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IL-2 Sturmovik The famous combat flight simulator.

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Old 01-30-2008, 05:58 PM
slm slm is offline
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This (F2 + F6 ) would be a very good option.

I'd like to add one more thing to this: when pressing S while flying, you wouldn't see enemy plane types. Then you'd have no way of knowing what your opponents are flying and where they are before actually seeing them.
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Old 01-31-2008, 03:15 PM
Billfish Billfish is offline
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First off, and no offence toward anyone yet as to the request "how any of us fly does not matter, as the point of it would a shift in how many fly"....

* What F2 does is take you to an outside view of your plane.
* What Shift+F2 does is "magically" take you to an outside view of the next (in the selection list/ready room) friendly plane no matter where they are.
* What Ctrl+F2 does is "magically" take you to an outside view of the next (in the selection list/ready room) "enemy" plane no matter where they are.

*What F6 does is takes you to an outside view of your plane, looking past it to the next enemy plane....Cycling through it you can see where each enemy is in relation to you, and "externally" lock onto any one of them and it will keep that view relationship no matter how they manuever so tracking them externally.
* What Shift+F6 does is the same as above, yet with friendlies.

* F7 & Shift+F7 do exactly the same as F6, yet with ground objects.

Now, ever wonder how a live enemy pilot who is 100km away from you, can suddenly divert his flight path to make perfect interception?..........If you Shift+F2 to a friendly, and from that view press F6 to lock on any enemy near that friendly, you can then go back to your normal view and press F6 again, and it will (as long as there are no enemy near you to make F6 work) show you an external view of your plane yet be locked way in the distance/no matter the distance...It will hold that lock as long as you do not Shift+F6 a friendly, or encounter a new enemy and F6 so you can go back and forth from internal to external, and have a tracking beacon no matter the range.

It works the same if you Ctrl+F2 an enemy, and then F6 one of those planes in his flight....and this also works for F7.

So, if F6 & F7 are made a server switchable option, IOW can be made to work or not work by the server host, then the abuse of them including the abuse of F2 coupled with them could not hapen if switched off.

This would have no effect on NTRK's as when running an NTRK you are the server and can select the settings..

However this is a commonly used situational awareness cheat built into the sim....and I say cheat in that if the server asks you to not use externals till out of combat, many do never the less.

This is why many REFUSE to fly with externals on costing themselves all the great eye candy. In kind, wanting the eye candy many fly external servers and risk having these in sim cheats used against them.....

By making it switchable "server side"......You can have the best of both worlds HOWEVER, do not have to sacrifice either to do so.....As trying to find and track enemy without the F6 option would be outrageously difficult so pointless....and F2+F6 long range radar would no longer work as well if F6 is switched off.

There are good reasons to fly full switch, and good reasons to fly with externals enabled....Yet there are also good reasons not to both ways due to the abuse of F6.....By making F6 switchable, those reluctant to fly with externals enabled would do so more often....In kind those who must now endure it (F6) would no longer have to.......So it would be my guess if this was available in BoB for it to be switchable (F6)....That group of servers would be the most prevalent.


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