your way. After you kill almost everyone, keep atleast one or two men near the power generator, you will need it later. Next, there is a machine used to slice through metal you have to bring to the submarine. Bring this and have someone cut through the sub, make sure you provide cover using Aleksy Kuznetsov's sniper rifle and the guns on the submarine.

Once your in the submarine you will have to open the gates by shutting of the generator, do that and you should be done. Good luck.
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Old 10-30-2009, 09:48 AM
robi120 robi120 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 71

ok I finaly beat this misson(but on easy)
Its not too hard.
I was thinking this is a stealth misson so every time somevone spoted me i reastarted.But this time i just went on,kill the flak gun guards,go to the comunications centre and ask for help.I taked the Flakpanzer and Pak 40.
I destroyed few armoured cars with flakpanzer when it was destroyed by Panzer III.With Pak 40 I destroyed its turret and killed the crew.I repaired the panzer and attack rest of the base.Then German reinforsments come in,Panzer III and few armoured cars.With pak and Panzer I destroyed them all.
Then got the machine and go in the submarine.The German battleship came.I pulled the switch,opend the gate and submarine destroyed a battleship.That's it,misson end.Then you see a movie of some funny dancing in front of Reichstag.

Hope this helps for somvone.

Ps:Sorry for my bad english.
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Old 01-03-2010, 12:21 PM
KnightFandragon KnightFandragon is offline
Senior Member
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Location: KRL HQ, Ontario Canada
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IDK if the game messed up or not but in this mission, I had edited in some units so I didnt call for reinforcements and that huge armor convoy didnt come. While im sure this mission would be hard w/ only the first 4 it certainly was nice to not have to fight a 2 front war.
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Old 05-31-2011, 01:27 PM
Gary_P Gary_P is offline
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Location: New Jersey
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I never got my reinforcements. I made it to the satellite tower, and put the guy inside. All I got was a V over his head. What does that mean?

Anyway, I killed all the guys at the flack cannon with the sniper. Sometimes he shoots quiet and sometimes he makes a sound. How can I choose ahead of time?
I also used the flack canon to kill the guys across the river on the other side of the sub (they could not get to me), it was fun till the ammo ran out.

I stole the little tank thing near the satellite tower and killed the rest of the guys on this side of the sum.
I knifed most of them. that was fun. The rest I sniped or killed with the canon that I also got near the satellite tower.

If you clear out the solders on this side then you can roll the canon down the hill and off to the left, then aim it at the tank and other armored car, and blast them.
When the guys come running across the bridge, get em with the armored tank you got earlier.
There's a hill on the right side all the way in the back where the sniper can go and pick the guys off behind the fence like flies.
Another guy in the lower bushes can use that silenced revolver to keep them from running up the hill to the sniper.

When the enemy reinforcements arrive, place that small tank you stole in the path and blow up the trucks before they have a chance to unload.

This was a really fun mission but I never got reinforcements.

Oh and I didn't know about the sub's torpedo. I sniped all the guys on the boat.

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