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Old 01-16-2010, 03:39 PM
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Default Patch 4.10 - Development Updates by Daidalos Team

Dear IL-2 fans,

Since the release of patch 4.09, Daidalos Team has been working on the next official patch 4.10. We have done a substantial progress already and we would like to start showing you our latest development and gradually revealing the content of the patch until its release.

All the official updates for patch 4.10 are going to be shown in this first post, please use the rest of the thread for comments and questions.

We would like to emphasize that everything we are showing here has WIP status and is not a finished yet. Please take it into account.

Thank you.

Daidalos Team

4.10 Patch Overview - updated weekly
- all listed planning and content is subject to change by DT or 1C/MG

*** For High-Res videos, please go to Mission4Today.com ***

Development Update - 2010-05-28

Well yes... today is Friday! As we are quite busy, we didn't manage to prepare an update for yesterday.
Nethertheless we would like to show you something - RE.2000 cockpit in finalisation status (WIP):


Development Update - 2010-05-20

Dear IL-2 fans. We would like to inform that after several months of negotiations with Oleg, Ilya and MG/1C management, our team has signed a non-exclusive license agreement. Basically this agreement will give Team Daidalos full access to all assets related to the sim, but our work still remains non-commercial. Most important assets for us now is the SFS tools so that we can build the patch independently and don't need to sacrifice MG team's precious time. Also this will speed up the releasing process, since we can do a new build ourselves if we find bugs from release candidate build.

This past month we have been learning the use the new tools which has taken some time. Also we had to build up a proper codebase for the tools and overall adjust our ways of working. So please have patience and excuse us for the delay. We still do this for free as a hobby and not from 9 to 5 and probably everyone has had less time to give to TD than they wanted to give. Good news is that we don't have any major bugs open. Just some integration work left, finishing some WIP default skins, adjusting some small things and testing that we didn't break anything.

Video for today doesn't have any single theme, but it's more like random picks of things not shown on video before. Enjoy!

Development Update - 2010-04-22

Our work and testing of patch 4.10 continues. There is no need to have any concerns about the patch. It will be released when it is finished. We are aware of our delay and we will communicate our release date to public when we are ready. For now, please stay patient. Thank you for your support.

Today, we would like to show you 2 new AI bombers.

Do 217 - AI - internal DT development

Do 217 will carry Fritz X and Hs 293. Default skin is still WIP.

Cant Z.1007 - AI - external 3rd party development with DT modelling support

An example of a well built model within DT specifications and with our direct modelling support. The modeller has received a detailed feedback from one of our experienced modellers, learned new modelling techniques and reworked the 3D model. Now, the plane is ready to be included in the patch. Well done model and skin, thank you!

Development Update - 2010-04-09

Testing & bug fixing continues, so not much news this week either. But we can try to capture on video some of the things we test which haven't been yet introduced. This weeks video is about circling torpedos and Ju-88 variants.


The "Motobomba FFF" was a circular running torpedo, designed for Regia Aeronautica by Freri, Filpa and Fiore (hence the name FFF), designed to be dropped from high altitude on enemy harbours or amidst enemy convoys.

This bomb was adopted by Regia Aeronautica, but used in very small numbers (large stores of unused bombs were found still in 1978!) but was adopted in large number an employed with success by the Luftwaffe, under the name LT 350.

This bomb was dropped from high altitude (from 500 to 4000m). It had a first small "pilot" parachute to stabilize the speed around 100m/s. At an altitude of about 130 m, a larger parachute opened. Once in water, the bomb had a circular - spiral trajectory, it run at slow speed (22 Km/h) for about 15 to 30 minutes.

Another similar torpedo we have done is the Russian torpedo 45-36АВ-А (45-36AV-A) which was based on submarine torpedo 45-36. Functionality is much like Motobomba FFF, but range is only 4 km with 39 knots speed.

Ju-88 variants:

Existing Ju-88 A-4 has gone through a small facelift and we've also included two new variants. A-17 & A-4/Torp.

Changes include texture mapping fixes so now it's easier to dress up nicely. Cpt_Farrel is doing great new default skins for all variants (still slightly WIP in the video). Damage model has been improved and some bugs have been fix. Also few of the holes in cockpits have been fixed. Both new torpedo variants have ToKG (torpedo-kommandogerät) installed which was introduced already earlier. Also they have a binocular view for better spotting of ships. This helps with determing ships AoB and speed which are fed to the ToKG.

Development Update - 2010-04-01

We are still very busy finalizing and testing patch content, so only simple Hs-129 video this thursday. Don't mind the bad camera work. Video was made in big hurry.

This video shows some of the new & updated loadout options and details of the cockpit. External cannons/MGs have their own indicator lights that show if the weapon is ready to fire. Bombs have indicator lights also. Cockpit of B-3 variant with BK7.5 cannon has some minor differences, including a own ammo counter for BK7.5. The cannon can also be dropped (causes score penalty) since the B-3 flies very badly with one engine & BK7.5. Even the BK7.5 creates lots of drag and weights a lot, it also increases the stability of the plane, since it's acting like big vertical stabilizer. Drag, weight & stability changes noticeably when the cannon is dropped.

Development Update - 2010-03-18

First we would like to communicate 2 things:

1. We are entering the beta phase of the 4.10 patch, so we will reduce the quantity of development updates and focus on the testing of the patch.
2. We are in a time delay and we will inform you about the new patch release date and update the schedule accordingly.

And some more planes to come in 4.10:

Reggiane Re.2002 (internal DT development)
AI for now.

Fairey Fulmar (external development)
AI for now.

Fairey Swordfish (external development)
AI for now.

Development Update - 2010-03-11

Multi-Crew option on dogfight servers

One of the main advantages of coop mission mode over dogfight servers is the ability for human players to man together the multi-crew planes. We are about to change this. The following video demonstrates work that is currently being undertaken to bring multi-crew option to dedicated/dogfight online games. This feature is still in development but if the testing is successful and we don't find any major issue, we are aiming to release it in patch 4.10. More info to come...

Increased DM of bridges + winter version

Rework of bridges includes:

1) Fixed a bug which caused misses up to 100m to register as direct hits

2) Increased toughness of bridges. Rail and Highway bridge types will most likely be immune
to anything smaller than SC250 kg bombs as historical evidence suggests. Still WIP.

3) While we were at it, we added support for bridge winter skins on winter maps and retextured summer skins.

Development Update - 2010-03-04

Structural G Limits & Multiple Joystick Profiles (internal DT development)

At present all aircraft in IL2 have a single fixed Structural G limit of +13G. It only really becomes an issue with aircraft with exceptionally light elevators such as the P51. Pull more than +13G and you loose your wings. The real life situation is a little more complicated. Real aircraft are designed with an Ultimate load and In Service design load. Both are for a defined configuration and weight.

The in Service load is the typical G available to the pilot. As long as this the G is not exceeded then no aircraft damage will occur. Exceed the In service G limit then damage of varying degrees may occur .. like bent airframes etc. Exceed the Ultimate load then severe damage will occur typically resulting in structural failure ... like wings coming off etc.Typically a safety factor of 1.5 is used. So an Fighter aeroplane with a design In service G limit of say +8G will have an Ultimate load of +12G. As external stores and or weight is increased above the design weight both G limits reduce accordingly. Reduce weight (by dropping bombs or burning fuel etc) and your G limits increase. Bomber and Transport aircraft have G limits much lower than fighters.
So if you abuse the limits you damage the aircraft. Once damaged then its structural integrity is reduced so the ultimate load reduces as well. In other words keep bending the airframe and you will eventually weaken it to the point that very little extra G is required to induce structural failure. A bent airframe wont perform as well either.

The DT team have now simulated this for the first time in IL2. Each aircraft has been given a unique Structural G profile for Ultimate load, In service limit, and dynamic Weight based limits . In addition this is dynamically modified with its own G induced damage profile. The basic Design Ultimate load configuration and weight has been defined as Default load + 100% Fuel. The actual Ultimate design load has been based on Historical values where they are known and guesstimation where they are not known. In broad brush terms for fighters have an Ultimate design load of +12G with an In service limit of +8G. Lets abbreviate this to 8G/12G

How does this work in game ? You take your stock standard Fighter MK 1 with Default armament +100% Fuel your limits are +8G/+12G. You add 2 x 500lbs bombs. your limits now reduce to 5G/8G. So prior to the target you need to be a little more careful with your aeroplane. Lets say pre target you pull + 6G, you have exceeded the In service limit, you will hear a damage sound cue and suffer a slight aerodynamic penalty. In addition your G limits have now reduced to say 4G/6G. (Bust these again and further aerodynamic penalties and further reductions will apply). You progress to the target and release your bombs. Since the weight is reduced your limits will increase but since you already bent the airframe you wont get back your original limits. You might then get say +6G/+9G. As you can see if you keep abusing the limits you will end with a very weakened airframe.

In the case of heavy bombers G limits will prevent any real aerobatic manoeuvers. You will still be able to evade quite well but you wont be able to BFM with aeroplanes like the A20 anymore. Bombers will be just that: Bombers. G limits will be applicable to AI planes as well and they will fly in a more realistic way too.

Is G displayed? Unless the aircraft in game is equipped with a G meter then no. So you will need to re think how you fly. Random snatches particularly at high speeds are going to hurt .... just as they do in real life. You will need to be aware of Corner speeds because any time you are faster than Corner speed you run the risk of an Over G event. (We are yet to finalise the display side of things)

Coupled with this is a new Joystick module that allows the player to save and store up to 4 different stick sensitivity routines. These can all be adjusted or loaded in the arming screen. So once you have selected your aeroplane type you can select your customised stick profile.

We understand that such an important development in the sim's FM needs a thorough testing. We are cooperating with a group of real life pilots who are doing a fantastic job testing this new core feature with us. Salute!

Tester 1
14,500hrs flying Command Ratings on the following types
PA28,C172,Winjeel, Macchi MB326,MirageIII,F18,Boeing 767,Boeing 747-400,A330,A380
*Was Fighter Combat Instructor on Mirage III and F18 , now A380 Captain)

Tester 2
7000hrs rated on the following types:
CAP-10,C182,PA28,C152,BE76,Boeing 737,Boeing 767,A380
(Has full aerobatic rating now First Officer on A380)

Tester 3
Unknown number of hours very knowledgeable Private pilot.

Tester 4
Unknown number of hours. Former Military test pilot with ratings on more aircraft than one could ever dream of, and a Graduate of the Empire test pilots School (ETPS).

The Slot map by Team Pacific (3rd party development)

An important addition to Pacific war scenario.

Development Update - 2010-02-25

Only one video this week due to real life commitments. A bit more on AI vs. AI visibility.

Development Update - 2010-02-18

Re2000 cockpit WIP


New QMB options

First of all QMB is now expanded to 3 windows. First one is same old standard one with just a few changes.

It can be seen on picture that there is a new window "Plane List". Users can chose between 4 different plane lists: Standard,Alphabetical,Custom1,Custom2

That way user don't have to scroll through the huge list, he can simply make a list with his favorite planes only and easily set up his QMB missions. For example next picture show Custom list with American and Japanese planes only, ideal for PTO fans.

Another novelty is FMB button for quick access to FMB. In 4.10 users will be able to add new maps and missions to QMB. Unlike in old QMB in new one there is no limits in number of missions of same type for map. If there are more than one mission than QMB pick one randomly. That way you can have plenty of variety in QMB missions.

Lets see next page.

As you can see number of flights is doubled in 4.10, having 32 vs. 32 fights is lot of fun or maybe 1 vs. 32 )

That didn't turn out too good but in 1 vs. 4 things were little bit better so we can check another new feature,Stats page.

That's it for today's update, keep in mind that QMB is still WIP and there will be more surprises in final release.

For older DT development updates – please click here.

Thank you. Daidalos Team

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Old 01-16-2010, 03:48 PM
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Bring in the Henschels and the FMB !

Thank you so much for this! Will bring the vanilla multiplayer back to the good 'ol days, also called B.M. (Before Mods).

And for those who say this is madness, I reply: Madness? THIS IS DAIDALOS!!

Team Daidalos, bringing the best to its best since 2009
Old 01-16-2010, 03:49 PM
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Well Done

Copy and Paste at last

Nice to see the development time line too.

Re: HS129 AP for the Bk 37 ? iirc its got HE at the moment.

Edit: Spelling

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Development Update - 2010-02-12

IL2 4.10 MDS - Moving dogfight server

Developed independently by one of DT members with remote support of our team.

Some might know/use this already but for those that are unfamiliar with it, MDS (Moving Dogfight Server) is meant to enrich players online experiences. Originally, IL2 Dedicated Server does not provide usage of AI controlled units. Only cooperative game mode gives you that. But MDS changes this. And adds few extra things. To sum it up:

- add AI controlled units to your missions
- set up simple or advanced Fog of War conditions for your briefing and minimap screens
- limit your plane setups on your home bases (plane numbers, plane loadouts)
- limit selectable countries on your home bases
- ream, refuel and repair your aircraft
- disable ability for players to hit refly button and force them to fly with their head, instead with their ...
- manage your HUD scoring texts
- capture your home bases and specify planes, their loadouts and country options depending on the capturing army
- place home base on a moving carrier and take off from it
- more stuff...

For a couple of features, see provided movies.

More loadout options for Bf 109s

MG151/20 Nose Cannon (field mod)
1xType D drotank

1xType D droptank
2xMG151/15 Gunpods

U4/R3: Mk108 + Droptank
2xWfrGr21 + Droptank

U4/R3: Mk108 + Droptank
2xWfrGr21 + Droptank (R3)

U4R3: Mk108 + Droptank

MG151/20 Nose Cannon
U4: Mk108 Nose Cannon
U4/R3: Mk108 + Droptank

MG151/20 Nose Cannon
U4: Mk108 Nose Cannon
U4/R3: Mk108 + Droptank

Henschel Hs 129 - external & cockpit

We are close to finish the cockpit and external model upgrade for this interesting plane. In order to be able to model the cockpit as accurate as possible, one of our member was fortunate enough to spend 6 hours with Mr. Martin Mednis and his Hs 129 cockpit restoration. We have been able to receive first hand data and make several important improvements to our cockpit model. We would like to thank Mr. Mednis for sharing his Hs 129 treasures with us.

Current external model with WIP default skin by Capt. Farrel:

Cockpit (WIP):

Few highlights from Mr. Mednis restoration shop:

Development Update - 2010-02-04

New ship damage
This video shows some visual enhancements in naval warfare. This is still WIP and all of the new effects and 3d models are just placeholders.

This device is like simplified torpedo data computer found from subs. Better explanation is embedded in the video.

Development Update - 2010-01-28

AI Improvements - AI visibility change

The following video demonstrates one of the new AI features our team is currently working on. In patch 4.10 players (as well as friendly AI units) will be able to hide in clouds from enemy AI. With the new AI model, AI‘s visual ability will be similar to the one of human's.

In today‘s demo video we have AAA-vs-Aircraft pair but similar method will be used for other AI units, with optimized code for each type of unit.

We are confident that with new AI improvements, players will be able to use more advanced tactics in fight with/against AI - many things you have read about in WWII pilots memoirs will now work in this sim too. All in all, we want to give a clear message to AI: "Beware of the Hu(n)man in the Sun!".

Multi-throttle/radiator/prop pitch control

This is another frequently requested feature by many virtual IL-2 pilots. Our plan is to introduce multi-throttle/radiator/prop pitch control setup via standard IL-2 interface.

New guided weapons

In patch 4.10 we also plan to introduce some more guided weapons: German Fritz-X, Hs 293, US Razon & Bat which:

- can be aimed & dropped like normal bombs
- can be guided like X-4 missile with bombsight keys (except the Bat)
- can be used by human and AI

Environmental changes

In the upcoming patch we intend to change several environmental conditions in order to set the proper scenario for the radio navigation (4.10), radar and nightfighters (4.11). Today we are going to show you the colour change for high altitude sky.

That is all for this week. We appreciate your comments and feedback. Thank you.

Development Update - 2010-01-21

Navigation improvements

One thing that has been requested often is improved navigation. The whole art of navigation in it's all forms is very complicated subject, but radio navigation is one small part that we decided to concentrate on. Currently the balance between playability and realism is such that the waypoints in mission act as sort of radio beacons and repeater compass has a needle that points towards the "beacons". This obviously has two issues. The "virtual beacons" can be located in too favorable and unrealistic positions such as middle of ocean or deep within enemy territory. Also most of the repeater compasses work like radio compasses which they didn't do in real life. Programmable waypoints for aircraft would be post-WW2 technology.

Here's Team Daidalos' solution for this matter:

Non-directional beacon object (NDB):
New stationary radio beacon object that can be placed on map. If any of these are present on map, all navigation instruments work only with beacons and not with waypoints anymore. waypoints are still there as usual (for AI), but they are just abstract points on map and compasses don't know anything about these. Old missions work as usual, since they don't have the new beacon objects.

Each beacon is given an unique two letter ID and also the friendly beacon icons & IDs are always visible in map, since their positions are known. Pilot will have two new keys. Next Beacon & Prev Beacon. These are used to tune radio to selected beacon frequency (based on ID). Beacon will broadcast it's ID as Morse code once in minute so pilot can hear if he is tuned to correct beacon. Also pilot can hear a static (chirring) background noise when beacon is transmitting constantly, but there is no modulated signal. Cone of silence is also included, so pilot knows when he has flown directly over the beacon.

Meacon object (masking beacon):
Meacons were trick to render beacons less usable for the enemy. Meacon basically captures enemy beacon signal and re-radiates the same signal from different location. Therefore confusing the enemy trying to use it's own beacons for navigating. This is a stationary object like the NDB.

ZB/YE "Hayrake" directional beacon:
The ZB/YE system that allied used was one way of finding a way back home to own aircraft carrier. ZB beign the receiver in plane and YE the rotating directional beacon installed to allied aircraft carriers. This device broadcast a different letter of the (Morse code) alphabet every thirty degrees as it rotated. These letters could be picked up by the ZB receiver in a plane as it moved into the radio signal range. From the letter heard the pilot could determine a bearing to the ship. In the corner of each pilot's plotting board was a compass rose. When preparing flight data before starting a mission, the pilot filled in each slice of the pie with letters designated for the YE that day.

In game this works as following way. Root of the orders menu (tab) includes details of all friendly "hayrake" carriers. For example

Lexington CV2 ID: FC Code: EWQ / KPT / VXZ / ADJ

Pilot will use again the Next Beacon & Prev Beacon keys to tune the radio to certain frequency (based on ID). If player would tune his radio to listen this CV2, he would hear Morse code about twice in a minute as the carrier's "hayrake" antenna rotates at 2 RPM and sending the signal. Code after the carrier name is the Morse code pattern that the YE sends to different directions. Each letter in code represents 30 dec segment starting from 0 dec. For example carrier transmits K to 90-120 dec. So pilot hears K (dash dot dash), the carrier is at bearing 270-300. Code is randomly generated, but still same for all online players.

IJN carriers have normal NDBs, since Zeros & Val have fixed D/F-loops and homing indicators. Acccording to our current knowledge, Axis didn't have similar system in use.

YG shore based "Hayrake":
YG was simplified version of the YE which was used on land. This is a stationary ground object like the NDB that can be placed on ground and is always visible in map with ID. Functionality is same as with YE, except the code is fixed and same for all beacons. Carrier's YE code was changed daily in order to protect the carrier in case enemy would have found out the code.

Lorenz blind landing beacon:
This is similar stationary object like the NDB beacon. It must be placed certain way at airports in order to work correctly. Again pilot user the Next Beacon & Prev Beacon keys to tune to correct frequency. Aircrafts approaching the runway in dark or bad weather would tune their radios to the broadcast frequency and listen for the signal. If they heard a series of dots, they knew they were off the runway centerline to the left (the dot-sector) and had to turn to the right to line up with the runway. If they were off to the right, they would hear a series of dashes instead (the dash-sector), and turned left. Key to the easy operation of the system was an area in the middle where the two signals overlapped, where the dots of the one signal "filled in" the dashes of the other, resulting in a steady tone known as the equi-signal. By adjusting their path until they heard the equi-signal, the pilot could align their aircraft with the runway for landing.

Two small marker beacons were also used with Lorenz, one 300 m off the end of runway, the HEZ, and another 3 km away, the VEZ, modulated at 1700 and 700 Hz, respectively. These signals were broadcast directly upward, and would be heard briefly as the aircraft flew over them. To approach the runway, the aircraft would fly to a published altitude and then use the main directional signals to line up with the runway and started flying toward it. When they flew over the VEZ they would start descending on a standard glide slope, continuing to land or abort at the HEZ depending on whether or not they could see the runway.

Many Luftwaffe planes have a combined blind landing & homing gauge AFN-1 or AFN-2 to show a visual indication of the Lorenz beam & markers. There are made fully functional with Lorenz blind landing beacon.

Lorenz blind landing beacon (internal DT development)

Realistic navigation instruments difficulty option:
Currently there are several navigational instruments in game which give too much information for player. For example the standard Luftwaffe & US repeater compasses work like radio compass. Pointing towards next waypoint or NDB. In real life these instruments didn't have any D/F (direction finding) ability. In order to have this, the plane needs a D/F-loop antenna.

Team Daidalos added a new difficulty option to enable more realistic navigation instruments. This is what happens when it's turned on:

-All repeater compasses stop working as radio compass.

-Manually heading indicators in repeater compasses are adjustable with two new keys. In LW compass this is the circular compass rose while the plane icon indicates magnetic heading. In US compass this is the fork like heading indicator which previously was pointing to waypoint.

-AFN-1 & AFN-2 gauges in Luftwaffe planes are operational in their homing mode indicating when plane if flying towards/away from beacon. The limitation of fixed D/F-loop antenna is included, so that it only measures signal strength, but cannot know it plane is flying straight towards beacon or away from it. Also AFN range needle is working. Some level of radio signal attenuation is modelled, so that the signal gets weaker/stronger based on distance, alt, sun and landmasses between transmitter & receiver.

-Similar gauges in other planes are working also as expected.

-In Russian planes these instruments are disabled IF the plane doesn't have D/F-loop. Acccording to our current knowledge, many russian fighters had an option to install direction finding eqipment, but they didn't have these installed.

-Planes that have a real radio compass (rotating D/F-loop), such as B-25, Bf-110, Ju-88, Beaufighter, etc. have their radio compass working as expected. Indicating relative bearing to selected NDB.

We are going to provide a higher quality version of the following video later this week, Youtube has compressed the original video and too many details have been lost.

I-15bis as flyable (internal DT development, textures with external cooperation)

CW-21 as flyable (3D model unfinished from PF development, textures upgrade and implementation by DT)

Development Update - 2010-01-16

New FMB features - more to come... (internal DT dev.)
Polikarpov R-5 - AI only - 4000 polygons (internal DT dev.)
Henschel Hs 129 - flyable with historical cockpit (internal DT dev.)
Henschel Hs 129 - upgrade of original 3D model + new weapons + new skin - 4500 polygons (internal DT dev.)



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Awesome...SoW development updates and now this. It's like Christmas every week.
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Actually, regarding the Hs 129 B-2, a good number of currently available loadouts should be deleted because they aren't historical (that doesn't work, though, due to bad experiences with the IAR 80/81 way back). The BK 3,7 is among them as is the loadout with the 4x 7,92mm MG17 and the SC 250 as no evidence for their use on the front has come to the light so far (and people far more knowledgable on the subject than us looked). In the case of the Bk 3,7 it's interesting to note that tests were aborted very early as the cannon (or rather the gondola installation) had a very ugly effect on plane performance so the Hs 129 kept using Mk 101 and Mk 103 (from early 1943 on) autocannons for tank busting.
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OMG!!!!!!!! Great Job!!!

R-5!!! Save the Cheluskin !!!

спасём Челюскинцев в смысле
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Thank you Team Daidalos! The additions are very much appreciated! I was never expecting to be able to have any fun with the Hs-129 but now I'm really excited and looking forward to that possibility.

Out of curiosity... which loadouts should be historical and what is going to be included in the patch?
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Nothing more to say than WOW!!!! Great news and nice work!
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That is fantastic news about the Henschel.

Have you considered adding a mirror? Perhaps bound to a skin, like you did with the gunsights in 4.09?



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