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IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Latest instalment in the acclaimed IL-2 Sturmovik series from award-winning developer 1C: Maddox Games.

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Old 10-12-2012, 01:46 PM
luthier luthier is offline
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Default Friday October 12 - Release Candidate 2

Patch download mirrors:



(344 Mb)

Please help us with mirrors!

Part 1 http://www.mediafire.com/?udqd536wuiayoai

Part 2 http://www.mediafire.com/?b0qvpez3d7pq7g1

Part 3 http://www.mediafire.com/?4tetki0lfhbkap2

Part 4 http://www.mediafire.com/?6boax9gnl0h8ox5

Direct link

CaptainDoggles Mirror online:

Int'l v20332:

Russian v20332:


Airwarfare download mirror










Please note that this version is incompatible with previous versions when playing online.

Please download the file and extract the archives to your steam game directory, which is usually
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover

This patch contains the entire contents of RC1 + hotfix, so its readme applies as well.

Readme for the latest version:


- RAF engines no longer stop at idle;

- Made corrections to rough running on non warmed Merlin engines. Engines still require to be warmed up and won’t work properly when too cold.
Please note that engines still start with oil and water at colder temperatures. With Hurricanes, please keep throttle back until the temperature is at least 45 degrees C (takes about 50 seconds after start at external temperature of +20 C);

- Corrected Hurricane boost indications. Previously shown +5.5Lbs Boost with full throttle, now properly displays +6.25 from Ground level all the way up to Full Throttle height;

- Fixed issue that occasionally caused planes with landing gear raised to still show it in the down position;

- Corrected Hurricane weights. Please note that in-game weights are slightly different from those used in RAF documents, especially what the game calls empty weight. Our fuel is also slightly heavier. The weights in-game have been further finetuned to match desired performance.
Decreased empty weight on the Hurricane improved turn rate, climb rate, and speed characteristics at all altitudes;

- Corrected Hurricane 1 100-Oct Mixture lever operation. It no longer requires Mixture lever Forward to maintain smooth engine operation with Boost Cut out activated. Mixture Lever should now be properly held Back for Boost Cut Out operation;

- Corrected SPIT MK IA 100-Oct Mixture Lever operation;

- Corrected rough running on Merlin engines above 11,000 ft;

- Corrected Bf.109E-4 auto prop pitch operations. Max RPM target should now be the proper 2400 RPM;

- Corrected control surface angles on the Hurricanes according to historical documents;

- Added drag to canopies opened in-flight on all aircraft;

- Greatly increased the effects of punctured radiators on engine temperature to make the effect more noticeable;

- Corrected radiator drag on the Bf.109s;

- Corrected weights on Fiat G.50;

- Corrected boost operations on British engines;

- Fixed the inaudible hit sounds online bug;

- Made corrections to Su-26 flight model. The plane is now less helicopter-like on take-off;

- Corrected skid ball on the Su-26 to work in the proper direction;

- Corrected the RPM indicator operation on the Su-26;

- Fixed Su-26 landing gear position when on the ground;

- Fixed the issue that occasionally caused never-ending Stuka horns online;

- Corrected external exhaust lights that could erroneously be seen from the cockpit;

- Corrected issue with the display of vapor trails;

- Restored AOA-based tip streamers.


- Added racing pylon models for air races. We’d like to thank Rasim Mullahmetov for supplying the model!
NOTE: Hitting a pylon will not currently damage the aircraft. However it will create a special OnStationaryKilled event that servers or mission designers can use to track mission points;

- Corrected Z_Offset parameter in online missions. Mission objects will now properly offset based on mission designer’s input;

- Corrected radio beacon code online;

- Fixed rare crashes connected to improper Road or LinearObjectManager usage in custom missions.

Note about NVidia SLI:

The patch must go through official NVidia accreditation for SLI support to be officially enabled in drivers. The patch will only go through the process once it’s officially released on steam.

If you wish to bypass this process and manually enable SLI support, please go through the following steps:

1) Download a profiler utility, for example

2) Export SLI profiles to a file

3) Manually edit the file by adding the following lines
Profile "Il2: Cliffs of Dover"
    ShowOn GeForce
    ProfileType Application
    Executable " il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover/Launcher.exe"
    Setting ID_0x00a06946 = 0x000240f5
    Setting ID_0x1033cec1 = 0x00000001
    Setting ID_0x1033cec2 = 0x00000002
    Setting ID_0x1033dcd2 = 0x00000004
    Setting ID_0x1033dcd3 = 0x00000004
    Setting ID_0x1095def8 = 0x00000004
4) Re-import the file

5) Fly!

IMPORTANT: Please note that
Executable " il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover/Launcher.exe"
must point to the actual location of the game’s executable. If you have installed the game to a different folder, please edit the line accordingly.

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Old 10-12-2012, 01:48 PM
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Windows 7 ultimate 64 - i7 2600k - Asus P8P67 - 2 x Radeon HD 6970 2 Gb - 12 Gb Ram Corsair - SSD OCZ Vertex 2e 120 Gb - HD WD Caviar Black 1 Tb - Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 1000 W - res 1360x768 - Logitec G940 Hotas - Saitek Combat rudder pedals - Trackir 5
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Old 10-12-2012, 01:48 PM
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GigaByteBoard...64bit...FX 4300 3.8, G. Skill sniper 1866 32GB, EVGA GTX 660 ti 3gb, Raptor 64mb cache, Planar 120Hz 2ms, CH controls, Tir5
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Old 10-12-2012, 01:50 PM
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NSU NSU is offline
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THX for the patch i hope the german repeater compass will fix too

see here:

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Old 10-12-2012, 02:00 PM
adonys adonys is offline
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let's see what's this time..
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Old 10-12-2012, 02:08 PM
smink1701 smink1701 is offline
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Luthier...I'm sure everyone can see and appreciates how you and your team have raised your game. It's all good and will pay off now and down the road as we now look forward to the sequel. You have righted the ship.
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Old 10-12-2012, 02:09 PM
macro macro is offline
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Now we talking, nice one fellas. Open pit cause drag and rad damaged actually have an effect! Looking forward to a weekend of playing
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Old 10-12-2012, 02:15 PM
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Thanks! Downloading now.
Intel i7 970 6x3.2
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Old 10-12-2012, 02:16 PM
vranac vranac is offline
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What a nice suprise

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Old 10-12-2012, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by NSU View Post
THX for the patch i hope the german repeater compass will fix too

see here:

This is not a bug, it's specially introduced error devices.
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