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Old 08-22-2011, 03:12 AM
grimeleven grimeleven is offline
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Posts: 72
Default Red Sands Extreme Mod

Red Sands Extreme mod (RSE)

Here is my modification of Red Sands, love that mod

The main goal of the mod is to give players a new experience by removing or altering the annoying things from KB in general, like some units are broken and players do not use them at all or are forced to use. Most of the unit changes were on those who are either weak for their level or have features that render them useless or impratical for players strategy. Yeah some units have got same LDR requirement but makes for the fact they were lagging behind their equivalents level. Now less focus on "no-loss" strategy since units are plenty, no-loss is still possible but optional. Of course this means you are stronger but so are the enemies, be prepared to face huge stacks of buffed up, full morale hordes.

Yes those changes seems overpowered but makes battles more fun, feel free not to use if you do not like

Now you can have Black Knights with Black Dragons, Cyclops and Plants.... guess what you can resurrect all of those.. WIN!

Major modification on "unloved units" and given them logical powerups
-Giants now hits like a truck with a 2 cell range, Quake fast reload and Resistances
-Cyclops projectile now hit all cells around the target.
See all the changes below

Requires a new game in Impossible mode

Includes Legendary Warriors

New Units!
Titans, Maelstrom, Legendary Phoenix, Dictator, Celestial Snake, Sinister
Note: Ice Ogres, pop up lua errors no fix yet, just click Ignore OK

All Races on Debir mod, (plenty to buy in shops) yay you can start with the units you like.
Buildings now sell all races units up to level 5.
Demons in the cave, Dwarves at Sebastian, Elves at Ragman, Lizards at Pythian, Neutrals at Witch House, Undead at Burut's Castle, Orcs at the ships.
Some high level spells (Resurrection, Phantom etc) in the University (Random)

Debir shops now sells various items of random level/races/types.

Morale from race to race removed, you can now mix races without penality.

Better Trade
You can vendor items for 75% their value and spells 100%. Now worth it to sell back junk items and scrolls, balance from low money gain on impossible.

Book storage increased! 100 scrolls, tired of having to go back sell scrolls.

Truly Impossible
Stronger enemy forces! from impossible 170% to 300%! welcome a 12k Peasants, 75 Archdemons or a stack of 368 Bone Dragons...

Stronger bosses
+300% HP
+300% Damage

Elenhel Slot modified

Hero Levelup
+2 Runes of each types
+1 Mana
+1 Rage

Mage leadership from 10 to 13

Medals: Lower requirement for Medals, no more boring casting.
Battle Alchemy
Level3 from 400 to 300
Level4 from 800 to 500
Guardian Angel
Level3 from 400 to 300
Level4 from 800 to 500
Blind Rage
Level3 from 21000 to 14000
Level4 from 38000 to 21000

Red Sands Exp System:
Base bonuses for all units = Attack, Defense, Crit, Initiative, Speed, Res, Health, Damage

Better Chest Loot.. yes epic loot
Dragon's chests:
25% for 3 Runes
30% chance of crystals [15% for 3, 40% for 5, 30% for 10, 15% for 15]
15% random scroll [50% for 1, 30% for 2, 20% for 3]
20% wanderer scroll
10% gold [10% "mini" amount, 50% "small", 40% "average"]

Battlefield chests:
25% random item
20% for 2 runes
15% chance of crystals [20% for 5, 50% for 8, 30% for 10]
10% random scroll [same sub-percentages as dragon's]
20% wanderer scroll
10% gold [same sub-percentages as dragon's]

Resurrection Spell now works on Magic Immune, Demons, Undead, Golems, Plants
Runemage Revive now works on Magic Immune, Cyclops, Plants, Undead
Fire Breath works on Demons and Magic Immune
Stone Skin works on Magic Immune
Divine Armor can be cast on the undead

Astral Resistance
Leather dress now adds 5% astral resist
Medal Guardian angel now provide astral resistance
Divine armor now provides with astral resistance
Unit leveling "resistance" bonus now gives astral resistance

4 New Epic items
2 from Army of Light/Dark and 1 from Adventure mod
Rainbow Ring, Overlord Ring, Ancient Ring, Destroyer Boots

Modified Items
Drill +1 Init, now used for Ice Ogre, Maelstrom, Dictator
Joker's Hat +1 Morale to all races and Neutrals, Level4 Price=97000
Ring of Mind max count=0
New units should benefit from items that act on race/weapon/level etc
Removed item morale on all items

Upgraded Units:
  New Ability "Smash" 2 cell hit like the Ogre Chieftain
  "Quake" Reload from 2 to 1
  +3 Speed, +1 Init, +10 Attack
  +10% Phys Res
  Added Magic Resistance, Fire Resistance, Persistence of Mind.
Bone Dragon
  Poison Breath attack hits 2 cells in a line.
  +10% Phys Res, +5% Crit
  New Ability "Oblivion" 50% chance to disable target's skills.
  +10% Magic Res
  Always Retaliates
  +2 Init, +1 Speed
  +2 Missile Range
Ancient Ent
  +4 Init, +2 Speed, +10 Attack
  +10% Phys Res, +10% Magic Res
  Swarm Reload from 2 to 1
  +2 Missile Range
  +2 Speed, +10 Attack
  +10% Magic Res
Ogre Chieftain
  +2 Speed, +3 Init, +10 Attack, +10 Defense
  +10% Fire Res, +10% Magic Res
  +4 Init, +2 Speed
  +4 Init, +10% Crit
  +1 Init, +1 Speed
  +10% Magic Res
  +2 Speed
  +10% Magic Res
  +2 Speed
  +1 Init, +2 Speed
  +5% Crit
  +1 Init, +2 Speed
  +2 Init, +2 Speed
  +5% Crit
  New Ability Boulder throw, projectile now hits all cells around the target
  +5 Init
  +10 Attack
  +2 Init, +2 Speed
  +5% Crit
  +1 Speed
  +1 Speed
  +10% Magic Res, +30% Phys Res
  +11-13 Poison Damage
  +10% Crit
  +2 Missile Range
Emerald Dragon
  +1 Init, +1 Speed
  New Ability Cleave attacks, hits 3 cells.
  +1 Speed
  +50 HP
  Favorite Enemy (Human)
  Fightning Spirit (Human)
  +1 Speed
  Swaps Soul
  Necro Energy

Credits to Red Sands mod Team, got their permissions to mod their work.
Thanks to zini4_tha_grunt, bladeking77, N3MES1S, SayNt, DarkScythe for their release.

Please feel free to report any bug you find or suggestions.

You need Red Sands v1.6 full and this installs on top
RS link for those who do not have it http://kingsbounty.ru/test/red_sands...p_1.6_full.exe

Note: Packing the mod into a kfs would have been easier but it's not working.
Instructions: Backup your existing installation of Red Sands or make you can re-install if necessary.

Make sure you extracted the Red Sands mod, "\sessions\red_sands" open "red_sands_data.kfs" with winrar and extract the content into "\sessions\red_sands", do the same with the file "red_sands_ses.kfs"


Copy all the files/folders from inside the folder "RedSandsExtreme" in the winzip archive into Kings Bounty Armored Princess\sessions\red_sands\ Overwriting the existing files/folders. Start a new game in Impossible mode.

Uninstalling, restore your backup or reinstall Red Sands

Red Sands patch 1.6.1 install:
I re-packaged their .kfs for simpler install since .atoms were in folders etc.
Open red_sands_ses_patch1.6.1.zip and copy all the folders inside "red_sands_ses_patch1.6.1" to "\sessions\red_sands\" Overwriting all files/folders/
Then do the same with the Red Sands Extreme1.4.zip, open it and copy all the files inside "RedSandsExtreme" to "\sessions\red_sands\" Overwriting all files/folders/

That way you keep all 1.6.1 fixes and at last you apply the RSE mod



Changes v1.1
Exp system 25 max HP
Ogre Chieftains -20 Dmg
Cyclops -40 Magic Res
Dictators to Demon Portal spell
Note:Shouldn't cause problem for games started with 1.0

Changes v1.2
Compatible with Red Sands v1.6
-Celestial Snake, bonus from; Great Druid Staff, Snake Ring, Snake Boots
-Legendary Phoenix, "expsystem" moved to "healer" bonuses
-Leveling hero, bonus runes per level from 5 to 2
-Cyclop, changed back to default resistances
-Black knight, bonus morale to Sinister
-expsystem, using updated settings from RS patch 1.6 meaning there
  is no more +45 HP bonus to units
-expsystem in 1.6 now has 20 levels for units
-Ancient ring, bonus to all level five units
-Drill, bonus to Iceogre, Giant, Dictator, Maelstrom
-Graal, bonus to new units (living)
-Item morale on items removed
-Titans, bonus from Quick Draw and Trigger companion
-Chests, runes from 3 to 2
-Maelstrom leadership from 3500 to 4000 cost from 40000 to 75000
-Maelstrom headhunter skill bonus damage to Orge Chieftain, Harl, Runemage
-Dictator, fixed "Swaps souls" Ball of rage spawn on unit stack kills
-Updated with better instructions on installation.

Changes v1.3
Legendary Phoenix leadership from 5800 to 5000
-Iceball cost from 10g to 1500g
-Iceball leadership from 220 to 420
-Iceball, venskeleton, fireskeleton will no longer spawn in shops
  with tweak "arenaonly=1" as it is a summon from new units(new games)
-Fixed General cloack item exploit leadership for Maelstroms,
  this RS item was not intended to boost this unit. Item description
  was not updated and MS is already OP enough.
-Added missing archers units to category lds "sp_lead_archers"
-Leadership req.% reduction, Crit%, Damage% added to all "bow" items, bonus to archers
-Applied attack animation "circle blow" to Maelstroms to reflect their "cleave" attack skill
-Fire Archer Skeleton, fixed LUA error about missing skill.
-exp_system, Resistances bonus now increase in 2% increments from 1%
Version 1.3.1
-Fixed Fighting spirit human skill, game hang bug, hotfix added to this here 
-Revert setting "upgr_per_lvl=6" to "upgr_per_lvl=3" causing game crash
  with certain units on leveling

Red Sands Patch 1.6.1 Patch Required See attachment, English translation is included
Changelog here http://translate.googleusercontent.c...MBDGD6JRcfWfA#
RSE mod totally re-done with the above patch to ensure stability.
-Evilbook and Harl will no longer spawn in shops
-Archdemon, added missing skill "Oblivion"
-Assassin removed skill "Autodebuff"
-Destroyer Boots replaced for Destroyer Amulet "Artifact"
-Added description for updated "Fighting Spirit" Human skill

Destroyer Amulet http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showpos...&postcount=153
Attached Files
File Type: zip red_sands_ses_patch1.6.1.zip (3.50 MB, 1142 views)
File Type: zip Red Sands Extreme1.4.zip (6.35 MB, 1181 views)

Last edited by grimeleven; 02-01-2012 at 06:58 PM. Reason: New version, re-up hero level hotfix jan 31
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Old 08-22-2011, 05:34 AM
hasim hasim is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2008
Posts: 75
Default .....

I do not know if I love you or hate you for making me play this again!
Great work man will try it ASAP.
ASAP I tell you!
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Old 08-22-2011, 05:51 AM
infernal1800 infernal1800 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 93

Impressive, I really appreciate your work For suggestions, I've sent you a private message that about my opinion. The only thing I dont understand is how could you change the color of monster such as red knight like malestrorm and titan. Anyway, Congrat
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Old 08-22-2011, 05:55 AM
grimeleven grimeleven is offline
Approved Member
Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 72

Forgot to mention i haven't completed a game with this mod yet, obviously. So there might be balance issues or stuff OP with certain items idk i count on players to let me know.

Re-uploaded the file, i did not change unit's color, that's the work of the author of legendary warriors as mentioned in the 1st post but i'll check it out.
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Old 08-22-2011, 10:13 AM
Fatt_Shade Fatt_Shade is offline
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Location: Serbia
Posts: 838

And i just started new game with newly installed full translated red sands . . . so what am i supposed to do now ? Start yet another game
I loved the fact that players decided to revive this game with mods, but this isnt even funny anymore Joking aside, good job and nice ideas with this grimeleven
I wonder how did you implement new items from other modes when i cant find their png files in redsandsextreme.zip that you uploaded here. In interface textures there are png for new units and their abilities, but no for new items. I ask this because i want t try to edit some items giving them lvl`s to upgrade like i said here :
If i managed to edit 1 item and place those new png files where they belong rest would be easy, but i cant find a single item png file in my all game oflder so i have no idea how to change them I wanted to add new set from all resistance items : leather dress, magic ball when both equip to give additional 3% res to all, and -3% to enemy resistances
(reward_fire_mage_1=+5 Mana<br>Reduces enemy elemental resistances by 2%
reward_fire_mage_2=+10 Mana<br>Reduces enemy elemental resistances by 4%
reward_fire_mage_3=+15 Mana<br>Reduces enemy elemental resistances by 7%
reward_fire_mage_4=+25 Mana<br>Reduces enemy elemental resistances by 10%)
I changed fire mage medal to try this and it works, so i wanted to add -res% enemy to some item.
Help with this pls.
All this new modes change units, difficulty, spells etc but no1 try to change how items work, and there are some great items we use in game but later just throw them away since they become useless, so i wanted to change some of those to be useful later in game.
And 1 more question : if you took units from legendary warriors, and items from adventure mod why not take units form adventure also ? Champion is great unit and would fit perfectly in this red sands extreme edition.

Last edited by Fatt_Shade; 08-22-2011 at 10:30 AM.
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Old 08-22-2011, 10:42 AM
Fatt_Shade Fatt_Shade is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Serbia
Posts: 838

Sry for double post, i wanted to split my question post form this. Just wanted to add my thoughts about some features in this extreme change to red sands.
Great idea to implement old ideas in new mode and gj for it.
But some things i think are to much change :
1) no morale penalty for mixed races
2) hero lvlup to much runes, i like +1 rage/mana but i think it`s enough just to remove less runes from 50+ lvl`s. I know this is much harder to play since 300% difficulty in impossible mode but who want to play imposs runes wont mean that much
3) red sands exp system max dmg +5, max health +45 . . . dmg and health to what ? i dont get it what you changed here, just asking because i`m not sure what you changed with this.
4) you changed some spells so i figured you`ll be able to add berserk to undead also.
5) as for changed unit stats ... some are nice but some are to much, but that is my thinking.
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Old 08-22-2011, 10:46 AM
grimeleven grimeleven is offline
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Hehe a new game yeah that's what i did ditching my level 42 lol..

Good idea on the Champion.. maybe next update. Ah the items, gave me headaches it wasn't loading properly because i had to swap them order... what gives.

You can use already existing icons for your new items, find a nice icon for your new item and use it's name tag "image=HeroItem_Addon_Ring03.png" which is "money lender ring".

Well here are the stats of new items
Destroyer Boots: +5 Intellect +25 Mana +1500 Leadership +5% all resist
Ancient Ring: +500 Leadership<br>[s]-10% Leadership requirement of all 5th level units<br>[s]+1 Morale to all 5th level units
Overlord Ring: +3 Attack and Defense to Demons and Undead +5 Attack and Defense to the Warriors of Darkness +6 Intellect -10% Leadership requirements for Undead and Demons -2 Morale to all other creatures in your own army
Rainbow Ring: +2 Attack, Defense and Intellect +5 to Mana and Rage +500 Leadership +2 Morale to all Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Neutrals and Lizards +10% Chance of Critical Hit of all Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Neutrals and Lizards

Fatt: the morale is so players gets replayability on trying out new strategies with units they usually never use together.
exp system value are higher in limit, +45 means it's now 50 maximum HP for a unit but i doubt it will go that much, random. Berserk, haven't thought of it but then i could go on and add all the spells, no end on it hehe.

Which unit are too strong?, i suppose some are... extreme gotta think twice before taking on those.

Last edited by grimeleven; 08-22-2011 at 10:54 AM.
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Old 08-22-2011, 11:39 AM
infernal1800 infernal1800 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 93

How about a new race with all level 6 unit, each unit will relate to one original race
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Old 08-22-2011, 12:43 PM
zini4_tha_grunt zini4_tha_grunt is offline
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Originally Posted by infernal1800 View Post
How about a new race with all level 6 unit, each unit will relate to one original race
Level 6 creature is looking stupid. The 5 level creature's system is determined by 5 unit slots system.
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Old 08-22-2011, 01:42 PM
infernal1800 infernal1800 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 93

Originally Posted by zini4_tha_grunt View Post
Level 6 creature is looking stupid. The 5 level creature's system is determined by 5 unit slots system.
I dont really understand what do you mean by 5 unit slots system, we are players and we can use any troop we want. I think it's ok having a level 6 unit which stronger than regular level 5 unit and cannot be bought from shop (do some quests or win some difficult battles) they are much more stronger so their level should be higher.
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