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Magiс system and Pet Dragon Questions, tips and discussions

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Old 02-16-2010, 12:35 PM
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Question Question on equipped items affecting spells

Actually nevermind this question, I found the answer. Sorry, I can't find where to delete the post.


The English translation of the manual gives this table of calcs for the spell Lightning:

Total loss (magic) =Loss*(1+0.05*Int)*(1+0.15*Int/7)*(1+0.01*(Destruction+Items))
Ability Destruction(15, 30, 50)
Items: Crystal Helmet 10, Staff of Madness 10, Raincoat of the Dragon 15, Staff of the Adherent 10, Staff of the Archimagus 20,
Lightning axe. A class I 10, Lightning Axe. A class II 15, Lightning Axe. A class III 20

It looks like it's giving a complete spec. for every variable that affects the power of the spell. Many other spells are showing similar tables. Some spells don't really have any such table.

Question is: At the bottom it's giving a bunch of items with numbers and in the formula there it reads (destruction+items).
So does it mean these items are boosting the power of the spell? I know the Lightning Axe gives a boost to lighting spell(s?) since it reads as such in the item description in game. But I don't remember seeing in the details in game for items like the Crystal Helmet that it increases the power of any spells (maybe I'm forgetting/missing it).

So actually the question is: Does the Crystal Helmet really boost the power/damage of the lightning spell? Is that what the table is saying? And thus do all those other items listed in similar tables for other spells also boost their power?
For instance:
Staff of Madness boosts the power of Life Light.
Raincoat of the Dragon boosts the power of Pain Mirror.
To name a few.

It seems:
Items: Crystal Helmet 10, Staff of Madness 10, Raincoat of the Dragon 15
These 3 boost the power of quite a few spells!

The translated manual seems to give a lot of spell mechanic info that isn't presented within the game.

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