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Rig'n'Roll Truck racing game, sequel to the famous Hard Truck series. Drive authentic trucks along real Californian roads, deliver cargo, take part in truck races or establish your own cargo transportation company.

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Old 09-11-2009, 09:26 AM
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Default Rig'n'Roll News questions and answers: 09/09/11

More NEW screenshots and questions and answers:

Q: If you apply the breaks really hard will they lock up (if the trailer is empty or too light)?
A: Yes

Q: As far as I know when braking the trailer's brakes engage first and then the tractor's. Will this be the case in the game?
A: Yes

Q: Will the player be able to choose the truck at the beginning of the game or will they be given a Kenworth T2000?
A: The player will not be given a choice and I doubt it will be a T2000

Q: Will there be special loads- wide, dangerous/hazardous, illegal?
A: Yes

Q: Will the competition AI upgrade their trucks as well?
A: Yes they will

Q: In the possible upgrades will there be the option of installing a reinforced/pipe front bumper (similar to ones present on Australian road trains)?
A: Yes

Q: Will there be accidents that cause traffic to back up and create jams?
A: Certainly

Q: Can the player purchase/own a trailer?
A: No, trailers will be the property of the company that hires the player to deliver a load.

Q: Can the driver's line of sight be adjusted freely including left or right low or high?
A: Yes

Q: Can a vehicle collision damage rupture can cause a serious explosion?
A: Yes

Q: Will there be sparks of friction on the vehicles?
A: Yes

Q: Will the full version of the game include these roads: I505,I680,I780,I880,I280,I210,I405,I605,I710.Etc). (California Road (SR92,SR84,SR85,SR118,SR46,Etc) (U.S. State Road 丗US50 Etc)?
A: Almost all of them

Q: Will the player have a genuine sense of driving a truck (a sense of weight)?
A: Of course

Q: Maps, is not present we do not see the full version of the road, promotional video maps, Is a test of version map of the road?
A: yes, sometimes i have to secrecy,I've touched somewhat on this question in the thread dedicated to the community website. In the gameplay videos we've seen the presenter briefly open up the game's world map on several occasions. The staff on the community site is assuring that we did NOT see the full map. The full map (whether in screenshots or a new trailer) will be revealed in coming weeks.

A new trailer with engine sounds should have been released with the interview but for whatever reason was slightly delayed. It is possible that it is ready and just needs to be published. The game demos we've seen in the videos from the various game expos are not the complete game, but are lower quality, scaled-down versions which perhaps even have a limited area of the map in which the player can try the game out (a restricted, smaller portion of the map). Even though it certainly does not show the complete map, this screenshot does show the general area and the major cities/towns (but does not show the names of the major highways and smaller roads/streets):
However, asking for a detailed, high resolution screenshot depicting the entire map and all the major highways and streets would be a great request/question .

Q. Trucks available. Will the same trucks be there or will some be deleted?
A. What do you mean by will there be the same trucks? If you are asking whether the list available on rignroll.com will be exactly what vehicles will be in the game then the answer is "no". Due to licensing issues some vehicles will no longer be in the game. The developers are working on creating an updated and accurate list which will be made available to us soon.

Q. Hiring process. Will you have to do 3 loads as previous games?
A. Three loads before being able to hire a driver? This was never the way hiring drivers has worked in the Hard Truck series... in Hard Truck 2, the player had to be the first to deliver a load and would receive a permit to hire one driver which would expire after a limited time... the developers have alluded that the process is similar but will also incorporate a complex social network system through which the player will meet drivers at locations such as bars

Q. Mods. Some of us couldnt figure out how to mod. Will we have more options to upgrade our trucks and trailers?
A. When it is released, the game will not be moddable and no editor will be provided. Players will have a vast variety of upgrades to choose from for their trucks. Because the player will not be able to purchase/own his/her own trailer the trailers will not be upgradable/modifiable.

Q. Cities. Will there be more?
A. There will be 40 or more Californian cities. The addon pack that is currently in development will add parts of Nevada including Las Vegas.

Q. Loading/unloading. Anything new?
A. What are some of the specific things are you referring to on the subject of loading/unloading? The player will be able to pick up loads at warehouse distribution centers. Once the player arrives at the warehouse there will be a cut scene played showing the trailer being attached to the truck and the loaded truck driving out. The player will also be able to back up to and hook up a trailer on his/her own for special assignments at bars and truck stops.

Q. Truck Stops. How are they looking? Can the driver get out of the vehicle, even for a short period of time, maybe to at least pump the fuel.
Basically will the game be similar to HAULIN OR AMERICAN LONG HAUL or will we get features that are different. I was very disppointed that Haulin and ALH were soooo much alike besides Mexico and some small graphic differences?
A. There are some screenshots available of a vacant truck stop. Truck stops will be portals for the player to interact with other drivers similar to how bars work. The player will NOT be able to get out of the truck on his/her own. When the player comes to a gas station there will be a cut scene played that shows the driver getting out of the truck and beginning the fill up process.

Q. Will there always be a time limit on deliveries in game?
A. Yes. Loads will have a time limit during which they have to be delivered. If they do not arrive at the destination in time, the player will not recieve any payment. The amount of time allowed for a delivery will depend on the difficulty level chosen by the player in the game's options setting. There will also be loads which are not competitive (you will be the only one hauling a load like that) but there will be a time limit.

Q. Will police/rescue vehicles respond to a crash scene?
A. Yes, police will respond. Witnesses (other AI drivers) will be able to call the police. If the player is at fault and does not flee the scene in time, the police will arrest/fine him/her.

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Old 09-11-2009, 12:25 PM
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Great! Thanks! Again I know something new
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Old 09-11-2009, 01:49 PM
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We have a special thread for Answered questions, so next time use it
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Old 09-11-2009, 03:00 PM
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Ouch, OK I´m so sorry.
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