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1C Forum Rules Welcome to the 1C Company Official Forum!
If you are new here, take a while and read these first.

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Old 09-14-2007, 08:14 AM
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Default 1C Company Official Forum Rules

1C Company Official Forum Rules

1C Company forum is a service for users of the entertainment software published by 1C Company ("Gamers"), which gives the opportunity to discuss our computer games and other 1C related topics. The forum is divided into several sections, each having its own main subject that is stated in the section's name. There is also a section titled "1C Games", which is especially for discussing topics that do not contradict these rules, yet do not fit the description of any other section.

The 1C Company forum is not an official means of providing technical support service. The Technical Issues section on the forum is the place where users can discuss troubleshooting and technical problems with each other though. All questions regarding usage of entertainment software published by 1C Company should be addressed directly to the 1C technical support service (support at 1cpublishing.eu)

The 1C Company forum is post moderated, meaning the information posted is not read or edited beforehand, although forum administrators may edit or delete submitted posts.

The Moderators are peacekeepers of the forum. They have the right to edit posts, delete them and lock topics without prior warning. If you want to know the reason for being banned from a section you can ask the forum administrator via email (admin at 1cpublishing.eu), contact the moderator that banned you or the Global moderator via PM message.

Violations of the following 22 rules are prohibited.

Violators may be warned, receive infractions or receive indeterminate or permanent bans from these forums.

Infractions are generally awarded, however moderators have the authority to take actions they consider necessary in all situations.

See chart of infraction levels and associated bans below.

1. Unacceptable behavior - includes vulgarity and obscene language, offensive or threatening content, drugs propaganda, political or religious agitation and propaganda, appeals to overthrows of power, incitement of ethnic hatred, disparagement on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, faith and other socially unacceptable expressions are prohibited in this forum. Usage of obscene expressions, words and similar phrases as nicknames or other elements of user profile (email address, location etc.) is prohibited. The connotation of a phrase is determined by a moderator. Their decision is final in cases of questionable spelling. Usage of pornographic, suggestive or obscene images as user pictures (avatars) is prohibited. Moderators and administrators have the right to delete such avatars, personal information and user signatures without prior warning.

2. Advertisements - Advertising posts and topics are prohibited except for those approved by 1C. Discussions about competitor products and links to those sites is considered advertisement.

3. Spamming – Immediate permanent ban of the member and deletion of all postings

4. Copyright violations - includes piracy, warez and other illegal activities – Discussion and linking to websites that distribute illegal software. Any discussion about illegal use of copyrighted software, registration key generators and other illegal ways of circumventing copyright laws.

5. Capital Letters in Postings – Postings must not have over four words in a sentence in all capital letters. Thread titles must not be in all capital letters.

6. Personal attacks - Name calling, insulting others, including cynical, sarcastic and condescending discussion focused on other persons, members, 1C developers and/or their work.

7. Malicious personal attacks - and stalking are considered serious violations.

8. Double Postings of similar content – should be avoided

9. Moderator actions - discussions or complaints about moderator or administrators actions.

10. Off topic discussion - in full or in part. Purposeful and/ or continuous off topic discussion. Threads that promote discussion of competitor game products is Off Topic discussion.

11. False Information - Dissemination of false information regardless of the poster's awareness.

12. Multiple Member accounts - Any person banned from forums that registers or maintains additional member account. Multiple accounts are prohibited.

13. Phishing/Harvesting Member information - Any attempt to get a password, other account information, or other private information from a Member or any other user on the 1C Company website. All authorized persons from 1C will NEVER ask for your password. Never give out your password, reminder words, or login information.

14. Use of another person’s account - members must never allow another person to use your account on this forums nor should they ever use another person’s account.

15. Impersonation of other persons - Forum users are not allowed to impersonate another person (including celebrities), pretend to be 1C Company employees or representatives of 1C Company, or attempt to mislead users by indicating that you represent 1C Company or any of 1C's partners or affiliates.

16. Posting of PM or email messages -which are between forum members are not to be revealed on public forums.

17. Personal Information - never reveal or discuss any user’s real-world personal information on the forums.

18. Hacking/attacks on these forums -Uploading or linking to files that contain a virus or corrupted data. Attempts to damage 1C forums, to get illegal access to the database, or to use the forum in a way that violates legal regulations will result in an immediate ban and may also result in legal proceedings.

19. Personal Issues - Topics and discussion about personal issues by starting topics or posting messages.

20. Signatures - size is limited to 200px H X 500px W and/or no more than 5 lines. No excerpts or quotations from other forum member postings allowed.

21. Image size - is limited to 740px H x 1280 W in all final displays, not more that 3 embedded link images, and/or 6 attachment images.

22. Embedded video - is limited to three per posting

All questions regarding operation of the site and forum should be sent to the forum administrator's e-mail address (admin at 1cpublishing.eu). Discussion of such issues within the forum is prohibited.
Forum Administration has the right to modify these rules later at any time.

Infractions system on the forum:

POINTS is pre-set weighted value for infraction based on forum rules
EXPIRES is the time period for points and infractions accumulation
If Infractions or points during expires period equals or exceeds the POINTS or INFRACTIONS required for BAN, the BAN PERIOD sets automatically.
If you receive less than TOTAL POINTS or TOTAL INFRACTIONS to receive ban during the EXPIRES period INFRACTIONS are reset

You will receive a notice if your posting is cited for an infraction.

Moderators cite infractions and accumulated infractions are automatically calculated for bans.

Moderators still have authority to over-ride and make their own decisions on individual basis.

Reported posts are now logged and the information on those postings is available to all moderators for action.

See pictures below for User Infraction Levels and ban periods.

Legal disclaimer:
1C Company does not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and is not responsible for the contents of any message. The messages express the views of their authors, not necessarily the views of 1C Company or any entity associated with it. Members remain solely responsible for the content of their messages, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the 1C Company (the administrator of the bulletin board software in question), and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of messages. 1C Company also reserves the right to reveal Member identities (or knowledge of a Member's activities) in the event of a serious complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by the Member.

Moderators are members of this forums and were members before they volunteered to serve our community of users. Moderators are unpaid volunteers, and they do not represent 1C in any official capacity. Moderators purpose is to help maintain a positive discussion experience for all members by enforcement of forums rules to the best of their ability. The forum rules were developed over time by members of this forums.

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