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Tips and hints for Single player campaign May contain SPOILERs

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Old 11-26-2012, 04:59 PM
stevothedivo stevothedivo is offline
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Default What's the difference between easy, normal and hard?

Hey guys. I just re-installed this game, bought it original - gosh years ago now! - but then moved onto other interests.
Played the first mission back in the day, had never played the second.
Now I've played it about a dozen times and always get to 95-98% then an entire company (10 tanks!) arrives from nowhere. By that stage the fight has been blunt and brutal (normal setting) but it's just no fun.
Three times I lost on 99% and it's killing the game for me. Ok the challenge aspect, that's one of the reasons CoH didn't really do it for me as while challenging, I did finish it in one go on Normal setting - and again on Hard - with some nailbiting moments but reasonably achieved.
Is the only way to play MoW I on Easy then?
Considering myself a reasonable historical player, playing loads of miniature games among other things, at this point though I'm thinking of just tossing it in as the scripting in the game is too unbalanced.
I counted a total of 38 tanks in one game. Not to mention the infantry.
10 tanks releasing on 95% I've just got nothing left to fight with, my AT guns (three surviving until game's end in one instance) are just overrun. I got to 95% holding the factory, office, pump station, repair works.
But with 30-odd men, T34, 1 BT and 4 AT guns (saved all my rifles hidden near the T34 til the end of the battle, too), an entire company of tanks is just too much.

Any tips after my winge?
Just set it to easy and enjoy the game?

PS about thread title is the difference in settings AI or the resources it has. In CoH, for example, I don't bother with Expert after discovering the only difference between Hard and Expert is a 20% boost to initial AI resources and 10% speed increase to production. No fun. In MoW is it the AI or troop quantities that varies?

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Old 12-03-2012, 10:34 PM
KnightFandragon KnightFandragon is offline
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Easy? Normal? Hard? THe difference? The Difference is the AI gets health, accuracy, damage and unit bonuses as the difficulty goes up. On easy, they do like .35% of their damage, on normal, its like 50% and on hard they do like 85%.

While on easy your troops have 1.2x health...by hard mode, you have .85% of your health.

ALso, the enemy gets ALOT more troops on harder modes.

On the last German mission, the British even get Centurion Tanks...yes, the post war main British battletanks, the Centurions.

If the game is getting boring for you, go use the editor and simply mod the missions to make them more manageable and fun.
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