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Old 01-13-2013, 06:02 AM
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Default Installing Luthier's Sli code.

I have made this a separate thread as some have had trouble finding my instructions for installing it.

Thanks to ATAG_Septic for bringing it to my attention.


If you have Nvidia Inspector here's what to do: -

Open inspector, select _GLOBAL_DRIVER_PROFILE

Then come along on the same line to where you see 2 green arrows (one pointing up, one pointing down) left click on the one that gives you export driver profiles (should be the left one). There you will have 3 choices, select "Export all profiles"(Nvidia text format). This will bring up a new window asking what the file name is? copy and paste _GLOBAL_DRIVER_PROFILE into the file name request box, you will have to direct the save to your new folder. See below: -

You will need to make a new folder to export the files to (I have made mine in "Documents/Sli profiles")

Once you have the files exported you will be able to open them in txt format in your new folder, all the games that are listed under the global settings are in there in alphabetical order.
Scroll down to just past Il2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles etc, then copy and paste this entry below that point.

Profile "Il2: Cliffs of Dover"
ShowOn GeForce
ProfileType Application
Executable "il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover/launcher.exe"
Setting ID_0x00a06946 = 0x000240f5
Setting ID_0x1033cec1 = 0x00000001
Setting ID_0x1033cec2 = 0x00000002
Setting ID_0x1033dcd1 = 0x00000004 UserSpecified=true
Setting ID_0x1033dcd2 = 0x00000004
Setting ID_0x1033dcd3 = 0x00000004
Setting ID_0x1074c972 = 0x00000001 UserSpecified=true
Setting ID_0x1095def8 = 0x00000004
Setting ID_0x1095def8 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
Setting ID_0x10f9dc81 = 0x00000010 UserSpecified=true

You will then have to save the change as normal then re-import the new profile back into Nvidia Inspector as per instructions. (The other green arrow is the import in Inspector)
You should now find a new profile in "Inspector" "Il2: Cliffs of Dover".

If you have done it correctly you should get a message saying the profile has been imported successfully.

Just remember if you update your Nvidia Drivers you will have to re-instal the code.

As there is no official Nvidia support for Sli in C.o.D. (and may never be although I have requested it in the Nvidia forums), if you update your drivers the code you have installed (Luthier's) will disappear from the list. Just go to where you saved your Sli profile to and re-import it to Nvidia Inspector.

How to check if your Sli is working in C.o.D. : -

Open your Nvidia contol panel and select "Manage 3D Settings".

Above you will find "3D Settings" tag, open this.

Select "Show Sli visual Indicator". (you can de-select this after your test if you wish). If you find this selection greyed out you haven't got your Sli set up in the control panel.

Start C.o.D, on the left hand side of your screen you should find a green bar. If your Sli is functioning correctly the green bar will extend vertically almost top to bottom with fluctuations at the ends as the game is running. If the green bar doesn't extend nearly top to bottom but only in one half of the screen then Sli is not working (try re-installing Luthier's code if this happens).

I have the code working successfully on my system and checked using this method.

Asus M4N98TD-EVO
AMD Phenom2 965 x 4 3.4gig
8gig DDR3 Ram
2x GTS 450 Sli (1gig each)
1Tb HDD Partitioned x 5
700w Coolermaster single rail P/S 52a
Windows 7 64bit
19" Samsung 931BW monitor
1280 x 960 Resolution

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